Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy Election Day!  We are out of school but I have a packed day with voting early at the polls, our first college visit, driver’s permit test, and theater for one son. 

So, Friday was my birthday and that was the inspiration for this post.  But, I got to thinking that you shouldn’t necessarily wait until your next birthday to have a “me” day.  If you just need a day you should take it!

There’s something different about being off on a weekday. When my kids were little I would take a day once a year guilt free when they were in school. I really believe your mental health is so important.

I highly recommend taking off on your birthday if you can.  I planned this a long time ago.  It’s not that I don’t love my job, but like I said, take off on your birthday if you can.

Plan some kind of beauty treatment. I got my hair cut and colored for the first time since last April. It could be a 10 minute neck massage, a mani, a pedi, or just a department store makeover.

Sign up for and take advantage of birthday coupons from favorite stores. Kellyann of thisblondesshoppingbag.com spent her birthday scooping up her deals! I didn’t do as well as she did, but I got a few. I’m mad I didn’t get my Nothing Bundt Cake offer! Maybe I lost it in my junk mail.

One of mine was from local Apricot Lane boutique. They give you a 25%off coupon and I got this leopard kimono.

We recently got a Kendra Scott store. This is my 50% off piece. I got this necklace for $42. I used money my parents gifted me. I think I heard about this from Lisa at Coast to Coast blog here.www.coasttocoast2.com

Treat yourself to a special drink, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It was a day that made me feel special and recharged my batteries. That is, until my husband called and decided it would be a great day for him to get new tires put on his vehicle and could I pick him up…

What do you like to do on your birthday or mental health day?

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – How to Have a Great Birthday!

  1. Amy, thanks for the shout out! I love scooping up all the deals on my special day, ha! I love that leopard kimono and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Isn’t the KS deal amazing? My mom got her first 50% off piece for her September birthday and was beyond excited. My oldest son’s birthday is in January and I plan on taking him to KS to get a piece for me! A Me day is essential!


    1. Thank you for the inspiration! I didn’t know you could take your son and have him buy one, too! Great idea! Too bad my boys already had their birthday in September. I’m going to tell everyone about the deal. Have a great day, Kellyann!


  2. I love it all! I agree, mental health days are so needed. I love that KS deal. I also love the necklace you got. That leopard kimono is so pretty and will be such a staple. I am so glad you had a great Birthday!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I’m a firm believer in celebrating ones self. I’m so happy you did just that.

    I rename my birthday month after myself -Lune-and celebrate the WHOLE thing. I buy small pressies for every day of the month. I enjoy treats and me time. I revisit my favourite books and places. I make sure I fill the whole month with loving experiences. This year-well next year- I’m taking myself on a small trip.


  4. Happy belated birthday!! I’m glad you took care of you!! After raising 5 kids, I’m taking lots of me days 😀 my birthday is in December and I will be taking advantage of all the deals! I love your necklace, very pretty!


    1. Thank you! You deserve lots of me days – 5 kids is a basketball team!
      Start picking your Kendra Scott piece online before you go in because everything is gorgeous! You can also design your own at their color bar!


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