Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November!  

I compiled some random stuff/thoughts on a Thursday just for fun.


Tomorrow we get to see Jennifer Welch and hopefully her friends again from Sweet Home Alabama.  I love most Bravo shows and I found these friends to be super endearing.  This sounds like more of a design show this time.


I had some of my Spanish students do a childhood presentation.  I like to model things for them so I did my own before they did theirs.  Here is a picture of me, my Dad, and my Mom.  Look at the hairstyle on my mom!  This was before my sisters entered the picture.  

I also shared that I collected bottle caps as a child.  How weird, right?  I had friends and cousins that did this, too, and we would trade with each other.  Look at these old glass bottle caps and look at the Tab!  

I ordered Papa Murphy’s take and bake for Halloween.  It’s a jack o’lantern!


During my almost weekly TJ’s stop this week I found something that goes under the category of “bad ideas”… Turkey Stuffing flavored kettle chips.  No, I did not buy these!  img_4296-1

A friend and I signed up for this class below at a locally owned liquor store.  I’m super excited.  For the last several years, I have been making my apple cider sangria or spiked cider for Thanksgiving, but I’m anxious to learn some new fall cocktails.  I don’t host a Thanksgiving dinner, thankfully, but I’m known to bring a portable bar.  The class is on Monday night and we don’t have school on Tuesday due to election day, so I’m excited to go out on a Monday!  The time changes Sunday so it will be pitch dark when this class starts!  I will be sure to share what I learn on the blog.


Thanks for reading my random round up!


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I am so excited for your apple cider sangria (I am making it for Thanksgiving). Batchable cocktails are so easy for serving and entertaining. I also make something that we call “Red Rooster” and then try to have assorted wines and beers. We usually have 30ish people over. This year is going to be a little quieter and I am all about that! Love the jack-o-lantern pizza!


  2. Can you come to my house with your portable bar please? I bet everyone wants you at their parties. You look so much like your Mum – I love her hair cut. Those old bottle tops are great – love that type of nostalgia.


    1. I would love to bring my bar to you! I’m the life of the party until 8 and then I need jammies and my tv shows! Thank you – yes my youngest sister looks most like mom. The bottle caps are so funny to me now! Can’t wait to read your faves!


  3. Those chips. Gag.
    I like the idea of making a batch cocktail. I’ve made sangria for dinner parties but that’s the extent of it for me.


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