Thursday, October 18, 2018

Remember when Liz Claiborne used to be everywhere and was quite a popular brand?  Well, maybe you don’t remember if you are younger than I am!  Last winter I stumbled upon a good find in my opinion.  Did you know you can still find the Liz Claiborne Brand at JCPenney and I was impressed by the quality and even better, the price on the items. 

I am not typically a JC Penney shopper, but we needed a suit for my debate team son last year.  If you need suits for your teen boys, their suit prices are unbeatable.  I think we had him in suit jacket, pants, dress shirt, and two ties for just over $100.  We didn’t know how quickly he would grow, so we only bought one and it’s still working for him this season.  Or, your husband may need suits for work.  My husband doesn’t have to dress that formally for his job.  Of course while we were trying on suits, I wandered over to the women’s section!  

It’s not a great experience for me to shop at JCP in person.  It’s at a really busy mall with slim pickings for parking and it’s just a mess inside the store.  The check outs are in weird places and the merchandise is crammed together.  But, if you can overlook that, you should check out this line of clothes.  I also had success with one item that I ordered on last season.  While working on this post, I actually made it a point to visit the store this season.  They had some great sales, but there wasn’t anything I had to have.  Just go to the website and search by brand.  

How would I describe the Liz Claiborne brand?  They have working woman type clothes (I saw some great non wrinkle, classy looking shells for women to wear under a cardigan or a suit jacket), lounge/weekend wear, and what I would call classic with a twist/boho style items.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for Anthropologie vibe clothes for less!  

Item Number One from Last Season:  I really wanted a chambray shirt but button downs are often hard for me and not my most flattering look.  I was thrilled to find this partial button tunic length top.  I usually wear it with leggings and a long vest.

Item Number Two from Last Season:  This gorgeous cherry red velour ish 3/4 length sleeve top.  I wore this to my husband’s holiday party, to church on Christmas Eve, on Valentine’s Day and several other times.  I was so happy to see this when I got out my off season clothes.  It came in purple and black and I’m mad that I didn’t snag the black.  I also told my lovely hair girl/friend about this and she got two of them and wore them to death.  I didn’t get the purple because I didn’t want to look like Barney the children’s character.  My friend looks great in jewel tones so I think she went for the purple and didn’t look like Barney. 

Item Number Three and Four from Last Season:  This is from her lounge/weekend collection (still located in the store by the other clothes).  I never buy two of an item, but I bought two of these super soft, black, 3/4 length sleeve, nice flattering line down the front shirts.  Excuse the wrinkles as this was packed away in a Rubbermaid under bed tote.  I wanted decent looking lounge clothes for home that could also be acceptable for leaving the house.  I wear these with my fun printed leggings.  To be honest, I could use more than two.  


I apologize that I’m showing you items from last year, but I wanted to give you an idea of what items the brand offers.  

If you decide to check it out, let me know!

What brands work for you?  Any suggestions for me?  

My sister loves the Rock and Republic line at Kohl’s but I haven’t had any luck with it.  We are all different with different tastes, but it pays to be open minded and you can find great stuff in unexpected places!

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts…An Unexpected Find

  1. I sometimes see cute clothes from JCP on other bloggers and the pirces are great. But like you when I go into the store – any JCP btw – they are always a cluttered mess and I always end up leaving disappointed. I did order some valances for my kitchen and family room online but picked them up in store. On my way out I snagged a cute pair of pjs from LC and they were on clearance for $10! It’s definitely worth checking out online I think. You scored some great basic pieces!


    1. Thanks! I know – so frustrating! They will be next after Sears if they don’t get their act together in my opinion. They need to model more after Macy’s which is much more organized. But, nobody is asking me for business advice! I will say the website is pretty user friendly. I searched by brand and they still have my denim tunic. I didn’t order anything but just wanted a refresher on the website. I have an Old Navy order coming today – 4 pieces for $46! We will see how many work out! Have a great day!


  2. I haven’t done JC Penney in a while- I’m like you and want the Anthropologie/Free People look. Belk has some clothes in this style. I haven’t had luck with Rock and Republic either! I like Apt 9 at Kohl’s and occasionally Vera Wang may have something nice.


    1. We don’t have a Belk but I have heard good things. I’m not a big fan of Kohl’s because of the cash game they play but I do find those brands at my consignment store! I feel like Kohl’s is overpriced for what it is unless you find things on clearance. It’s almost Friday!


  3. I love JC Pennys. I live in a super small town and that is one of the only clothing stores we have if we want to shop in an actual store…crazy huh…oh, we also have a Macy’s and a Maurices. I love your pieces!


  4. That’s funny. I haven’t been to JCP in maybe 10 years until today. My daughter needed black shoes for a concert so I tried. It was a total mess, all cash registers were closed. We finally found one with 20 people in line, but I ended up getting down the shoes because we were going to be late to an appointment.


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