Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Here in the southern midwest, we have four distinct seasons.  I love living where we get all four seasons! After a long winter of cold and snow we can’t wait for spring and summer and all of the outdoor events that come with these seasons.  This year, I think we skipped the wonderful May and June temperatures of 70-80 degrees, though.  We hit the 90s and humidity and we stayed here.  

I’m like the Goldilocks of weather.  It has to be just right for me.  I have a joke with my husband that he only wants to go camping on the hottest night of the year or the coldest night of the year.  He has taken me camping when the temperature was still 100 when I went to sleep with a cold washrag on my forehead.  He has taken me camping in late September when my nose was so cold it was numb by morning.  I used to think I liked camping but now I know that I just liked the sitting around the fire in the evening and the morning part.  I’d prefer my bed at night, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, I digress… I think that modern AC has spoiled us and made us less able to tolerate the heat.  I have said no to outdoor events if it’s been too hot.  I hate that and I’m going to try my own strategies so I can say “yes” this summer!  If I can, I love to head to Michigan in the summer because that’s the perfect climate for this Goldilocks!  Andrea of Living on Cloud Nine is the Michigan guru and gave me some great tips for last summer!

If you want to enjoy an outdoor concert, festival, flea market, farmer’s market, or the like and can’t be in a bathing suit near a body of water, here are some tips I’ve tried and recommend.  I’m sure you know most of these already!

* Take a shower before going and keep your hair wet or damp.  Sometimes I will fix my hair but dampen the underside before leaving.  Wear your hair up if you can.  I also take a spray bottle of water sometimes.  It’s amazing how much this helps.  Also, while at the event, you can take an ice cube from your drink and put it at the nape of your neck.

Look how cute my friend is – even if she’s wearing black and jeans!

* Do not wear black or jeans.  Wear light colored clothing that fits loosely and preferably is made of natural materials.  My friend wore a cute black top with jeans to the concert we went to on Memorial Day weekend and I joked that she was my example of what not to wear in 90 degree heat.  *  Wear shorts, a skirt, or a flowy dress.  Pants stick to your legs and make you hotter.

*  Drink lots of water before you go and while you are there.  Avoid drinking too much alcohol or any alcohol if you can. 

*  Bring a cute old fashioned fan.  I have a collection of cute fans from Spain that I use in my classroom.  They really work. img_2184

* Do not wear much jewelry.  When you sweat it makes you feel hotter I think.

 *Bring wipes to rub on your forehead or face.  Wear minimal makeup or none at all or this will be a mess.

*Eat cold things like watermelon, popsicles, and ice cream.  Ooookkkay, twist my arm!

*Wear sandals or something where your feet are free to breathe.  No socks, please!  They make me hot just looking at them! 

*Wear a wide brimmed hat.

*Find some shade or provide your own with a chair that has a sunshade or use an umbrella. 

*I can’t speak to this quite yet, but I just purchased this product at Bath and Body.  It feels very cool and refreshing and smells nice.  

What have I forgotten?  I’m sure the ladies in Texas like Shelly,  Melanie, and Shan, Louisiana like Laura, and Florida like Kellyann are laughing at me right now since I’m so far north in Kentucky!

Stay cool!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – How to Stay Cooler in the Summer Heat

  1. Oh friend, I’m not laughing at you – I agree with all of your tips! And oh how I wish I lived in a place with 4 distinct seasons! That is my dream #oneday. I am chuckling at your camping statement – I feel the EXACT same way. I LOVE the fire at night, eating outside, you name it, I love it with the exception of sleeping in the tent. It’s either too cold or too hot and my old body needs something better than an air mattress!
    My dad wears jeans all the time and a black tee shirt – it’s like his summer uniform! We’re always giving him a hard time about it because we live on the sun. My mom is always trying to get him to wear shorts, it’s crazy.
    I just told my husband over the weekend that I am making a bucket list and want to spend more time outside this summer – we’ll see how it goes!


    1. Let me know how you handle the heat!
      My boys sound like your dad. Last summer they kept wearing jeans and didn’t want to wear shorts. I think they were getting self conscious as 14 yos do. Someone asked them why and J said “shorts are for the weak.” Lol!
      Please share your bucket list!


  2. Totally not laughing at you!!! I think some of us down here try to “beat the heat” and do things like wear jeans when it’s 100 degrees out or forget to stay hydrated. Then we end up being totally miserable! I have done the ice cube thing and will even rub an ice cube all over my dogs if we’ve been outside and they’re hot. Great list to remind us all to enjoy the summer safely!


    1. I’m glad! That’s probably true! Great idea for your sweet dogs. My dog is a winter boy – gets hot quickly!


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