Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today I have a few outfits and some ideas for you as you are preparing your summer wardrobe.  

This is a Chico’s consignment skirt that doesn’t wrinkle with my sleeveless Loft tassel top.  I ordered this top back in February with one of Loft’s online deals where everything was 60% off.  I only kept 4 items and returned the rest to the store, but each thing was between $7-12.  Check Loft out if you haven’t already and never buy anything full price.  I put a yellow sweater over it but had to go without most of the day because my classroom was so hot.  And, my shoes were exchanged for flats after about 3rd period.  Oh well.  I love these shoes by Nordstrom BP from last season but they are not all day teacher shoes.  


My Friday outfit was pretty casual.  I wore my frayed hem white Old Navy rockstar jeans and my new Target twist front top.  I also had a denim looking cardigan to go over it.  I must work on my posing face.  Scary.  


This is my new orange blouse from my Saturday consignment store trip with my black ankle length pants (Chico’s consignment) and a turquoise Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.  This was the perfect teacher outfit for me.  I felt so comfortable but I think it looked “put together”.  One tip I have is if you aren’t excited enough to wear a new piece right away, take it back.  

Let’s talk about summer staples.  First of all, I’m a big believer that you don’t need a huge closet full of things.  In fact, the capsule wardrobe idea really intrigues me but I like variety and don’t want to limit myself.  

If you are a jeans person during the fall, winter, and spring, simply repeat that on the bottom in the summer.  I have a light denim skirt (Old Navy last season) on the left and my chambray drawstring shorts (Target this season) on the right.  You will seriously reach for these items constantly.  You can’t go wrong.  Most of your tops will work with these bottoms.  


If you are a black pants person in the fall and winter and maybe spring, repeat this look with black shorts -if you are comfortable wearing shorts.  Remember that shorts come in different lengths.  I look better with a 3.5 inch inseam because my legs are not long but some look better in a longer short.  Also, make sure the short follows your leg line and doesn’t flare out too much.  I made that mistake a couple of summers ago. 

If you are not a shorts person, you could do a black mini or maxi skirt.  Below are linen drawstring shorts from Old Navy maybe three seasons ago, but I know they still carry these.  I love these shorts and have them in tan and white, too.  Each season they come out with more colors and they wash and dry in the dryer well.  I may add their olive green this season because I think they would look great with my black or white tops.  They don’t need to be ironed if you immediately take these out of the dryer.  Mine have been in storage so I will have to iron them.  


I love the look of white in the summer and I stopped being afraid of wearing white several years ago.  If they get a stain, it’s not the end of the world.   In fact, my college friends love to tell the story of me wearing white denim shorts to a bar (Why, young Amy?) and falling and sliding down a ramp on my bottom.  I had to untuck my top the rest of the night to hide the stain.

I have more white bottoms than any other color for summer.  I have two pairs of white jeans (one distressed and one not distressed), a white knit skort, and the Old Navy white linen drawstring shorts.  I just think they look so crisp and summery.  

I hope I have made a convincing case that you really don’t need a lot.  You could get by with summer denim, black, and white and mix and match with many tops you already have.  If it is not that hot yet where you live, I love the look of shorts with a long sleeve top and a sleeveless with white jeans.  

Most of the tops I have for summer look great with denim, black, or white, too.  I have made many, many shopping “mistakes” in my day and one of the big ones is I have not limited my colors.  You shouldn’t own the entire rainbow, in my opinion.  Pick a few favorite neutrals and a few favorite pops of color.  You shouldn’t have any one trick pony pieces in your closet and the best way to avoid that is to pick your colors.  When do you get the most compliments?  Is it when you wear the teal shirt that brings out your eyes?  That should be one of your colors.  

I have slightly different colors for each season. In the spring and summer I love yellow, coral, navy, black, white,  and pink.  I also love fun flowery prints and stripes. But, pretty much everything must work with my black, white, or denim bottoms.  

For ideas on where to find these summer staples, I would start with Target, Old Navy, and Kohl’s.  I’m not a big fan of Kohl’s because it overwhelms me, but many people have luck with some of their brands.  You can also do a search on Amazon for the specific item.  For white jeans, I think American Eagle has some of the best around.  

When looking at your summer wardrobe, think about your life.  What occasions do you need to dress for?  I need summer outfits for:  errands, pool or boat, working out, girls night out, date night, summer concerts, church.  Think about your lifestyle and what is realistic for you.  There are only 7 days in the week so you don’t need as much as you might think.  


I also put away my winter jewelry and get out my summer jewelry.  I put my most worn summer things on this cake plate for easy access.  


If you have a solid color tee, you can simply add a long necklace.  These are my most worn summer necklaces.  You can even find cute ones at Walmart, like my wooden tassel that I got for $3.  If you are wearing shorts and a tee, a long necklace just amps it up so that you look “put together”.  


And, don’t forget it’s garage sale season, folks.  I don’t find many clothes, but I have found some accessories. These two bracelets were 50 cent finds several years ago.  I have worn both of them a ton!  Adding a little bangle does a lot to amp up an outfit, too.  

Finally, if you have a favorite black and a favorite tan sandal, that might be all you really need.  I’m not fan of having all of the colors of the rainbow in my shoe wardrobe either.  These are two that are on constant rotation.  


I do want to state that I know this post and any post on fashion is a bit frivolous and it’s what’s inside a person that matters.  However, fashion and putting outfits together on a budget is a fun hobby for me.  Many women are struggling to manage all of their “hats” in life and I hope that this helps someone out there that needs a little boost.  I know that I can be the best version of myself when I feel good in my clothes.

What tips do you have for me?  What are your summer staples?  Will you wear red, white, and blue for Memorial Day?

Thanks for stopping by!


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