Monday, May 14, 2018

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day weekend and I’m also keeping those of you in mind that struggle with this holiday.

I’m happy to say that this is my last 5 day week of the school year.  We have a 4 day week and a 3 day week after this.  The 4 day week is due to primary election day on Tuesday, May 22.  Get out and vote, please!

I came home Friday from school to my May Ipsy bag.  It contained the world’s tiniest vial of eye serum.  It is so cute I could give it to someone for their dollhouse!  It also had a blur stick (?), a brush, some glow lotion, and an eyeliner.  Now, I will have to figure out how to use it all.  This bag wasn’t my favorite.  I wish it came with an explanation of what to do with everything, but for $10, I think I’m getting a lot of products I can use.  In past Ipsy bags, I have received a blush I love, setting powder, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, and many more products that I am currently using.  I am overwhelmed when I go in Ulta or Sephora so this is working for me.


I greeted my boys when they got home and then I made dinner.  My friend texted me that she would be at a restaurant nearby where her daughter was having her birthday dinner with her friends and that she would be sitting in the bar alone.   I have a hard time being spontaneous and I often say “no” just because I’m tired or I didn’t “plan” to do the activity.  I am trying to say “yes” more when “no” has been my default for years.  It was a nice visit and I’m so glad I went!

I look like an exhausted teacher in May but my friend looks fresh as a daisy!

The restaurant has a really cool patio with this cool water feature.  I’m trying to be more like Joanne  of Europafox blog with her beautiful pictures of England.  Now, my photos will never look like idyllic Cumbria (region of England).  Check out Joanne’s blog!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sleep in on Saturday.  I was ready to get up and have my coffee.  I also baked my Trader Joe’s Meyer Lemon bread and it turned out great.

I should have walked and listened to a podcast, but I was worried that Trader Joe’s and the regular grocery would be too annoyingly busy if I waited too long.  And, it was already HOT.  Remember complaining that warm weather would never get here?  Yeah, me too.  And, we have skipped spring weather and headed straight to summer weather.  Oh, well.  So, I was out the door by 8:30 and I wore this to run my errands.  I have the “Can’t Adult Today” tank and a kimono and my white knit skirt which is really a skort.  I have on my favorite flip flops by Reef.  I’m sure skorts aren’t in anymore.  I was looking for a comfortable option to shorts last summer and found this at Kohl’s.  I don’t shop at Kohl’s much but I have a few items from the Chaps line that I really like.  Kohl’s overwhelms me and I don’t want to play their Kohl’s cash game.  Don’t hate me – I know there are people who know how to work it, but I’m not one of them.  I don’t like the Old Navy coupon game either.  It seems like for me I spend money on things I don’t want or need just to use the discount.  I’m on to their game!  Haha!


After I did my errands, which also included the library, I came home, put everything away, did dishwasher and laundry and then it was time to watch a few of my cooking shows.  I tape Pioneer Woman and The Kitchen.  I did my nails with “Suzy without a Paddle” by OPI.

At noon, I took my boys to a friend’s house to work on a video project.  I asked if they had everything and they told me they did.  After I dropped them off, I got a text that said “yo mom” and I replied “what did you forget?”  Sure enough, one son wanted me to come get him so he could get the missing items.  I made 4 trips to the friend’s house today!  When I was alone in the car, I was listening to my favorite podcast shown below.


I made myself a light lunch that included grape tomatoes and mozzarella balls with salt, pepper, evoo, and balsamic glaze.  If I were making this for company, I would have more mozzarella, but since it was just for me I wanted more tomatoes.  Yum!  And, it’s on my beautiful (in my opinion) Wal-Mart Pioneer Woman plate.  My youngest sister is also a Pioneer Woman superfan.

We live in a modest brick ranch house but I love it and I love my neighborhood.  Our flowers look really nice this year, I think.  These are our rhododendrons.

These are our azaleas.  We need to restain the front door, so please disregard.

This is my treat to myself a couple of weeks ago- new pot and geraniums.

One of the items I purchased at Trader Joe’s today was this Peach Moscato recommended by Penny from Penny’s Passion blog.  I drank some on my patio Saturday afternoon with my book The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.  I’m liking it so far! (the book)  The moscato is slightly bubbly and not too sweet.  Penny did not steer me wrong.  I’m going to be buying this again.  It takes like summer!

I decided to just cook dinner on Saturday night instead of going out.  I made shrimp, broccoli, and my version of potato skins.  I have to get better at remembering to take pictures.

Here is how I make my fake/easier potato skins.  Remember how popular these were at restaurants in the 90s?  I have a friend who always ordered these but it was a very complicated When Harry Met Sally type order.  She would say, “I will have the potato skins if they aren’t too potatoey and if they aren’t cooked in lard because I’m a vegetarian.  Also, no bacon and no chives in the sour cream and I need 12 napkins to blot the grease.”  We got such a kick out of this order and it was quite endearing at the time.

So, I microwaved a potato (a big baking potato) and when it was cool I sliced it into rounds.  Put on Pam sprayed foil on baking sheet and top with a little evoo or butter and add some cooked bacon and cheese.  Serve with sour cream.  It’s the same flavor but less labor intensive.

Then, my hub and I rented a movie – the newish Baywatch movie – while our boys did some homework and played some games.  They had stayed at their friends for about 4 hours to do their project so they were happy to stay home.  Hub mowed the lawn and walked the dog at the dog park so between the both of us we did get most of the chores done and it was a good day.

The movie Baywatch was better than I thought it would be.  It was just a light-hearted comedy with a bit of a plot and had some silly and off color jokes.  I don’t think I would have paid to see it in a theater, but it was fun to watch at home.

I enjoyed a decaf coffee because my basement was so cold.  The upstairs is probably 20 degrees warmer than the basement right now, and yes we have to have AC on because of how bad the pollen and allergens are here.

The beginnings of my Starbucks mug collection. I like the location mugs.

Honestly, I didn’t go many places Saturday or really do much, but I think it was just what I needed.  It felt nice to not have many obligations.

Sunday,  I was able to sleep in a little later and I did some prep cooking for the week and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast.  I was so excited to receive The Magnolia Table cookbook and the newest Magnolia Journal magazine for Mother’s Day when my boys woke up!  I read those things leisurely and took one son back to work on the project while the other son took a trip to the mall with his dad and I.  We ended up buying him two new pairs of shoes because there was a BOGO deal with the second one half off.  My son said it should be BOGOHO and I didn’t think that sounded very good.  Ha!  We also got him an Auntie Ann pretzel and I used a Bath and Body coupon and only bought one item.  I had a lazy afternoon and then my three boys took me to Blaze Pizza for dinner – my choice.

I’m saying Hello Monday with  Lindsay’s Sweet WorldMy Glittery Heart, and The Sirois Family.

Let’s do this!


6 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Spontaneous friend dates are the best! Your two look great in your photo! Thanks for the shout out – you are so sweet! How old are your boys by the way? That ‘yo Mom’ text cracked me up. I had to tell mine off this morning for talking to me like a servant – ha! The joys! Your house looks super pretty – I’d LOVE shutters like that, and we are thinking of planting some voluminous pink out front too.


    1. Thank you! I have 15 year old identical twin boys. I am trying to respect their privacy and not put much about them on the blog. I will do some throw back pictures and talk about their early days maybe. I’m so excited that you may expand your family – not that you need to, but it’s an exciting prospect. Your son will change as he enters the teen years I bet! Maybe you will have twins! Just kidding!


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