Wednesday, April 18, 2018


So this is just a typical week with my wardrobe.  I’m a high school teacher and I stand basically all day with the exception of about an hour.  I like to be comfortable, but still look somewhat dressy.  Above is my Monday outfit: black long sleeve swing dress with pockets, grey leggings, black booties, horse scarf. It is almost Derby in Kentucky so I broke out one of my two horse scarves! Also, we were supposed to wear black for education support in Kentucky. Have you all heard what’s going on in our state?  We were supposed to “black out” extremely harsh words from our governor.  (And that’s about the extent of me talking politics on this blog.)


Tuesday’s outfit was a velvet kimono, another swing dress, and leggings. It was still very cold this morning!

Do you like to shop at boutiques, big box stores, department stores, or online for your clothing?  I feel like clothing shopping and putting together outfits is kind of a hobby for me.  I shop or window shop about once a week.  I’m a pretty big bargain hunter and I shop at all of the above, plus a few local boutiques.  I found these three long sleeve swing dresses with pockets at a local boutique this last weekend.  They were $20 each with an extra 30% off.  If you spent $50 you received a $10 gift certificate.  That’s what I call a deal!  I bought black, grey, and a pretty medium blue color that is part of my Tuesday outfit.  It’s hard to see the color in the lighting.  I feel like these dresses are a staple.  It feels like wearing pajamas.  


Wednesday’s outfit: burgundy stripe swing top/tunic, blue ankle pants, and vest.


Thursday or Friday I will wear this sleeveless blouse with tassels and yellow sweater with black ankle length pants.

That’s all I know for now!

Happy hump day! It’s all down hill from here!


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