Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Can I complain about the weather? I have put my winter clothes away and I keep having to pull a few pieces out!

I love clothes and outfit planning! I love accessories! Give me all of the tassels and pom poms right now!

This is my new scarf recommended by Sheaffer from Accessory Concierge, new neon yellow tassel earrings, and old tassel and pom pom necklace. I love bright colors for spring and summer.

My go-to teacher outfit is a comfy knit dress with a kimono over it.  I will also pair a shirt and kimono with black ankle length pants.  I hope kimonos are still on trend because I have about six of them. I almost always add a necklace, too.   I try to dress with “the rule of 3”.  Three pieces makes your outfit a little more interesting.  Here are a couple of examples.

For the weekends, I love to wear my distressed jeans!  I know I’m pushing the age limit for distressed jeans if there is an age limit, but they are just fun!

My sister gave me these distressed floral jeans that are really cute.

What are your go-to formulas for getting dressed?  Favorite pieces of clothing?  Please leave me a comment and have a wonderful Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday

  1. Love your style! You always rock the kimonos so well!
    My go-to “accent” piece is scarves but I want to branch out. Thanks for the inspo! 🙂


      1. Yes, thank you! I have a few but I never wear them because they’re all gold and most of my earrings and other things are silver.


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