Friday Favorites

Friday, June 5, 2020

Today I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. at Momfessionals! This was our first full week of summer, but we had a lot of school related items to attend to.

My first favorite was seeing all of my students and former students post on social media how they were trying to affect change. I got the opportunity to share my love on social media to them, too. We were supposed to have a curfew until Monday, but our mayor cancelled it yesterday afternoon.

Here are some other favorites from the week:

Monday Jack had his advisor appointment for college to pick his fall semester classes. This was done by teleconference; I think they use Microsoft Teams. He seems to have a really full schedule including his choir practices as a vocal music major. I really hope they get to sing together because I have read that singing is not good with the virus.

Thursday Mason had his advisor appointment and his schedule seems so light! He promises me the advisor said that it was a typical class load and that he would keep himself busy. I was not involved in either of these meetings, either. It is time for them to take the lead now.

By the way, I haven’t announced where they are going and I am still thinking about how much to share. I will give you some details soon, though!

Wednesday were professional cap and gown photos in the courtyard of our school. I grabbed a couple of quick shots before we left. The sun was in their eyes and their quarantine hair didn’t work well with their caps, plus I think it will add to the memory of this strange time. I asked if either wanted haircuts yet and they don’t. Again, I’m trying to let them make these decisions.

I moved one of our macho ferns up to the deck and I like how it looks here. Tom is working on the railings for the stairs this weekend. They look like they will be tricky.

The birds (and squirrels) are eating me out of house and home! I have to constantly re-fill my two bird feeders. The squirrels have managed to flip this whole heavy bird feeder upside down twice. I wish I could see them do it! I also put a half an orange in this little cage thing. Who knew I would be provided so much entertainment? I have a Father’s Day gift idea post coming up and one of my ideas is a bird feeder and bird seed. I have had friends tell me how much they are enjoying their bird feeders right now, too.

Tuesday night we had our senior good-bye/diploma pick up. Our seniors never get their diplomas at graduation and we always send them by mail. So, a week after graduation, we did this instead. This was my attempt to be festive. I made a sign in Spanish and wore a sombrero headband and held a flyswatter to wave bye to my seniors. The flyswatter is because of a game we play where we slap vocabulary words or verbs. It’s really silly. So, my family’s car came by and I wanted a picture. Jack is very excited. It made it official to see those diplomas and put them in their covers.

I decided to move my graduation table to my mantel for a bit.

I ordered a glass nail file from Amazon this week. It is really good. I didn’t even know there was such a thing but someone mentioned it and lots of us are doing nails at home now.

I also ordered a lip liner sharpener. I lost mine but it was broken anyway and I have had it for at least 10 years. This one seems to work really well.

If I am out in the sun for a long time I wear 30 or 50 spf, but I have been sitting outside for 15-30 minutes most days and using this 15. This smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft. It doesn’t have that nasty sunscreen feel to it.

It gives your skin a subtle sparkle.

After that horrible super sweet $10 cocktail at Drake’s last Friday, I was happy to make my own one day this week and sit on the deck.

Bravo was replaying Millionaire Matchmaker and Jack stopped to watch for a bit and then he went on a rant about reality shows and how judgmental the people are. We had a great conversation and it was all because of my silly Bravo shows!

The end of elementary school is a big milestone and I am sorry for this year’s 5th graders who aren’t getting to do their traditions. Facebook reminded me of our trip. Mason laying on the tube and Jack shirtless in his tube. I was one of the organizers for the trip.

What were your favorites this week? Did you see any acts of kindness in the midst of a hard week? Did you look for the helpers? I tried to. I hope that our country can come together and makes changes and move forward.

Happy Friday,


Eating Lately

Thursday, June 4, 2020

I always get ideas from bloggers’ menus when I get in a rut! I also like to see what others order for take out to give me ideas for my next take out order or for me to try to re-create at home! I thought I would throw several photos at you today and maybe you will get an idea or two.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those struggling now with the virus, protests, loss of jobs, food insecurity, and so much more. All of our restaurants and grocery stores are closing by 8:00 p.m. in our area to get people home in time for the curfew that is set at 9:00 until at least June 8. I saw a question posed on Facebook yesterday about grocery closing times because a mom wouldn’t have the cash to buy her baby’s formula until later in the day. I saw another post saying that all of these nights of protests including helicopters circling the sky above are causing lack of sleep for children. It is our right to protest and it is important to do so, but we must have leaders come together to create solutions.

We realized that we hadn’t had our favorite Mediterranean/Persian food takeout since maybe February. This is on regular rotation normally. It is kind of expensive, but we are able to split two or three meals between the four of us. We are so lucky to have an awesome Mediterranean/Persian, Thai, and Cuban restaurant so close to us. We ordered two chicken kabob meals with rice and vegetables and an extra kabob of salmon. We added a Greek salad and split all of it. My son Mason loves their salmon and salad. He is the more adventurous eater of the two of my sons.

One of my cooking goals recently was to experiment with orzo. I bought a bag of it for 99 cents at Trader Joe’s on my one pandemic trip. I boiled it according to package directions, rinsed in cold water and then tossed with feta, cucumber, tomato, EVOO, lemon juice, S and P, and Greek seasoning spice that I had in a shaker just like my cajun spice. This is really good and I made it a second time already.

So, I told you on Tuesday that I returned the air fryer. The 2 ingredient bagels turned out great in the air fryer but they are also great in the oven. Just google 2 ingredient bagel recipe and you will find this. You use Greek non-fat plain yogurt and self rising flour and sprinkle with Everything but the Bagel seasoning if you like.

I used my Trader Joe’s lemon bread mix. It is so good if you happen to get to a Trader Joe’s. It’s one of their seasonal products. Some say it is similar to Starbuck’s lemon cake but I haven’t tried it. I have been wrapping up at least half of everything and freezing it for a rainy day.

I told you about a month ago that my goal was to make more salads for dinner. The boys loved this! I made homemade croutons and homemade honey mustard dressing and the boys said they loved eggs in their salad.

I made homemade fettucine alfredo one night with Texas Toast. We always have a box of Texas Toast in our freezer.

This is a great recipe to copy. I made Outback Steakhouse’s Alice Springs Chicken. It is basically grilled chicken with bacon, cheddar cheese, honey mustard sauce and mushrooms. I left the mushrooms off this time because I forgot to order them. I did buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans on the side.

I have been having this combo for lunch some days. Do you like cottage cheese and tomatoes? It’s so good!

This was a Dinnerly box meal but I kinda added to it a bit. It was pesto ravioli. It came with cheese ravioli and a small block of parmesan along with a pouch of pesto sauce. I followed directions on that but I stole some of the pesto to put on top of salmon. I will definitely do that again! It was so easy and the pesto worked well with the salmon. And, the standard green bean side. I love the frozen haricot vert green beans from Trader Joe’s, by the way.

So, we have been eating pretty good around here. We have also had the tacos, spaghetti, BLTs that are often in our rotation.

What have you been eating lately? I need ideas ALWAYS!

Thanks for reading today. You are the best!


First Wednesday of Summer

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I wasn’t sure if I should continue with my regularly scheduled/promised fashion post today. I haven’t talked much about fashion here since February because it wasn’t a priority when dealing with much serious issues, like a pandemic. It still isn’t my top priority as I see our racial tensions come to a head in this country. I have much to learn, of that I am certain. I have been a public school teacher for 26 years and I am currently in an extremely diverse school. I have been blessed to teach kids from many different backgrounds. I also get to talk about cultural differences because I teach Spanish. It’s a great forum to open that discussion and build bridges of understanding. I want to be a better teacher next year for my minority students. I want to read more books to help me understand and I want to listen to more stories. It saddens me that we haven’t come farther in 2020. My city is on night 5 of a 10 day curfew of 9:00 p.m. This is like nothing I have ever experienced. I pray for safety from violence and Covid. Can you recommend any books?

My new sandals:

Have you heard of the Sam Eddelman Audrea as seen here? Many bloggers have been wearing these. I wanted something with a little lift that could be dressed up or down and was comfortable. The price was reduced and I ordered them from Nordstrom. I also think they will make a good teacher shoe if we get to go back in person. They kind of remind me of those slides that older men in Florida wear? That was really specific!

I promised you I would show you my TJ Maxx purchases. I returned my chair last Friday and picked up a couple of things. I didn’t even look at the clothing. All dressing rooms are closed. They are accepting returns which is nice. I just didn’t want to be in there for long, so I did a really quick look in the accessories and home goods areas.

These were a total impulse purchase because I had already ordered new Reefs. These are C & C California brand and they were on clearance for $8. They are quite comfortable with a really substantial sole.

I knew I wanted to look at sunglasses and they have great ones. These were $9.99 by Jones New York. I love the tortoise and the blush combo.

And, that was that for TJ Maxx. It was surreal and sad to be in there. All of their Easter stuff was 75% off and it reminded me that Easter was at the beginning of the quarantine.

These are my Reefs. I love this brand and these were I think $22 with 20% off from a Memorial Day sale. I ordered directly from the Reef website.

So, I probably did not need two new pairs of brown flip flops but I don’t really like my last year’s models and I wear flip flops most days in the summer. I just love to buy sunglasses, as you know. And, the Sam Eddelmans hopefully will turn out to be a good purchase.

I would really like to do a shopping ban for the rest of the summer. I’m not positive I can pull it off. It just seems like a great time to do one. I am not going many places, therefore it’s hard to shop. I’m also not going places much to wear clothing! Where do you stand on taking breaks from shopping?

When I do good places, I am feeling the white top and denim bottom vibe. I have a light denim skirt, denim cut offs, and denim slightly nicer shorts. And, you know I have lot of white tops. What is your “summer uniform”?

Thanks for reading, thinking of you and hoping you are staying healthy,


Air Fryer/Convection

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

O.k., for those of you wondering… I returned my sister in law’s Ninja Air Fryer (not the Ninja Foodi). I had fun playing around with it and found it best for frozen foods and takeout leftovers. I am not going to be purchasing one at this time for a couple of reasons – I don’t have the counter space or under counter space now. It is a bit hard to clean. It is not really big enough for meals for a family of four and things would have to be cooked in two batches. We are planning a kitchen renovation after our bathrooms get renovated. Yes, we move slowly around here, but that’s the way it is. When my kitchen is destroyed I may buy something like this to use in my dining room – I have heard to set up a makeshift kitchen during renos. I asked on the blog and on Facebook for opinions on the air fryer and what people cook in them. One comment was that your normal oven has a convection feature and it works the same way. Melanie Shankle of Big Mama Blog and Big Boo podcast was also recently discussing this topic, by the way. See what the Pandemic does to people?

I have a convection bake and a convection roast on my oven. I have also got a proofing bread feature that I ignored for the 20 years I have had this oven and a probe feature which frankly, scares me a little. What on Earth? The word “probe” is right up there with “moist” and “satchel” for me. My sweet little boy Mason used to come home from school and yell “My satchel (his backpack) is moist!”

I have gotten by just fine for twenty years with only using bake and broil. I don’t even use the oven light. I once tried self clean and it scared me. My husband cleans the oven every now and again.

Anyway, let’s learn about convection… That may be the most boring statement I have ever written!

The difference in convection is that is has a fan and exhaust that helps food cook quicker and more evenly. It cooks 25% faster and it’s better at browning food.

You should use convection for: roasting, baking pies and pastries, making lots of cookies all at once (no need for rotation), cooking covered dishes, and toasting and dehydrating.

You should not use convection for: custards and flans, souffles, breads, or cakes.

I decided to try my convection roast setting for some zucchini and potatoes. I was a bit scared, but here we go…

I knew I need to space them out on a cookie sheet for even cooking. By the way, I have three of these jellyroll pans/cookie sheet with edges. I have one that is half the size. I use these all the time and love them. I put EVOO on the pan and then used salt, pepper, and cajun spices.

I normally would roast at 375 or 400 so I set to 350 because you need to go down by 25 degrees.

After only 20 minutes, this is what I got. I think next time I will broil for the last two minutes to get even more crispy.

Verdict: I would say that is pretty good for 20 minutes! I plan to experiment further with my convection feature.

It only took 20 years for me to discover this option on my oven, guys!

Have you convected? What do you know that I don’t know?


Hello Monday

Monday, June 1, 2020

How is it already June? Can you believe it? I am happy today to link up with the lovely ladies Heather, Lindsay, and Tanya so go here to check out their posts and more!

O.k., Thursday was my last teacher day. I woke up Friday and had some loose ends to tie up for school in the morning. I also decided to clean my Keurig. Do you use one? I have a really old one and it is very special because my Dad picked it out for me. It is the original model, I think. I have cleaned it a few times before. It involves white vinegar, water, and 4 hours of wait time.

I also decided to switch sides of my closet for winter and summer clothes. My closet stays pretty organized. I also bagged up some things I don’t have any desire to wear this season or ever. I think it’s a good tip to keep a donation/sell bag in your closet at all times.

Then, I decided to do something crazy. I went to TJ Maxx. I had a chair to return that I had purchased the day before the quarantine began. I called ahead and made sure they were doing returns. I had to wait in line for one person to leave the store when I got there as they are limiting costumers. I wore a mask. The check out line was really long and I probably had to wait 20 minutes. It will be a while before I go back. I just don’t need anything that badly. I picked up a few things that I will show you Wednesday. I hate wearing a mask and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable/hot it will get as the summer goes on. One of the employees was using a fan around her neck to get air under her mask. It probably lessened the effectiveness of the mask but I felt a soul connection to her because I want a fan necklace now.

My friend and I met on a patio with this beautiful parking lot view. It was the first time I had my temperature taken at the door of a business. He said I was good but I wanted to know how good and he told me I was 97 degrees. See, I am an overachiever or I am a cold @#$&! Have you had your temperature taken before you can go in a business? Hub has to every morning at work.

I got this tequila grapefruit drink; save your $10 because mine are better.

My friend was starving but I wasn’t hungry so she got these pretzels and talked me into one. There were like six – don’t worry.

I felt very safe doing this. I was less than 6 feet from my friend but she has had the same level of quarantine as I have as she works from home. We were spread away from other tables and the employees were all in masks. By the way, I feel so bad about them having to wear masks for a whole shift. Food service will get even hotter!

My sister sent photos of her new German Shepherd puppy Felix! I know so many people who have gotten dogs.

Saturday morning I tried my hand at cinnamon sugar scones. They were pretty darn good.

The river has been high because of all the rain, but Saturday afternoon Tom felt it had gone down enough. We did our trial run of 2020 and had to be careful of some debris.

We saw our friend and his daughter on their jetski.

I tried the mango and it was good.

It was a bit chilly. Look at those clouds!

We decided to let our son go to his friend’s house for the first time in almost 3 months. He was so happy.

After we put the boat up, we heard there was going to be live music at the marina so we went.

People were so happy to be out you could tell. Tom wore his Gilligan hat to boat and to go to the music venue.

Our city had a curfew of 9:00 both Saturday and last night. Are there protests in your city? The protests are about George Floyd, but also a local woman who was wrongfully killed. There was some damage done, too. I pray that we can have a peaceful outcome. I know that the stress and strain of the pandemic is part of this, too.

I enjoyed some coffee on the deck Sunday morning.

And, later on I made some whipped iced coffee.

I found some sun in the yard on another gorgeous but coolish day. Tom didn’t want to do the river because of the conditions of it not being great yet.

But, look what he accomplished! He still has to do the stairway railings.

And, we ended our Sunday afternoon with a patio happy hour at our friends’ house. We hadn’t seen them since maybe February? She did appetizers in individual containers for safety.

And, she made bourbon lemonade with a lemon wedge and a cherry.

So, this weekend felt full and more normal. We got the all clear on May 22 to gather with 10 and to eat at restaurants at 33% capacity indoors or on patios. We waited a bit but opened our circle a bit more by me going to TJ Maxx, my son going to friend’s house, going to hear some music, and going to our friends’ patio. Yes, there are risks involved. I think everyone has different comfort levels. And, I think you have to do what is right for your situation while following government/medical recommendations. It scares me a bit to widen our circle. My and our decisions can affect others. It is a scary time with so much uncertainty.

I plan to continue grocery pickup except for quick trips in to grab a few things from time to time. I’m still doing Dinnerly for three meals a week and that is going well. I plan to stay home most days. I think I will still make up a summer bucket list of things I can do. I also plan to set a summer schedule for myself. I will post those things soon.

I hope you had a good weekend!

Tell me a highlight or where you are in the pandemic?

Thanks for reading,


Friday Favorites

Friday, May 29, 2020

Happy Friday, you all! I’m exhausted! Are you? I have had all of the emotions this week. I’ve been happy, proud, sad, disappointed, bouyed, and the list goes on…

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go here to see more Friday posts!

Here are some things to share with you…

This seems like a lifetime ago – the first day of senior year versus the last day from home on Wednesday. They had already “graduated” Tuesday but that was the technical last day. They are in reversed position and look at the hair! So, there is no doubt that I am so proud of them for how they handled themselves in this stage of life.

And, my first and last day of my 26th year. I am also a bit proud of myself for making it for this long. How have I been doing this for this long? How did I get this old?

I had my co-worker stop by after her cleaning of her room shift and I made us limoncello mules. We sat 6 feet apart outside. Typically we would’ve had some end of year social gatherings, lunch in one of our classrooms, or something. I was happy to visit in person, though!

I had a surprise delivery from one of my dear senior girls. Several years ago, a senior started a tradition of stealing my classroom clock. Then they would return it on the last day for seniors. They stole it this year and she painted Frida Kahlo on it! If anyone steals this next year, they all fail! She also gave me a Taco Bell gift card (lol) and a handpainted card of the running of the bulls with the sweetest note inside. Awww!

My Mother’s Day gift from the boys came in late but I wanted to mention it. They got me a dry erase board in a pretty substantial size for teaching from home. I had mentioned wanting one and they remembered.

Cattle Baron in Cashmere had some funny ones this week…

And, this one popped up on Facebook from someone in my state…

In Kentucky, we are supposed to only gather in groups of 10!

My husband got me a subscription of this for Christmas and the summer edition arrived this week. It’s so good!

On graduation day after they aired the ceremony on Youtube, this sweet student of two years popped by my door. I have known her since kindergarten and her mom, too! What a sweet surprise. I stayed far away!

On Memorial Day, I went to Target and bought a few items for the new deck furniture. I added this pillow,

these coasters and faux plants,

and this doormat.

And, that is about it. I am hoping to step away from the screens this weekend! What about you? Does it feel like summer yet? I pray that everyone stays healthy and we can keep gradually opening things up. I pray for our leaders to make the right decisions for schools next year.

Thanks for reading!


We have Graduates!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

I couldn’t let it pass without addressing such a milestone here on the blog. I haven’t fully processed it and maybe in part that is because of the strange type of closure we experienced. Also, we have photos next week in cap and gown, so I don’t have those yet. Also, several of you gave me suggestions for how to make the day special. Thank you.

So, how did we get here? How did more than 13 years of educating my twins go so quickly? I say more than 13 years because before their K-12 public school experience, we had the learning we did at home and at their daycare/preschool. To anyone that had a hand in their education, I say thank you! On one hand, I feel like my work is done, but on the other hand, I know they will still need us for many things, especially in this strange world we are currently navigating. So, I may come back with more thoughts on having high school graduates, but for today, here is what I have…

I decided to enter Kroger and look for a cookie cake. They didn’t have any but I found a plain one with a white border and the cake decorator was happy to do this for me in less than five minutes. I had to clean out my classroom from 8-10, so I did this afterwards.

I set up the dining room table with things they hadn’t seen before: their framed senior photo, balloons tied to jolly ranchers (one of their favorites), their cap and gown, their senior gift (a water bottle) and senior t-shirt. Jack came out and saw it and said, “Who died?” I guess he thought it looked like a memorial.

Tom watched from work because it was at 11:00 a.m. There were technical difficulties and it didn’t get fixed until 11:30 – just par for the course these days. The boys and I watched it together and the boys joked around a bit.

Jack turned out to be one of the valedictorians – anyone who had a 4.0 for the first 7 semesters. Don’t ask about his last semester, please. Over the course of 4 years, he took 9 AP courses and exams. His real name is James. Jackson is his middle name.

Mason did not end up with a 4.0, but he was pretty close. He took 11 AP courses and exams.

There is so much more I want to say about their 4 years and there are many photos I want to dig up.

Our principal gave a nice speech, as did the class president. Their beloved junior English teacher and one of the teachers who took Mason to Europe this fall read all of the seniors’ names and wore his Harry Potter costume to do so. Why didn’t I get a picture? So, that was about it for the “graduation” and then I made a nice dinner and we had the cookie cake for dinner when Tom was with us.

Our principal:

There are so many thoughts and so many words that I want to say. This was not just their high school but a second home. I found out I was pregnant with them in my second year at this school and had them in my third year. They came to countless activities, helped me in my room, and ran the halls more times than I could count until they became freshmen. I don’t even think they will realize the scope of that until they are much older. They handled having a mom who was a teacher with grace and didn’t take advantage of it. In four years, they only missed 3 days of school.

And, I will leave you a view of my empty, sad classroom. On one hand, I am happy to tie up this year because it ended on such a sad note. On the other hand, I am not ready to leave this year behind. I was talking to a colleague and we realized we have been away from our classrooms for longer than we are away from it for the summer! Isn’t that crazy? Yes, that is Ricky Martin looking at you.

I have all the feels right now!

As you are reading this, I am wrapping up my grades and having a final virtual faculty meeting.

I wish I could leave you with some optimism for the start of next school year, but there is still so much uncertainty. I will plan for the worst and hope for the best, maybe?

Thanks for listening, friends! You’re the best!


Pandemic Purse

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Once I started going out a bit more – to Target a few times and Kroger a few times (I still do pick up each week but sometimes I will run in for a couple of forgotten items), I realized I didn’t want to put my favorite tote style purse in the cart. I have long been a fan of the crossbody and this situation just calls for these. My favorite neutral crossbody was purchase from a consignment store a few years ago for $8.

With a cross body, your purse doesn’t touch anything but your body.

My wallet is the lemon pouch, keys, hand sanitizer, a cleaning wipe, and of course my mask are my new contents.

Do you use a cross body? Do you have a pandemic purse or a need for one?


Morning Meal Prep

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I know most of you are cooking more than normal. Even though I enjoy cooking, I still feel the dread set in around 5:00 when I realize I have people to feed. Also, my energy wanes in the afternoon. I get up with no problem in the morning ready to get my day started. That’s when I have my energy. So, I decided to FINALLY work smarter and not harder and employ morning meal prep strategies. Now, if you aren’t a morning person, you could also do this later in the day or at lunch. You can also prep at night for the next day. The idea is just don’t save all the work for the witching hour. This is especially true if you have little kids. I remember how that was.

The other day I made homemade enchilada sauce in the morning. I actually doubled the recipe and put half in the freezer. This was so easy and it comes from Budget Bytes website, which I had never heard of.

I also started the crockpot on low with about 2 chicken breasts (I should have done more to freeze), water, and taco seasoning.

At 5:00, I only had to assemble.

I also recently cooked up about 4 pounds of ground beef. I made sloppy joe’s, taco meat, and then left some plain for spaghetti. It is so nice to pull that out at 5:00!

I have also boiled my noodles for mac and cheese in the morning recently.

Do you ever do morning meal prep? Or weekly prep? What are your best tips?


Hello Monday!

Monday, May 25, 2020

I am going on with my weekend post today and I will link up with the ladies here if they do it today. Today won’t really feel like weekend because I will have school work to do for finalizing things by Thursday. I think the boys also have stuff to finalize.

Are you ready to see lots of food photos?

So, Friday our governor said we could gather in groups of 10 and our restaurants would open to limited capacity. My two friends came to my patio for takeout brunch and we made our own mimosas. We were still careful and spread out at the table. We all had separate containers and no one went in the house. It was so nice. I know we are still battling this and I feel so lucky to be able to do something normal like this. I worked several hours in the morning and again when they left.

I got the surfer girl omelette, potatoes and their Everything muffin like an Everything bagel. We all got the same order.

That afternoon was my AP Spanish test. I left the boys alone to do that and actually went outside to make sure I didn’t make any noise.

For dinner Friday night I made enchiladas with homemade sauce courtesy of Kristin from Stuff, Things, Etc. blog. The sauce was so easy!

Saturday morning I did another thing from my past life. I went to a socially distant farmer’s market. It was one way, you had to wear a mask, the farmers’ booths also had barriers to keep you from getting too close. I would have stayed longer but my mask was bugging me in the heat. I have one mask that is more breathable. Are you all struggling with masks?

I bought wildflowers,

asparagus, peanuts, and sourdough bread.

The river is really high but Ernie still got his Saturday swim!

Tom worked hard to put the furniture together. It took him about 2 hours. We are happy with the look and the quality so far. It is Walmart Better Homes and Gardens Hawthorne and the tip to look at it came from Jen at Show Me and Sweet Tea blog. Thanks, Jen!

The rest of Saturday I did some cleaning, fridge organizing, laundry, reading and I took a walk.

That night our friends asked us to sit on a patio for dinner. We were confused as to the restaurant rule. Some restaurants are saying you can only sit at a table with your family. We were prepared to get take out if that was the rule. They sat us on either end of a big table. All the servers were wearing masks.

It was really nice to be back at a Mexican restaurant. We have been getting weekly takeout so I felt safe with the tables spaced out so much and hardly anyone there. I wiped down the table with my own Clorox wipes. We didn’t share any food.

Sunday morning I enjoyed my first coffee on the new furniture. It had rained again like it has almost every day lately!

And, finally yesterday afternoon we went back to the other farmers market and our friends met us. It was blazing hot so we didn’t stay long at the market. We took folding chairs and sat far apart under some shade trees and visited.

And, those were the highlights of my weekend.

How much have you gotten out?

It is really surreal the first time you get back out into the world. I am still going to be careful. I am trying to really think about what is a need right now. I don’t need to go to the grocery and I can do Kroger pick up. I don’t need a pedicure even though I want one. I can wait a while longer to get my hair done. My friends think I am super strict and I am always quoting the governor. It’s the teacher in me. I am a born rule follower.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your weekend!