Friday Favorites

Friday, September 24, 2021

Time to link up again with Andrea, etc. right here!

I don’t have a whole lot to share this week. I didn’t really buy any new products and the week went by really fast!

I needed my boots this week for a dog walk – a few times. My Hunters are now 10 years old! I will tell you that I tried them on in Von Maur and ended up with the wide calf version. I would not say I have crazy wide calves or that I have any other boots in the wide calf, but I really loved where theses hit below my knees (#shortpeopleproblems). So, if you have ever considered them, the quality is incredible. I cannot speak to the normal tall ones, but I also bet it’s a bit more snug to tuck a pant leg in? I also love my short yellow ones and now that I have a shoe horn (Man, I am old!), that helps a lot with getting them off. I have no trouble getting the tall ones off.

I had a mid-week treat. Over the weekend, Mason had asked when we were gonna do a restaurant together like we did from time to time last year. Mason appreciates good food and is quite adventurous. His favorite food for many years as a child was broccoli and he wanted to bring it for his birthday in first grade instead of cupcakes. (That would have made him a pariah, so I didn’t let that happen – lol!)

I picked him up and we went to Agave and Rye and had some chips and queso and split three different giant tacos. One was Greek with falafel, one was called Yoda with an asian chicken and sticky rice, and the other was a ranchero breakfast type thing.

Their tacos are amazing and so creative. We were not able to eat much because they are so big. Mason eats a little amount often. He has always been a grazer. So, we had lots of leftovers and we both took stuff to Tom and Jack. Mason took Jack chips and queso and I ordered more tacos for Tom. If you get a chance, try Agave and Rye.

My seniors started doing something silly a few weeks ago and I thought they would get bored with it, but it’s only grown in intensity.

Someone started an Instagram account called “The Daily Scott” where they post photos of me or photo shop me in different things I have talked about.

Here I am running with the bulls with my favorite Spanish singer:

Here I am playing polo with my favorite Argentinian polo player (yes, of course I have a favorite Argentinian polo player. He is also the Ralph Lauren Polo model.)

Apparently I am “The Rock” or “La Roca”:

Here I am with my angelic students and my polo player at The Last Supper.

Anyway, this is what teaching high school is like…

What was your favorite from the week? It feels like fall around here! I think it may be safe to buy mums now!


Do you take off work on your birthday?

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Do you take off work on your birthday?

It may seem kind of silly, but I tell everyone who will listen to take off on their birthday. I think it’s a great day to do what you want when you want. You may even take stock of your life and create some new goals for your next year of life. We only get one birthday a year. Life is hard. Life is short. We have all now had at least one pandemic birthday.

I do not believe in doing any chores on your birthday, either. I will intentionally make sure all of the dishes are unloaded the night before and there is no laundry hanging around in purgatory.

Kellyann likes to go collect her birthday freebies from her favorite retailers and I think that is so smart!

I love to go to breakfast or lunch and do dinner or or get takeout. I love to do some shopping. I love hearing from family and friends through calls, texts, or Facebook messages.

What is your ideal birthday?

Do you think it is weird when adults still get excited?

Tell me what you think!



Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Happy first day of fall!

Last week I wore this (you saw this yesterday) to compare to when I wore the skirt back in May. Thank you for all of your sweet compliments. I did not/do not post to go “fishing” for them, but rather to help if anyone else is struggling.

I felt too summery in this outfit.

Saturday night for dinner out I wore my Little House on the Prairie dress from Target.

Monday I wore a dress that I ordered from Target. Tom asked where my pants were.

And, yesterday I wore my trusty Chico’s consignment pants and my Savanna Jane blouse. I made an impulse purchase and bought these Target Universal Thread clogs.

They are faux leather, of course, but they were comfy and the perfect height.

What have you been wearing lately?


Healthier Living and a Soup Recipe

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It’s time for another update! I am doing WW Purple if you are new around here. I started cleaning up my diet on April 8 on my own and officially joined WW on May 1st. I am officially down 35 pounds as of last Friday! These last 4 pounds have come off slowly. I was at 31 as of our last update.

Here is me mid-May:

Here is me last week. I was trying to wear an outfit that I wore when I began and this is what I found…

So, I don’t see that big of a difference in these photos. I had already lost about 10 pounds in the above and then below that would be about 25 more.

Here is the soup that Erica made last week! I am excited to check out more Food Babe recipes. Here are screen shots for you to see if you want to click. It was delicious and zero points.

I get 16 points a day and I am encouraged to eat lots of zero point foods. I love the app!

Recently I have had a veggie burger wrap with some hash browns

and zoodles with mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, and chicken.

I love this buffalo chicken dip recipe and no one would know it is light.

I make a different breakfast on the weekends than what I eat during the week.

I mix up my normal egg casserole, veggies, Jimmy Dean turkey sausage breakfast for these sandwiches sometimes.

An easy dinner is AmyLu chicken gouda apple sausage and vegetables.

I want to try these Greek bowls. I stopped following decadent food accounts and now follow snackin_n_trackin and other healthy accounts on Instagram. You can search “WW” or “low carb” in the Instagram search feature. Then, when you follow one, you will find others.

Meal prepping is a must:

I tried a new recipe with these noodles, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and “birdballs”. Thanks to Kim for the recipe that can be found here.

Erica made whole wheat pasta last week for one of our meals.

I think this Brownberry Keto bread is pretty good! I’m not doing Keto obviously but this bread is only one point per slice.

Cocktails really add up, so I like to look for alternatives. This makes a really good sub for a cocktail. I use half a stick of lemonade and pineapple coconut seltzer.

I really like Bubly.

I try not to have much in the way of processed foods or artificial sweeteners.

I am getting probably 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day (combined), eating lean proteins, drinking two cups of coffee, and a half of a Premier protein, and then a sweet treat once or twice a day that might be a more artificial or processed food. I have popcorn, apples, string cheese, celery with a laughing cow of buffalo dip for a snack.

I drink as much water as I can.

I gave myself grace to not worry about walking for the first 3 weeks of school. I get 10,000 steps as a teacher no problem, anyway.

On the fourth week I started walking at least three times a week. Last week I walked four times.

I really like my On Cloud shoes. I love that you don’t have to tie them.

I am still drinking cocktails and eating out and I am LIVING life.

I can eat whatever I want when I eat out, but I have been choosing:

Mexican: fajitas

Nice Restaurants: salmon or fish and veggies

Chick Fil A: grilled nuggets and no fries but I will make a substitute type of some type of potato.

Thanks for visiting me! Share a food or recipe if you have any suggestions!


Hello Monday

Monday, September 20, 2021

How is it the end of September? How is the weekend over? Ay!!!! I’m linking up today with Heather, etc. right here.

How was yours? Mine went by quickly!

Tom left for a boys trip on Thursday morning so I had extra Ernie duties! Walking at O’dark thirty!

And to add to the fun…. Tom’s vehicle went kaput the night before he left so he took mine and left me walking to school looking like a miner.

Seriously, who is the coolest teacher?

Ha – it is only a 10 minute walk and I should walk more, but all the stuff teachers have to take to school, you know?

The car was ready that afternoon so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Friday after school, Elizabeth came over for an appetizer type dinner and she brought some stuff, too, even though I told her not to worry about it.

We walked to our football game. Our colors are not yellow and black, but it was a “yellow out” for childhood cancer. We have a big fundraiser dance marathon.

I “borrowed” some pom poms.

We didn’t last long because… teacher tired.

Saturday morning I got up and tried to catch up on blog reading and coffee drinking. Oh, Saturday, how I love you.

And, I made myself a yummy breakfast – everything but the bagel potatoes and eggs. Oh, and my groceries were done because I did a pick up Friday right after school. I really like going into the weekend stocked up I have decided. And, are you dealing with shortages? We are starting to see emptier shelves around here. Here we go again?

And, I had plans again with Elizabeth. We met at Butchertown Market and found out they have $1 mimosas while you shop on Saturdays! And, they had apple cider ones, too. It’s a really big space with multiple “stores” or areas. They have clothes, jewelry, home goods, gift items, natural body care stuff, hand made chocolates, and more. We spent about an hour because there is so much to see.

Then, we headed to Cultured, a fairly new charcuterie bar. I had been wanting to go for so long and it did not disappoint! Isn’t it the cutest? I can’t wait to take Tom because he loves his charcuterie, too.

I can’t wait to go back. It was amazing!

Then, we made it to one more store before we had to part ways. Red Tree is a cool home and gift store in NULU, an area with lots of restaurants and shops.

Elizabeth is always game to help me take blog photos.

I made a cake when I got home. Yup, it is the cake mix, one cup of Greek non fat yogurt, and one cup of water recipe. The frosting is Cool Whip, pb powder and I added mini chocolate chips. I did it in a bundt pan.

And, Saturday evening it was time to celebrate one of my friend Heather’s birthday. We went to the amazing Italian restaurant with the incredible interior.

I did this Orly denim color for going out.

Sunday morning was really nice and cooler than it has been so I enjoyed my coffee on the deck and read a bit.

And, Tom was wrapping up a few days in the mountains watch the World Mountain Biking Championships.

Funny spectators:

And, my niece went to her first high school homecoming dance! How is that possible?

I did my meal prepping for the week and it took quite a while but it is worth it.

I only left the house once yesterday to go to Target and I had a good old fashioned “no list, let Target speak to me” shopping trip. I also walked with Ernie, of course. I also finished the LuLaRich documentary and I found it really interesting. I love the Cassie skirt and still have about 6 of them. I have one kimono. I have a few pairs of leggings left and I really think they are cozy for winter. Some of the designs are horrible and I wouldn’t really call much of it fashionable. MLMs can be pretty scary and they prey on women who most likely will not make a significant living off of one.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 17, 2021

Happy Friday, all! How was your week?

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. here for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday night Tom and I ate at our closest Mexican restaurant.

I had the fajitas and they were really good!

We also had Spanish Club and some funny kids photo shopped two of our favorite Latino singers in this photo.

Teachers are super picky about their pens. I do not enjoy Flair pens! I know a lot of you all love them. My ideal pen is one without a lid. I love this Sharpie S-Gel and I will buy more!

I am continuing to make an iced coffee to take to school. I use a tbsp. of instant grounds, a bit of water, and half of a Premier Protein. My favorite right now is Caramel with Peanut Butter Chocolate coming in at a close second. The pumpkin is o.k. I think I prefer my pumpkin drinks hot, maybe? But, if you like a pumpkin cold brew, you may like this flavor.

I cannot live without this now that I have found it. It comes in a 3 pack from Amazon and I hear it is also sold at Walmart. I took my air popped popcorn with this on it to the movie theater a couple of weeks ago and was not even tempted by Tom’s poprcorn.

I started this on Prime and it is quite fascinating. I liked hearing how the business was started. I will try to watch the last epidsode this weekend. There are only 4, so not a great commitment.

I need to do some fall recon (window shopping to see what fall styles are out there!) but I did see these metallic booties and I could see those being fun to have in your fall wardrobe.

Love! Get these if you love the smells of fall!

I love this! I try to use this at night and I do think it helps me relax!

And, I love this, too, thanks to Kristen for recommending it! I got these in my order and I love the way they package and securely tape everything. I have had some toiletries not well secured from Amazon.

I still love Olaplex shampoo but I ran out. I do not love the Olaplex conditioner so I was using just whatever I had. I ordered this pair and really like it!

I use this religiously am and pm!

I still love to wash my face with the orange in the am and I love this facial cleanser for pm or anytime, really!

Erica made a ground turkey and kale soup yesterday that was amazing!

What were your faves this week? I would love to hear! Happy weekend!


Coffee Talk

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Here is a good old fashioned coffee talk post for you today. I think there are some things we need to catch up on. If I forget anything, leave it in the comments for me! Thanks!

Blue Apron – I did two weeks and it just isn’t for me. It is about $50 for two of us for two meals. So, that is $12.50 a meal. The recipes take way longer than 30 minutes. The Wellness/WW plan I was getting was very high in points. I get 16 points daily and the meals were 10-14 but the instructions said I could leave certain things out for less points – but then what is the point? Also, there were lots of green beans and potatoes in the recipes and I have those and make them all the time.

It may be right for many people but Tom and I both agreed it wasn’t for us.

Do you remember my Syllabus for Self Care? I thought I would let you know how I’m doing.

I am doing really well on most all of it. I am not doing well with this. I am checking email while doing my meal prep usually and I go ahead and bite the bullet with his weekly memo. Maybe it actually lets me relax the rest of the day because I know what is coming for the week?

Now that it is nicer out, I am doing better with this. I need to commit to more outside time, though!

And, I will have to work at this. I need to give myself rest from time to time.

Nails – You may have noticed that my nails have been naked. I just cannot keep polish on for more than a day or two. I need to let them heal because they have ridges from dip. I hate looking at them like this, though. I may put forth the effort to do my gel at home again.

I did my own pedicure. I used smokin’ hot by Essie. It is a nice grey/purple.

I am actually thinking about this for my fingernails. If anyone has any advice on this let me know!

Self Tanning – I stopped for awhile but now I am using a combo of my leftover Banana Boat and my Tanology. I ran out of Tan Luxe The Butter and am waiting to find it on sale. It is my favorite. Let me know if there is something else I should try. I want it to be fairly dark.

Hard Seltzers – I started liking a couple of White Claw flavors! I also really like High Noon. I still like Truly Punch and Lemonade. They all seem so summery, though and now I crave…..

red wine! I thought this bottle from Trader Joe’s was so cute!

But, I know nothing about wine. I like pinot noir and red blends. Leave me a comment on a red I should try. I don’t like sweet but I don’t like too terribly dry. And, I like the $10-$20 price range.

Cake – Remember my first cake where I used a Funfetti mix? I have now tried chocolate fudge, red velvet, strawberry, and spice. Below I did some sauteed apples to serve over the spice.

Am I eating too much cake? Maybe. I do share it at school and it is within my WW points!

School – is an emotional roller coaster. I have had shining moments where I was so happy for normal. I felt like a normal teacher again. My students were happy and normal. Going outside has been refreshing, but I can’t do it that much.

I have some students who I have known for over two years and they know me and that helps in this environment. I have some students who I have only known for 5 weeks who don’t seem to want to open up and who are seriously addicted to their phones. A girl raised her hand and I went back to help her and she was in the middle of a Netflix show. I told her she should probably pause it because she might miss something while I helped her.

I asked a journal question in Spanish about lessons learned during the pandemic and two kids were on their phones and I asked if they learned the importance of an unlimited data plan.

Our school allows cell phones but my policy is they are not to be seen nor heard unless I invite them to get them out.

Also, airpods…. Are babies going to be born with airpods already in their ears?

Sorry to end on this note, it makes me kinda sad.

What did I forget? I hope you were able to enjoy your coffee!



Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Happy Hump Day! Who is ready for another edition of What I Wore Wednesday?

First we have three school outfits from last week:

This day I wore my red Matilda Jane pants (they also have this style that I really like – I would say it’s like an elevated yoga pant of yesteryear), my Savanna Jane top from last year, my denim jacket, and my new teacher discount Tieks.

This day I wore consignment brown Matilda Janes, a white consignment tee, my Umgee kimono, and my gold Tieks.

For a casual Friday, I wore my new Universal Thread jeans in the darker wash, an old Old Navy blouse and my MIA clogs. Did you read my clog post yesterday?

Friday night I wore my other new Universal Thread jeans that I cut and frayed, a Target blouse from last year, and my MIA sandal clogs.

Saturday for Oktoberfest, I wore gold Birks, my Target denim cut offs, and my TJ Maxx blouse. And, you have to have a crossbody for something like this!

This Monday I wore my Target dress with a sweater (got hot immediately and took it off!) and my white booties.

And, yesterday I wore my Umgee pants from June Adell Boutique (online). The pants are so cute (I think) and they have pockets, but they are long! I can only pull them off with a heel.

I wore my black higher heeled clogs and I will tell you that they are not full day of school shoes. My dogs were barking.

What have you been wearing lately?

What is your fave outfit above? Or, maybe you hate them all? Ha!

Thanks for visiting me!


Clog Love!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Do you have a love for clogs? I certainly do and so does my friend Beth!

Recently, Melanie Shankle of Big Mama Blog and The Big Boo Cast podcast did an Instagram clog post. Check that out if you are on Instagram. I enjoyed seeing her picks.

Let’s talk about my collection…

I have what I would call “classic clogs” in gold (very, very gold – like Goldmember gold)and red. The gold are Lotta of Stockholm and the red are from an Etsy site. Etsy is a good source of clogs I think.

I am really drawn to metallics lately and I have already worn the gold to school this year a few times. I have only worn the red once or twice.

Below, I have MIA sandal clogs that I have really gotten my money’s worth from. Beth also has these!

Then, I have MIA higher heeled clogs and MIA lower heeled clogs.

I think clogs work with skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, my Matilda Jane ruffle pants, and even denim shorts. So, I like the classic nature (they really don’t go out of style) and I like the versatility. I like a bit of height, but not too much.

Here is what I wore Friday night.

Here they are again with a dress.

These will be packed away when it is too cold for open toed shoes.

Here is my cognac lower heeled clog for work on Friday.

They are all wooden soles so I believe they may take some getting used to, but I find them to be very comfortable.

If you are looking to try some, MIA is a pretty good price point and high quality, in my opinion. Lotta from Stockholm is not bad price-wise and also great quality, and then the Etsy option is a good one, too.

Beth is a big fan of Dansko. I love hers, but there are some that I am not a fan of. For example, the classic Dansko clog with the back on them are extremely uncomfortable on me. I feel like I am walking with bricks underneath my feet.

Beth says these below are her absolute favorites. She wishes now she had bought them in all the colors available. A red pair and a brown pair would have fit well in her wardrobe. These shoes are cute and comfortable and if Beth had a dollar for every time someone complimented them, she would have some serious chump change.

Side view:

These red ones are Clarks sandal clogs. You all know I love a red shoe!

These cognac are both Lottas. They have the traditional wooden sole. They are cute, but inflexible and are not something Beth can walk in all day. They are great for short trips out only. Plus, they make a lot of noise when she walks. I like that aspect, I think! But, Beth loves this color and the lower and higher heeled option.

Two other Dansko favorites of Beth’s are these black ones and the leopard ones.

I really feel like I NEED both of these!

Beth says that if she had an unlimited budget she would buy a pair of No. 6 clogs. They are pricey, but supposed to be awesome.

Here’s the thing – we both added to our collection very gradually and the quality is good and the style is classic so they last for years.

What is your stand on clogs?


P.S. – Thank you, Beth! You are my fashionable friend and I love to see what you wear every time we hang out!

Hello Monday and Morning Routine

Monday, September 13, 2021

Happy birthday to my mom today!

How was your weekend? I am linking up with Heather and more here for Hello Monday and also linking up with Jen and more here for Not Just a Mom – Morning Routine edition.

Friday after school I came home and vegged for a bit. Erica (my lunch prep partner) and I had walked after school both Wednesday and Thursday so it felt nice to be “off the hook” on Friday.

For dinner, Tom had lunch leftovers (he goes out to lunch and often has leftovers) and I had a veggie burger in a wrap and some frozen hash browns.

And then we went to a 7:30 showing of Queen Pins, the movie with Kristen Bell about the coupon queens. I drank a coffee to make sure I could stay awake.

Well, I drifted off a few times – oops. Ain’t no tired like Friday night teacher tired. The movie wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. It was kinda serious for most of it. So, I’m not sure I can recommend it. I did watch Exreme Couponing on TLC so I have always been fascinated by this, but I also think it’s sad and too extreme and the products you get this way are not healthy. They are the packaged, processed foods that make the “American” diet so bad.

I sat outside for a bit when we got home and just enjoyed the lights and the moon.

I went to bed at 10 instead of trying to stay up for a show. I also went to bed at 10 on Saturday night. I think this is the time of year that I just need to do that!

Such an early bedtime had me up pretty early both mornings and I went outside and lit my apple, champagne, honey candle and just enjoyed the peacefulness.

I straightened, did laundry, mopped, walked, and did a library pickup and a Kroger pick up.

We got word that Jack and Mason were coming home “sometime”. I am glad we didn’t wait around because it ended up being close to 4:00.

I talked Tom into a “day date” and we went to The Flea Off Market for a minute. I wasn’t too impressed by this one.

And, then we went to our main goal for the afternoon – Oktoberfest! I can’t believe we had never seen the German American Club before. It is so cute!

These pictures are to send to Tom’s family in Germany but I am afraid his photo facial expressions might make them too sad. Tom had a great time despite his face.

We came home and hung out with Jack and Mason – they seemed more eager to talk to us and were willing to answer our questions and chat for quite awhile. We sat with them while they ate dinner (we had had a combined lunch and dinner at the Oktoberfest) and watched Kim’s Convenience.

Then, Tom and I set up the UK football game on the patio.

I half watch/read during games. I just started this. Paris, food descriptions, a writer trying to find her muse – all things I love in a book! I also started the LuLaRoe documentary on Prime!

I slipped away to watch Gilmore Girls with J and M and then they had an online gaming session with friends to attend.

Sunday morning coffee on the deck was so nice.

I did my meal prep – back to egg casserole, veggies, and Jimmy Dean turkey sausage for this week!

One of my meals is lettuce wraps with cauliflower fried rice.

And, my other is AmyLu chicken, apple, gouda sausage with veggies that I haven’t made yet.

I had to run back to Kroger for some stuff for Spanish Club and for a few things left off of my order.

Then, after I felt that my tasks were done for the week, Tom and I went out on the boat. I was sad we hadn’t made plans with anyone but we were very spur of the moment this weekend.

We pulled up to Captain’s Quarters and then I got a text that my college friend and her husband were in the cove, so we got our food to go and met them there. So, it turned out great that we didn’t have anyone on the boat.

We hung out in the cove for about two hours and then it was time to head home.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

I debated posting this because it is quite boring! But, here goes! And, boy how it has changed now that I only worry about myself.

My Morning Routine:

5:00- Get up! Tom has left for the gym and woken me up so I am not sure why I need an alarm.

5-6:15 – Drink two cups of coffee while doing my quiet time and reading my blogs. Check school email and pack foods for school. Tom gets home from the gym, walks Ernie, and we talk for a bit while we feed Ernie.

6:15-6:45 – get myself ready

6:45 – leave for school

7:00-8:32 – Eat my breakfast at my desk and do all the things to get ready to teach six consecutive 50 minute classes with only a 20 minute break for lunch.

That’s it!

I love reading others’ routines!

Have a not horrible Monday! Ha!