Friday Favorites

Friday, March 12, 2021

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week! Here are some highlights from mine, as I link up with Andrea and many more here.

Of course, I have to mention that this is the one year anniversary of “the day the world shut down”. So much has happened and so much has changed for me personally. Mainly I feel grateful for my life. My twins finished high school, my job changed, my twins started college, I got the opportunity to work from home for the first time, we became empty nesters, and we finished some amazing renovations on our house. Yes, I am grateful.

Did you watch the Oprah, Meghan, and Harry interview? I read The Royal We so some of the things about control seemed true – ha! And, there is no way for an American to know just what entering that life entails, in my opinion. I just don’t know what the point was of airing family issues. Was it so Meghan can stay relevant and keep trending? I love Oprah but she didn’t ask follow up questions or dig too deep. I enjoyed listening to some opinions on the interview this week. As my Dad said, “there are three sides to every story – your side, my side, and the truth.”

I got some good news this week. Our favorite summer event is back! They are not hosting as many as they normally would, but there will be 4 outdoor concerts held on a beautiful stage with food trucks available. We started going to these several years ago and really enjoy them. We were so happy last summer to have some live music to listen to at Captain’s Quarters and Bearno’s By The Bay and at a little brewery – they were outside and we felt safe. But, we really missed these!

We had wonderful weather. Ernie and I enjoyed walking and sitting on the patio.

I drank my iced coffee every morning around 10.

I had two social outings this week. Tuesday afternoon my friend Beth met me at my new Tuesday place – Red Hog! This makes 3 straight weeks that I have gone there!

I got a mojito because it was so warm out.

It was so nice to catch up with Beth because I think it had been since the end of January.

It was so mild one day this week in the morning that I had my coffee on the patio with a candle – my Woodwick crackle candle. This makes me so happy! The crumpled paper under my ipad is the list of blogs I read.

Wednesday is our asynchronous day without live classes. We have meetings, help students, plan lessons, grade, and anything else we need to do. After my morning meeting I ran to Trader Joe’s during my break; I didn’t have to wait in line and it was really empty. I had needed to stock up on some of the things I keep in the freezer – broccoli, green beans, corn, orange chicken, bagels, and a couple other things. I also made some impulse purchases.

Then, Wednesday at the end of my work day I had a happy hour with my French teacher friend Elizabeth. We tried a new to us place and had a drink called a “Kentucky Lemonade” – bourbon, lemonade, orange liqueur. I also have a cocktail recipe for this and mine is better! Just sayin’! It’s time for me to host more on my patio so I can make the drinks but I have needed to get out.

We split some pretzels and beer cheese. I forgot to take the photo until we had each had one!

These one on one friend dates are really fun for me! And, I am still home in time to share dinner with Tom. I try to make part of the meal ahead of time. After this happy hour I made turkey meatballs with sauce, rice, and zucchini for dinner.

My son Jack and i really bonded over Gilmore Girls. No one was more surprised than me by how much he loved it. Mason started watching later, too, and loved it. Jack watched many on his own but watched with me whenever we were together. He loved the writing and the acting, and just thought it was such a good show. We were so sad when we were done.

So, we have been trying to find another show.

Did you watch Felicity? There are only 4 seasons – one for each year of her college experience. I was shocked to see that it was from 1998! I remember watching it after it had gone off the air and loving it. It is now on Hulu so this is what I am proposing for Jack and I (and maybe Mason!). Mason and I are starting Parenthood which Jack has already watched. I kind of like the idea of having a show I watch separately but I will take any time spent with my kids that I can!

And, watching the sun come up from the patio is a real treat. I don’t know how I will leave my house at 6:45 a.m. in a few weeks! We will get to work from home on Wednesdays which is truly wonderful. And, this will give me a new and better appreciation for summer when it arrives!

The time changes this weekend! I thought this was funny!

I am not sure of my plans for this weekend yet. What are you up to?

Happy, happy Friday and happy weekend!


Thursday Thoughts – Back to In Person School

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Honestly, this may not appeal to my readers, but if nothing else, I think I will appreciate being able to look back on my thoughts.

I started to title this “Back to School” but then I added the “in person” because we have been back to school since August. I have seen some articles where the public is lambasting teachers for being lazy and not wanting to “work”. Wow! We have been continuing to hold school, albeit in a different format. Of course, some schools and some teachers have had different degrees of success. Just as the parent has the responsibility to see that kids are ready to come to school and learn, they also had the responsibility to make sure kids were ready to learn from home. And, this is not easy with the demands of jobs. Childcare was a huge issue for so many and it breaks my heart. I think teachers were the easy targets to blame.

The pandemic is not the fault of the teachers. The policy makers were put in a very difficult decision. Exactly a year ago, the entire country pulled the plug on being in school to save lives! Some school districts already had virtual plans in place and were 1:1 – meaning one device per kid. They had been using these for school weather cancellations already.

My school is part of the largest district in Kentucky which serves almost 100,00 kids. We were not 1:1 and we are behind in technology. Our building was built in the 1960s and has not been updated. This is my 27th year teaching high school Spanish and I have been at my current school for 21 years. You know that saying about old dogs and new tricks?

So, last March, my district took the last two weeks of March off for students and teachers, then had Spring Break, then gave teachers one work day before starting back virtually for the rest of the year. During those 3 weeks (yes, including Spring break), there were lots of Zoom meetings. I felt like I had to learn to do my job in a whole different way. I learned so much! We didn’t have a set schedule for the whole school to do live meetings or Zooms, but it was at the discretion of each teacher, so it was kind of a hot mess, but we tried. My twins were seniors so I also got to see the parent side of it. We were also told that kids’ grades could not go down. So, many checked out. I may also point out that we didn’t realize it would be the rest of the year when we started. We all still thought we might go back in May; oh, how little did we know.

In August, teachers from my district and school worked for a full two weeks before we brought the kids back virtually. Now, we had a set schedule and attendance was “mandatory” but we couldn’t hold absences against them. We had set rules for class length and assignments. There was lots of communication to parents and students about expectations. Also, we were not supposed to have firm deadlines on assignments and we still don’t. We were supposed to use “grace and flexibility”. Again, we thought it might just be 6 weeks or one semester. I don’t think anyone really thought we would be home learning virtually for this long.

It’s actually not been a horrible experience at the high school level. I have 150 kids and only 4 have totally checked out. I feel like I have gotten to know many of the kids. We have had some laughs and I feel that learning has taken place. Is it the same? Definitely not. Are there some good things about virtual? Definitely. I am almost wondering if a hybrid model might be the wave of the future for high school students.

Last week I went in to my room and moved my desk to the front of the room. I measured 6 feet and tried to come up with a workable seating arrangement. We will not be walking around the room and students will need to be contained to their desk area. We will have the students bring personal laptops or school issued laptops (we provided them to students that needed them), we will not be using much paper, and of course we will all be wearing masks. We do not have plans for plexiglass barriers.

So, I feel like I am learning a third new way to do my job. I am trying to think through how I can combine my old teaching style with what I have learned while teaching virtually. I also promised the kids consistency. I will still structure my lessons in the same way as I have since August. One thing that I think I have going for me is that I taught as much like we were in person as possible. I start class with a question and announcements. I call on students (I have their names on popsicle sticks. #oldschool) and try to have as interactive of a class as possible. I use breakout rooms for pair and group work. I have played video clips and music. I have tried to make it as much like an in person language class as possible. And, they have done really well for the most part! I try to commend them as much as I can. Can you imagine what they are going through?

I bought myself a taco mask.

Whew! I’m tired. But, I am not nearly as tired as I am going to be April 5.

Here is our plan:

Students who chose in person will go to school either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday depending on their last name. The other 3 days will be asynchronous where they can do their work on their own schedule. Teachers will not be teaching virtual students at the same time, but instead we will be teaching our virtual students during our planning periods and possibly on Wednesday if the teacher chooses to make their schedule that way. We will get paid extra for teaching during our planning period.

My planning period is first period so I will teach my virtual kids from 7:40-8:30 and then I will teach 6 more 50 minute classes with a 20 minute lunch break. It will be a long day, but it is a short time period and I am so excited for the students.

I know many schools have been doing this schedule all year or most of the year. I think it is good that we are doing this and it will help us to be ready to go back in August.

If you are still here, thanks for reading! Thoughts? What is school like in your neck of the woods?


What I Wore Wednesday – What are we doing for pants?

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am happy to link up today with the ladies at The Style Six here.

So, I am really tired of my collection of sweatshirts and sweaters that I wore to virtually teach in from October-February I guess. Plus, it’s getting warmer in these parts. I have started wearing long sleeve blouses or short sleeved blouses with a cardigan. I only wear earrings for my accessories because I’m typing a lot and bracelets are kind of annoying. And, let’s just not talk about pants. What are these “pants” of which you speak? Let’s just say I am business on top and usually leggings on bottom.

Holy close up, Batman! I do not know what to do with my face for a selfie. I think I’m too old for selfies, but I have been documenting my outfits when I sit down at my desk.

New blouse and attempt at middle part. I have since gone back to side part.

Short sleeved blouse with cardigan.

New Universal Thread from Target blouse. I fell in love with the print. I feel like it runs large and I had to try a couple of sizes to get it right. I did Target pick up so it was no big deal.

Blouse from fall that I adore.

All of the above blouses are Savanna Jane except for the Target blouse. I love these blouses so much but they are a bit more pricey than what I typicaly spend. But, I am finding that I wear them so much that they were good purchases. I’m learning….

I spent some time styling outfits with my red clogs and white booties over the last few weeks.

My mom got me this unique long sleeved kimono for Christmas. A long sleeved kimono is a good idea, I think! I had a navy t-shirt that worked with it and I really like this outfit!

My mom also gave me this kimono from her Stitch Fix box. I am not positive about the yellow underneath.

I love my swing dresses and I tried it out like this, too. I think the booties are too white for the kimono, but I would definitely wear this outfit with different shoes.

New Chico’s blouse on super sale. I can’t get the time of day/lighting just right.

So, I have 3 more weeks teaching virtually from home…I am a high school Spanish teacher if you are new around here.

On April 5, my school is going to expect me to wear pants to work.

What are some pants options that aren’t leggings, joggers, or jeans? I am thinking I would like to get some sort of navy and black pull on capri length to continue wearing my blouses. I also plan to wear some of my swing dresses with kimonos and my colorful printed palazzo pants with solid colored tops. I do have some black Chico’s travelers pants that I will wear. I am thinking I should look at Chico’s and J.Jill for the kind of good quality, comfortable basics that I need. I will only be in person for 32 school days. Do you think I can wear a different outfit each of the 32 days? I’m not sure I’m up to that challenge or that I even want to!

What have you been wearing lately?

Thanks for visiting me!


Tuesday Tip – Iced Coffee

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Are you an iced coffee person? Year round, I still want my two cups of hot coffee first thing in the morning. It actually only ends up being about 1.5 cups of hot coffee since I don’t drink the full cup of either.

Mid-morning when the weather gets a bit warmer, I love an iced coffee. It helps stave off hunger until lunch time and it just tastes delicious.

I don’t have the ability or desire to go buy one but I think if you try this method you will agree that it is just as good and maybe even better. Plus, you save lots of money and calories.

Yum! Look at that beautiful color!

I love it in a mason jar with a straw but I also love it in a plastic tumbler with lid and straw.

You need: a half of a Premier protein vanilla (Some people like the caramel flavor, but I prefer the vanilla. I do not like their coffee flavor, by the way.)


instant coffee


Warning: I did not like it with two sticks of instant coffee. So, my directions are to simply empty one stick into your cup and about half of the amount of water shown. I probably use about 2 tablespoons. Either stir or use a little frother combine water and coffee. If you have the Mason jar lid, you could also shake it vigorously.

Add ice, pour in half of the protein shake, and you are done!

The protein shakes are about $8 for a 4 pack in my grocery store. Since I only use half at a time, this makes a very inexpensive coffee drink. Also, I bought the instant sticks on Amazon but you can also just use a container of instant granules.

Let me know if you try this or have other ideas!


Hello Monday

Monday, March 8, 2021

Hello Monday and Hello to all of you! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here!

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend and I did a pretty good job of staying off the internet.

Last Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. After the first I had no reaction except maybe a mild headache the next day. I am hearing that if you have had Covid, the first shot is bad (arm pain or a feeling of heaviness in your arm, fever, aches, chills, headache, and even nausea and dizziness) and if you haven’t had Covid, the second shot is bad. So, I was super nervous and prepared Tylenol, a heating pad in case my arm hurt, sea bands for nausea and put them all in a little tray along with water. I took 2 Tylenol immediately after my shot and drank tons of water that day but went about my business waiting to feel bad. That night I didn’t sleep great, but just woke up a little bit sweaty and with a little bit of arm pain. I drank tons of water again on Thursday but I was able to do my classes and did a Kroger pick up and a Target pick up. Friday I had a mild headache but was fine. So, drink tons of water in case that is the secret. I would say don’t be afraid to get any vaccine you can – Pfizer, Moderna, or the new Johnson and Johnson that only requires one shot. Most of the people I know that have had the vaccine – and I know a lot because teachers were a priority in Kentucky – only had a headache and some aches and chills if they had anything, but they didn’t last long.

Thursday I decided to pick up a Shamrock shake in case I did start feeling bad. I try to have one every March. Do you like them?

I finished this book. I really liked it.

I made my first iced coffee of the year on Friday. Yum! I am sharing my recipe tomorrow and it’s low calorie and high protein!

Luckily my headache on Friday went away by dinner time! Both kids came home for spring break and we enjoyed Shiraz Mediterranean and some t.v. together.

Saturday morning Jack had his community theatre group; he is in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in May and they are performing to an audience outside! This makes me so happy!

Mason went back to campus to help paint the set for his play which is A Doll’s House which will be live streamed with no audience at the end of this month.

My dream would be to see them in a play together!

After painting, Mason and I had a patio lunch together.

We went to a new to us place called Flanagan’s Ale House. I had a fruity beer and I am mad at myself for not remembering the name of it because it was so good.

The sun felt amazing and I really love one on one time with each of my kids.

I feel like I only took pictures of drinks this weekend! Boy kids were home by 5:00 and I made two things for them for dinner – homemade fried rice and Tik Tok pasta. Kind of weird, but I had wanted them to try the pasta.

Tom and I had reservations with two couples. We went to a place called The Goat and everyone at the table was fully vaccinated except for Tom who had his first shot on Thursday! We had not been together for quite a while and it was so nice. I finally felt like I could relax a bit.

My friend and I both got this drink and it was really good – it was called The Elder-Berry and it had Tito’s vodka, St.-Germain, strawberry preserves, and lime juice.

I got a salad with avocado and a lime dressing and some of the people got pizza and some got tacos.

I started this book and read a bit with my coffee Sunday morning.

Mason went to a maple syrup festival with friends and Jack slept in. When he woke up we have been wanting to try this new donut place.

I read on the patio a bit; it was still kind of chilly and then when Mason came back I made a big salad with homemade honey mustard and homemade chicken tenders with panko breading and tator tots and we watched a couple more shows as a family.

Look at the weather forecast for this week!

I have 3 more weeks at home teaching virtually and 3 more weeks until my spring break.

Can you believe the one year anniversary of the pandemic is this week? And, don’t forget we change to daylight savings time this coming weekend, too. I told my son Jack this and he said, “Is this what is exciting to old people?” Yes, Jack, it is exciting!

Hope you make it a great Monday! Monday is my laundry day. I do my one load. It’s a lot but someone has to do it!


This week… My Iced Coffee Recipe, What I Wore, Thursday Thoughts on our school’s plan for in person learning, and Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Friday, March 5, 2021

Happy Friday! Today is my boys’ one day spring break for their college! Ha! Due to
Covid, many colleges are packing in each semester more tightly. They are discouraging travel this way. They have the weekend, too, of course! I am happy today to link up with Andrea and many more here for the most fun link up of the week.

This was a busy week and it went by quickly. We had lots of sunshine. Tuesday I met my friend Victoria at Red Hog. I’m becoming a regular! This time I tried the drink Elizabeth had – yum – and…

we had the fries again and the feta with lavash but I forgot a picture and…

we split this German grapefruit beer after our cocktails. It is so good and I first tried it in Germany five years ago!

The patio is empty at 4:00 but then it fills up by the time we are done. I would say we have perfect timing.

We will have a couple of days to get ready for our in person return but we were supposed to go in and do our arrangement and measure our 6 feet apart. It’s close but not totally do-able for half of our roster.

Also, I got my second vaccine.

After working in my classroom, my co-worker Erica and I had a late lunch at Wild Eggs.

It was so sunny and nice to sit outside! I went home and worked some more and then I sat outside and read.

I picked up a new stack of library books and will do a book post soon!

Today our businesses can go up to a 60% capacity from 50% capacity.

The river is really high from all of the rain we got last weekend so many businesses and homes had to pack up temporarily.

So, my highlights this week were time in the sun and time with friends! I think I said that last week, too, but honestly those will always be my favorites!

How about you? Are you starting to see the sun again? I mean that both literally and figuratively!


Mexican at Home

Thursday, March 4, 2021

I had mentioned I might not post today but I decided to post, after all. Maybe you need a weekend meal idea? Or, you can use one of these for next Taco Tuesday!

Who doesn’t love Mexican food?

Here are the things I typically make:


burrito bowls


taco salad


Mexican lasagna

I find Mexican food so easy to make and I think it’s great for families with young kids because you can offer them some choice. You can serve it as a “bar”.

If you are a member of Costco, they have a street taco kit. I noticed my Kroger has this sometimes, too. You could buy that or just make your own kit?

One thing you can do to make this meal more special for a weekend is to pick up the restaurant chips and queso. That’s the best part anyway! Lol!

If you make Mexican at home, don’t forget to make my favorite margarita I have ever had in my life (Spanish teacher talking here so it’s kind of a prerequisite for my job). Here is my recipe.

Last week, I made Mexican potatoes and I thought I would share here. I do need to give credit to Isabel’s Eats blog.

1.5 lbs petite red potatoes, washed, and cut into quarters

2 T. olive oil

1.5 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. ancho chili powder (I only had normal)

1/2 tsp. dried oregano

1/4 tsp. coriander (I didn’t have this)

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp. black pepper

pinch of cayenne pepper

1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese (I didn’t have any so I just used the powdered stuff)

4 T. chopped cilantro (I left this out)

Don’t you love how I don’t follow recipes!

Preheat oven to 400

Combine all spices and oil in a big bowl and toss potatoes together with everything until all coated.

Transfer to baking sheet and try to make sure spread out and nothing touching.

Bake for 20 minutes, flip, bake for another 20.

I have also done this with olive oil and a taco seasoning packet. Don’t kill me because that would be a heck of a lot quicker, right?

Think about what you typically order in a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant and look up a recipe; I bet it is fairly easy to make!

Buen provecho!


Currently and What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I am joining in with two fun link ups today! Currently with Anne in Residence is the first and The Style Six with Kellyann from This Blonde’s Shopping Bag and more is the second!



I am loving being able to sit outside again. I have figured out there is a strong correlation between how much I read and how much I am outside!


Yesterday I shared my recent Prime Purchases with a fun link up. What would we do without Amazon? I am still trying to frequent my locally owned shops, but Amazon is amazing!

This is a great color and formula!


My brother in law sent me some Lake Michigan photos from a couple of years ago. Having twins is such a cool experience. Here they were walking and lost in conversation.

And, friend sent this photo with her son in the middle of my two. This was the last year we played baseball.

I was looking through old photos and found this of Tom and I in the river before we were married. It looks like Tom is sans trunks but I assure you he is not! We had a group of friends and would get on Tom’s brother in law’s boat most Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It was so much fun.


This has made me want to read again! I had a rough go of books in January and most of February – just not finding anything to hold my attention. I didn’t want anything too sad or deep but I wanted well written. That is sometimes hard to find!

Love this so far!


I am making some strategic spring and summer fashion purchases. I would like some new shorts and need them badly. I sleep in black tank tops and soft shorts year round.

I have been so impressed with American Eagle and Aerie and I’m wondering about these Sunday shorts.

Wearing Lately and Spring Purchases

I wore this sleeveless black tassel blouse with a kimono one day to teach last week. I only wear this blouse with this kimono but I love it together. You can’t see the red and blue tassels in this photo.

I tried a middle part (not exactly middle) because of the side part meme going around! First of all, my hair doesn’t want to go in the middle and second of all I think it calls attention to my nose.

My scarf is messsed up but this is what I wore Saturday for some errands.

And, Sunday I wore my new blouse, my yellow short Hunters, leggings, and a rain jacket.

Here is my new blouse. It’s another Savanna Jane from my local boutique.

Sunday, my husband, one son and I went to the outdoor mall. I hit the mother lode at Chico’s. I had been wanting to go in because of Kellyann and Lisa and because I know the quality is great. I had pants from them that lasted forever. They had a final sale section and I seriously got each of these items for either 5.98, 9.98, or 14.98. I did try everything on because of no returns on final sale items.

My goals have been to buy smarter. I am trying to get away from fast fashion. I know I will not always avoid the siren song of Target (especially Universal Thread and Knox Rose!) and Old Navy, but I am trying to buy more quality and more items I love and don’t just like.

I chose to get this lilac feminine blouse because I don’t have anything like it. I was thinking this would be cute with white jeans or a skirt.

I was just thinking I need basics to go under my kimonos and this is a nice thick material so I got it.

I know this sounds silly but I have been thinking about adding more things with white to work with my white booties. I also love this ombre/tie-dye effect so I got this ruana/kimono. Sometimes you need to size down in kimonos and ruanas if you don’t want them too voluminous.

I have a swing dress that will work perfectly with it, too!

This white gauzy skirt I thought would be nice. I used to have a similar one but I think it got stained or started looking too old and I had to say good-bye.

And, finally, I have been needing going out tops. I love this kind of poncho silhouette and…

it is silky and has a banded bottom.

So, that entire haul was $59, which is what I would be willing to pay for one top if I loved it. I usually caution myself and others about shopping the sales rack because I know for me it has often been a trap. I get caught up in the prices and just buy things because they are cheap. I also want to say that I have a wide variety of sizes in this haul. Try things on and achieve the fit you want regardless of the size on the tag.

I will style some of these items soon, I promise!

What are you up to… currently?

What have you been wearing or buying?


P.S. – I may not post tomorrow!

February Prime Purchases

March 2, 2021

Here are my Prime Purchases for last month. I am linking up with Tanya right here!

I love, love, love this product and do not want to live without it. I found this 3 pack on Amazon. While looking at the label, I noticed it not only helps with fresh smell and wrinkles, but also with static!

I started getting worried about my Revlon goldpearl plum running out and I found it at a great price – less than $5. It is a great color! I don’t think this photo does the color justice.

I also ordered this in Peony Pink because it was recommended by Kristy Wicks who is an Instagram influencer and blogger. It is also a great color! It is more pink, obviously, and perfect for spring. This one was a little more expensive at around $6. Ha!

I know, I know – not many people will be seeing our lips, right?

These are really great leggings! They are 7/8, have an interesting ankle design, and have pockets. I love the material and I am super happy with these reasonably priced (under $20) leggings on a recommendation from Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea.

And, I mentioned I am thinking about Easter baskets already. I ordered Luke’s Diner shirts for both of my boys. I think they will get a kick out of it. They wear t-shirts every day – under things usually and they like kitschy t-shirts. Since these haven’t arrived I can’t speak about the quality/softness.

I think I did pretty well in the month of February!

What have you purchased on Amazon lately?


Hello Monday

Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy March! Is it going to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb this year?

February went by so quickly that I cannot even believe it! Linking up today with Tanya, Heather, and many more here!

I have big news… Thursday night after I had already scheduled my Friday Favorites to post our school board voted to go back to in=person learning in our district of almost 100,000 students. Elementary will go first and high school will go last. My high school will be starting on Monday, April 5, which is the Monday after spring break and each student will attend 2 days per week (divided by the alphabet) with Wednesdays being asynchronous. Many schools have been doing this already and in my opinion, it is the safest way to return with half of our 2000 person student body. I am nervous, excited, and a bit worried about how to teach in person under the new guidelines.

Friday night, Tom and I got in on the Friday night fish for Lent. This is half a portion and I am so glad we split.

I started Ginny and Georgia and it is so cute. I have to admit that I did not finish Firefly Lane and I didn’t gush over Bridgerton. This, however, is really well written and pretty good acting. It is not appropriate for young kids or even young teens. There is some content that I think is pretty adult.

Saturday morning I had time with Mason! We walked around on my favorite street,,,

and went to Blue Dog Bakery…

where we ordered vanilla lattes, breakfast sandwiches, and two macaroons.

Mason had lots of homework and an online play rehearsal and Jack had plans with friends but did come home for a bit.

I soaked up every bit of sun on the deck and finished a book and started another. I wore black leggings and my white booties for our little outing.

I am going to do a book review I think, but let’s just say this book was meh. It had potential being set on Nantucket and with food descriptions and three sisters but the characters fell flat and the writing was not great.

This is by the author of Simple Wild and I cannot put it down!

For dinner, it was Tom, Mason, and I. I made Mexican potatoes and an 80s Doritos taco salad. It was good!

I turned on the lights and sat outside for just a bit because it was pretty cold.

Sunday Mason was off with friends but Tom, Jack and I went to the outdoor mall and looked around in the book store and a couple of other shops.

It rained a bunch but then it cleared up and I read outside with my crackle candle and an Irish coffee.

For dinner we ordered Mexican. Oops – I forgot we had Mexican Saturday night, but really, couldn’t you have it every night?

Now, I have 4 more weeks to work at home. I am going to savor it and I know I will miss the outdoor time the most, but we will only have 8 more weeks left of school.

I had a good and relaxing weekend. How was yours? Any highlights?

Thanks for reading!