Thursday, July 21, 2022

It’s Thursday and that means Fashion Files with Jill and Kellyann. Honestly, I am mostly wearing lounge clothes, exercise clothes, and swimsuits with coverups! But, sometimes I do make a little more effort…

Monday I went to lunch with a friend I met back when her oldest and my twins were in kindergarten! Her youngest daughter is starting at my school this year so she wanted to meet up and pick my brain. We have gotten together through the years but it had been awhile.

I wore one of my trusty Target Universal Thread gauzy dresses, gold Birks, pink leopard strap with my black Amazon purse. Easy!

Full disclosure: I have not worn this outfit “out” yet. I was trying it on to see if this might be my class reunion ‘fit.

I was targeted by Instagram and this is Cynthia Rowley from TJ Maxx online. Each piece was $16 dollars. I don’t have anything like this “set”. I have since steamed it so it does look better now – I hope?

And, another fun lunch date happened this week and I wanted to wear a skirt. This is an old LulaRoe skirt with oranges and lemons, an old Target knit top, and older Amazon Soda sandals.

You know how I got a new soft as soft can be white button down that isn’t super voluminous and isn’t super long so that I feel like it was made for me? And, it’s from Kohl’s of all places! I believe it is the Sonoma brand but the tag just has a big “SO” on it and maybe “better for life” in really small print.

I wore it like this for a dinner out:

Well, I happened upon Pretty Woman on tv the other night…

OMG! How cute is she in this ‘fit? It’s her hooker dress underneath, but that’s ok. Is it wrong to use that term? I once knew a girl who greeted everyone this way: “Hey Hooker, what’s up?”

Here’s me wishing I looked like Julia Roberts in the closest thing I had to that shade of blue on the bottom. I wore heels to get more of the vibe.

And, then, I came upon this on Pinterest. Princess Di has the quintessential 90s style, no? I also found several pictures of Di in biker shorts and sweatshirts, which I also plan to try!

And, here’s my version:

It was painful to put on jeans and stand in 100 degree weather!

Would I wear these in real life? I think so!

What have you worn lately?


15 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love it that your redid those outfits! 😀 They looked great and you absolutely must wear them! I have a white linen bottom down that I’ve worn a lot, I would have prefered it to be a bit bigger, but it’s ok and the material is awesome. I often wear it with a knot like you did!
    We took the boat to a fancy harbor yesterday and I wore a very simple black t-shirt dress but with gold asseccories (how do you spell that!?), I looked good I think!


    1. Thank you! I will! I may change out the shoes, though. I know – I am thinking I may need longer to do the knot at the bottom correctly. That sounds very chic at the fancy harbor! accessories – I sometimes put too many c’s or s’s on that work, but I think that is correct!


  2. You look great in all of those outfits! I love the black dress/purse/shoes combo. Now I want a white button down! I’m going to find one! I love watching Ina Garten’s cooking show and she always wears one while she cooks. I’m like you and cannot wear jeans until the weather cools back down! I’m living in dresses, shorts and the occasional leggings.


    1. Thank you so much! I think the purse strap kinda becomes a major accessory, you know? Let me know where you find one – I may need a longer one and/or a more crisp looking one. Some ladies like Chico’s for this staple? I know – how many shirts do you think Ina goes through in one show? Bold to cook in white! Ha! I cook in black!


  3. You look amazing! There is NOTHING more classic, versatile, and just plain good looking than a white button down! My Grandmother taught me that and I have lived by it my whole life. J Crew factory is usually my go-to for button downs. I love the sweatshirt/biker shorts combo too…it took me a while to warm up to the bike shorts trend but having the comfort of leggings without the heat? I’m hooked!


    1. Oh, thank you so much. I think I could also have room in my wardrobe for a more crisp looking shirt and might look at Chico’s like Kellyann has recommended. I like the bike shorts because they really contain your thighs when you are walking or working out. I ordered another pair from J.Crew Factory, like I said and shoot, I should have looked for a button down! They are kinda hard to fit me sometimes because of my chest. I was thrilled to find this one at Kohl’s! Thanks for commenting and have a great day!


  4. I love white shirts but I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t wrinkles when you wear it or either it is too short in the length. I love Diana style, she was such a beautiful lady. I love your blog posts.


  5. There’s a TikTok account I follow and she always says, Hey Hooker! Ha!!! Love the outfits, the two piece set is so pretty on you, the top looks like you can wear it OTS too, is that right? Great minds were definitely thinking alike this week with the oversized white shirt and shorts look!


    1. Ha! That’s funny! Thank you so much. You can, but my shoulders are so broad. I might attempt it, but then there is also the strapless bra situation! Yes! I think I will throw that shirt on over a bunch of stuff. I looked at the Chico’s shirt on their website because like you said, now I feel that I may need a couple different versions!


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