Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Who says summer bucket lists are just for kids or just for families? In honor of the first day of June, here is mine…

C’mon ladies (and Dan – my only male reader that I know of) – let’s make one for us gals!

-Read lots of books (preferably outside with drink in hand)

-Try new restaurants with Tom and our friends

-See lots of movies with Tom and maybe the kids, too

-Attend Greekfest with my Greek friend Victoria!

-Ride one of those rental scooters with my friend Heather. I am a little afraid for myself. Helmet and pads needed?

-Attend a polo match and tailgate

-Have different friends on the boat

-Have a few picnics

-Do a sunset cruise. We are bad about going out in the evenings and need to do that more.

-Do another summer clothes and accessories de-clutter once I see what I’m wearing

-Do an afternoon at the rooftop pool of the Omni hotel with my friend Beth

-Go to Chick Fil A and buy a bag of ice (the good pellet ice!)

-Develop a new cocktail

-Go to the adult pool that I tried for the first time last summer

-Celebrate Tom’s birthday and Father’s Day

-Celebrate our 22nd anniversary

-Go to a baseball game – Louisville Bats or Cincinnati Reds

-Go to the Van Gogh Experience as a family

-Go out for ice cream

-Find a new tv series and binge it!

-Say YES to fun. Try to say yes when I am asked to do something if I can.

-Go barefoot in my yard as much as I can to get “grounded”. Have you heard of this? I have talked about it before!

I am sure I will think of more, but I am happy to start here. What do you want to make sure to do?


15 thoughts on “Amy’s Summer Bucket List

  1. My husband used to work at chick Fil a and we always kept that ice in our freezer! Have you watched Call the Midwife?! I love it!


  2. That’s a fantastic list and I want to do it all!!! I look forward to you reporting on how you check off your list! 😀 (Give me American summer, please!!!!)


  3. Great list! I used to do these with my kids all the time 🙂
    We just try to spend as many weekends on the lake as possible and eat dinner together. I’m ok with that….season of life and all….


  4. Ummmm YES to a helmet and pads unless you don’t care if you get a brain injury or scraped up skin. Remember- its not you I worry about- its the idiot drivers who may not see you! We get our nugget ice at Sonic because I don’t have a CFA close by and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! sounds like you have a great summer bucket list! I plan to play more golf with friends, go to fun summer movies by myself during the day, Hit up the library and find some good old fashioned books to read and maybe some magazines as well. and get over to the coast AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! I have missed it so much and our remodel is almost done just waiting on the mirrors and glass shower doors — the painting begins next week for hallway- hall bath- our bedroom and the laundry room. the carpet goes in June 17 and then we will take that weekend and put it all away back where things go- cleaning lady comes in June 20 and we are there for 4th of July!! WOO HOO !!


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