Friday, December 17, 2021

Do you even have to guess what my ultimate favorite is today? As of 2:20, I am busting out that door – but, we do have a faculty party right after school at a nearby joint. I love my job, but man, am I ready!

But, here are a few other things that were favorites from the week…

I have really been enjoying this book. The plot is very unexpected – in a good way.

I might be able to squeeze in one more Christmasy book? But, after Christmas, I want no part in a holiday themed book – lol!

This memory popped up of Ernie as a one year old with the saddest Santa you’ve ever seen. It was a girl who maybe weighed 90 pounds dripping wet. But, look at our cute boy!

I really like having something a bit different from regular faucet juice. This kinda makes you think cocktail, too. Anyone have any other flavors to recommend? Or, another brand?

I can’t tell you the joy it brought me to pull up to a stop sign at a two lane and look next to me to see this dog in sunglasses. Hey stud, are you single?

And, then, the pure bliss at looking over at this stroller in Trader Joe’s and discovering it was full of ferrets. Guys, you cannot make this stuff up. Life is stranger than fiction. I wanted to know more. What kind of people own multiple ferrets and shop at Trader Joe’s? Why do the ferrets need field trips? Do the ferrets enjoy running errands? Are they emotional support ferrets?

Honestly, I will always look for the ferret stroller on future Trader Joe’s trips.

I am in love with my air fryer! It is a Calphalon that sits on the counter and I am still a total newbie, but look at this chicken. Well, it looks kinda gross, but trust me when I say it was delicious. This is the chicken I use for the burrito bowls.

I went to my first high school bowling match this week! I have 3 guys on the team and I promised I would come. It was really very interesting.

I have been taking the time in the mornings to enjoy the lights, candle, and some quiet. Why save that for only the weekends?

Do you keep tissues in your car? These are genius! They fit in your cup holder. The only downside is that they fit in your cup holder and take up space where you could put a cup. I gave one to Tom for his car, too.

Wednesday night Mason was with friends, but Jack and I bought some toys for the kids in Western Kentucky that were hit by the tornadoes. It was sponsored by a restaurant that we like so we got take out from them.

I got vegetable sushi and hot and sour soup.

Our alumni bought us Panera breakfast one morning and I just got a hazelnut coffee to enjoy during planning period while I graded. Their hazelnut is really good.

Yesterday after school, Erica and I were supposed to meet up with two teachers who used to be at our school for a drink, but one had to cancel. We still had a good time comparing war stories(just kidding!) from our two respective schools. We went to Red Hog. I usually sit outside but it was a rainy afternoon. Their interior is really cool, too!

I had a really good cocktail. I can’t tell you everything that was in it; it had bourbon and mulled wine along with some other things.

And, we split the fries with curry mayo.

Whew! What a week!

What were your favorites this week?

I hope you had many!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I just realized reading this that I forgot to put pictures of my airfryer in my blog post today! UH!!!Anyway, I love mine too, so handy.
    That picture of Ernie and Santa is so cute and seriously, what is up with the ferrets at TJs???
    My break started at the end of the day yesterday and I am so happy!!!
    Have a great day!


  2. I just read that Peachtree Bluff book and enjoyed it a lot. I have one last Christmas themed book going right now and then I have a bunch of winter/ non-Christmas themed books for after. Enjoy your party and your break.


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