Monday, December 13, 2021

Well…we have almost made it to break! I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here.

I feel like I have a lot to tell you this morning.

Let’s go back to Thursday after school…

I had a happy hour with my friend Victoria and it was her birthday the next day so I suggested The Champagnery because it just feels special. I hadn’t been since I went back in the fall with Beth and they had this lovely decor outside.

We decided to sit on the gold couches.

I gave Victoria a necklace with a V on it and a headband (the same one I gave Molly that is kind of a woven rattan). She loved them and put them both on. I didn’t get a photo of her with the headband on, too. I have been friends with Victoria for 22 years I think. She was born in Greece and moved here when she was 19 I think. I always enjoy talking to her; she is a French teacher and we taught together for 17 years I think before she changed schools.

She got a Kir Royale and I got a prosecco.

We had the fries with champagne aioli.

Then, I went to Kroger to get my booster. I put it off and put it off because I was worried about side effects. I am not scared of getting shots at all. It was an easy process and they didn’t make me wait 15 minutes. I shopped Kroger and set my timer for 15 minutes just in case; I am such a rule follower sometimes.

I picked up chicken pad thai for Tom, Jack and I. Jack had come home to do his last paper on Wednesday.

I didn’t sleep well but that might have been because I drank a ton of water after the shot and I did take ibuprofen right after and then again at 3:00 a.m. I got up and enjoyed a leisurely morning waiting for the fall out. I had taken Friday off for this reason and because the boys had to be out of their dorm at noon.

I marveled at all the ways I could enjoy peppermint. I just love this cleaner.

I added a drop of extract to my hot chocolate one day.

I finally bought this creamer Thursday night and I love it! Starbucks who?

And, then mid-morning I did the most amazing thing…post coming tomorrow.

Jack left to go get all of his stuff he would need for 3 weeks and Jack and Mason share a small car. I told Mason I would come as back up since I was feeling o.k.

They have had a mask on this statue since the boys started there and apparently the statue was dressed for their late night breakfast that they hold annually while the kids are studying.

I also got to meet some of Mason’s friends I had never met and then they went to lunch at Qdoba for one last hurrah. I went home and made myself one of my new fave meals. Boca has a faux chicken patty and I make it into a Chick Fil A copycat by adding some mayo and pickles. I also made myself a lot of potatoes. I was hungry.

It was unseasonably warm so I got to sit outside a bit. It did rain off and on and they were saying the weather was gonna get really bad as the day went on.

I did a Bath and Body and Costco run because I still felt fine, other than being really tired. It was hard to know if that was from the booster or just December Teacher Tired. Picking a candle is so hard for me. I have to like the outer design and the scent. I picked this and I really like it. I also got a winter scent with snowflakes for January and a couple of handsoaps.

I added some whip to an extra afternoon coffee.

I really wanted to get this at Costo. The half bottles are a good idea, I think.

I am in love. If you are a Costco member, these short rain boots are lined! Treton is the brand and I had seen them on Instagram.

I also got this – zero WW points and it has already been amazing on eggs and on broccoli.

These are good!

I haven’t tried these yet but the combo of cranberry and jalapeño sounded right up my alley. I love the Amylu brand chicken, apple, gouda sausage and got more of that.

Friday night our nest was full! Time to start cooking for four again and I couldn’t be happier. I made spaghetti and used the new Costco noodles for me. I also found an amazing Keto bread at Costco so I had toast while they had ciabatta from Trader Joe’s. I keep a loaf or two in the freezer.

I made brownies for dessert and Kroger had substituted this mix. Tom loved it and requested it again. It only makes an 8×8 but it has the pouch of chocolate syrup and that might be what made it so good.

After dinner I watched The Family Stone. I have been hearing that so many love it and I had never watched the whole movie. It is freaking depressing! I hate how Meredith acts! Everett is hot! She won’t bunk with him and puts Amy out of her bedroom? Crazy! Anyone else? Is this an unpopular opinion?

Friday night we started having high winds, rain, and storms. I thought for sure we would love power but we didn’t. I hardly slept at all and can’t remember us having a night of storms like that because it had been so long. We were so lucky that we didn’t experience the devastation of the tornadoes that hit about 2 hours to our west. We have many college students from our area that were still on campus at WKU and they let us know they were safe on social media. Sadly, a student who was set to graduate on Saturday lost their life.

The calm after the storm on Saturday morning…it was still pretty warm out.

I went to Target early to do a return and picked up a few things. Have you all seen their Lego clothing line? I found it super cute with primary colors and cute designs.

I bought a nice red at Target from the Olive and June line. Did you know Target carries it? Any Olive and June devotees out there?

I was gonna go get a professional pedi but decided I didn’t feel like going and did a mediocre job myself.

This sounds weird but I haven’t had many sandwiches this year and I used my new Keto bread and some good turkey I bought at Costco and this sandwich for lunch was so good. I had celery and laughing cow with everything seasoning on the side.

In the afternoon, Tom and I went to see West Side Story. It was really well done in my opinion, but I wouldn’t say I am that big of a fan of the story. There is so much Spanish in it without subtitles so it might be hard for someone that doesn’t understand Spanish. It is depressing and the racism seems kinda shocking in 2021. I didn’t realize it was based on Romeo and Juliet, which may be dumb of me. Also, why are movies so long? We went in at 2:15 and came out at 5:30 and it was getting dark. I took my own popcorn; movie theater popcorn is seriously gross to me now. Tom buys himself a big bucket and takes home most of it now. lol!

For dinner, I made the boys Costco orange chicken with broccoli and Tom and I finished the pad thai but I mixed a smaller portion with the Costco noodles and it was perfect. Bad photo, but it gives you the idea.

So, I never did experience any fallout from the booster shot. I was so thankful. It felt silly with all of the tornado devastation to go on about my weekend, though.

Saturday night, Jack and Mason went to a party that started at 9:00! I had to go on to bed but Tom waited up for them.

Sunday I slept in until 7:15! I got up and drank coffee and did my meal prep pretty low key for the week. I am doing ground turkey shepherds pie and sausage and veggies for our lunches and then I’m just doing English muffins with egg and cheese for my breakfasts.

Dinners for 4 for the Week:

Tacos with ground beef (taco salad for me)

Fried rice and homemade egg rolls using the low carb egg roll in a bowl with ground turkey (cauliflower fried rice for me)

Burrito bowls with chicken

BLTS – probably a Boca burger for me

Sausage and vegetables

When I get tired of cooking we will have the boys’ favorite take out. I will probably cook two to three times in a row and then do takeout and repeat the process.

I hope you have a great Monday! It is a busy, busy week whether you are a teacher or a parent. I guess the tornadoes put it into perspective that we are lucky that we just get to do the normal busyness of the season, you know?


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Love alL the food ideas! Glad you felt okay after the booster. I teach and we are not done until the 23rd at 11! I love my students’ excitement this time of year, but boy oh boy is it hard to work up until the 23rd and feel ready for the holidays with your own family and commitments. Cheers to a good week!


  2. We lost power for a bit Saturday night with a day of rain and storms but thankfully no tornado warnings this time. It’s crazy that they are becoming more and more frequent here as well. So sorry to hear about the student that lost her life.

    I have been loving those Boca “chicken” patties and my oldest son has been eating them too.


  3. Our district is under a Federal Judge’s order for a mask mandate with no sunset date. We are the only district in our part of the state masking currently. It’s super hard on the kids – we started with no masks (local decision) and then this came down at the end of September due to a lawsuit. So in addition to masking, our kids know their local admin doesn’t want it and have to hear about the constant appeals and legal back and forth. It’s a LOT.


    1. Oh wow! I can’t believe that. It really is. I just can hardly look at a small child with a mask on because my heart breaks. It is so much. At a certain point I think we have to stop the masking.


  4. Shew! What a few days you’ve had. I’m so happy to hear that you felt ok and that your boys are home! I know you must be so happy. Your meals look soooo good! I want to do English muffins/egg/cheese now for breakfast. Thanks to the idea!


    1. Yes! I did feel fine; Tom is saying that me taking ibuprofen negated the immune response but I heard that was only if you took it before. I took it after. Who knows?
      I love the idea of the open faced sandwich you made. Have you ever done a tuna melt – one half of English muffin, tuna salad, slice of tomato, mozzarella and then put under broiler?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So glad that you felt good after your booster. A friend of my mother’s passed away from complications of her booster. She was rushed to a hospital in Memphis(over 100 miles away) and her kidneys shut down. The Dr. told the family that is was from the booster shot. So, so sad because she was doing what she thought was right.
    Our community was one of the ones hit by Friday night’s tornadoes. It is just so devastating! We are in Lake County, TN and it is a very popular hunting lake this time of year. A motel was destroyed where 2 people died and they are still searching for 1 more. Hard to wrap your head around how bad it is!


    1. Thank you! Oh no! That is horrible. There is so much we don’t know. We really are just following the experts and trying to do the right thing.
      Oh – I am so sorry that your community got hit. You really aren’t that far from me and you must be directly south of the KY areas hit. It really is. I am seeing a lot of photos of my former students who now go to WKU. Tonight my son and I donated toys to send to Mayfield, KY.


  6. glad that your chickens will be home for a bit now. it probably doesn’t seem like it to them but this semester seemed to go really fast! i am guessing you are in countdown mode for your christmas break as well-it will be well deserved.
    all your meal pics look so good. i have got to get myself to costco and get out of the food rut i am in!
    i worried about you all weekend with the tragic storms. i saw on a map that you were a little east of the crazy but i am sure it was still scary. i live in tornado alley in tx and while i have never been in one i have sure lived through a few nights similar to what you must have experienced. i am thankful that you were spared and feel such sadness at the devastation.


    1. Me too! I keep telling them how happy I am. One offered to move home second semester but I think he needs to be on campus and I will be fine. lol! It seems super fast to me, too. Now that I am back at work time is really flying. Teaching from home kinda felt like time standing still and Groundhog Day everyday. I am in countdown mode! I was during Thanksgiving Break, to be honest. I was pleased with seeing Costco’s offerings with a new healthy eye. But, there are so.many.decadent temptations so I know I cannot go hungry.
      I feel so lucky that we were spared, but I hate that it did so much destruction. It is so sad. Tornado alley is scary! I think we all respect what they can do more, right?


  7. Hi Amy, glad you guys are fine. I asked my husband “how are things in Louisville with the tornado? My friend Amy who’s blog I follow lives there “. Have a good rest of your week! Holly ( in Edmonton
    , Alberta)


  8. Your Champagnery restaurant looks so amazing!! I’m glad you guys were safe the is weekend! I bet it feels great to have the boys back home for a few weeks! Your meals sound delicious! I think I am going to add breakfast sandwiches for dinner to my meal plan this week. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week Amy!


    1. It is really cool! It might be my new favorite place! Thank you – we were lucky. It really does. I keep telling them how happy I am. I am really enjoying my meals. You just gave me and idea – breakfast for dinner one night for the boys! You too!


  9. I’m glad your boys are home for the break! And that movie is sooo long. I’m not sure if I’ll see it in the theater or wait for the televised version. Have a great week.


  10. Great post, thank you! I’m reading it on a Friday, but still! It contained so much fun stuff!
    I worried about you when I heard about the hurricanes, it was actually on Swedish news, so it must have been really bad!
    West Side Story will always have a special place in my heart, since I saw a high school performance with my best friends when I was a teenager! I always sing “Mariaaaah… ” when I see my colleague Maria…
    Now on to the rest of your posts! 😀 All my grades are done! Yiha!


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