Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hello! I don’t have much for normal outfits this week, but I will also show you some possible fall purchases as I continue to curate my closet and put together a fall wardrobe.

We finally have more fall-like weather! I am figuring out what still fits my style and fits me for this season. Like I said, right now, I am enjoying wearing my jeans and blouses and my dresses.

I told you I went to the opening of a pop up shop and wandered into some other boutiques last week? I saw this floral blouse and it was $40 which I thought was reasonable. The brand is “Entero”. Maybe it is more springy, but it is in the new fall line of clothing that the boutique carried. I wore it out to eat Friday night but it was pouring rain so hard I couldn’t ask my reluctant photographer for a pic, That’s what I will call Tom from now on “The Reluctant Photographer”. He takes exactly one photo. He is truly an Instagram husband! Luckily I am too embarrassed to want multiple shots!

It’s been spirit week for a LONG time! Last week it was for a big game with our rival and this week it is really Homecoming without a dance. We just have the game Friday night. Friday was country v. country club and I tried to do both. I did learn that I love my consignment cowboy boots, but not for a full day of school.

Yesterday was mismatch day. Tom’s car was in the shop again so I had to walk home. I thought maybe people would stop and give me money, but they didn’t.

I am ready to wear my real oufits again next week!

So, here is what I have ordered and may or may not be keeping. Again, I am becoming much more discriminating about what I choose to keep.

Jen commented that she planned to get a black cross body like my cognac one and I started thinking about how black would be a NEED for winter. I wear lots of browns in the fall but promptly switch to more black after Thanksgiving. Maybe that’s weird, but it is true. Then, I got to thinking about a different shape with my guitar straps that I have in leopard, camo, and red and green. I think this will look great with my red and green Gucci-esque strap. It won’t hold as much, but I think it will work for my purposes. Bonus, that it will look festive for Christmas?

I really want a basic black dress and I am trying this one. We shall see.

And, I can’t remember where I saw these, but they are Target Universal Thread and I like the scrunchy + Western vibe. What do you all think?

I think the light are my fave.

What have you been wearing? What have you purchased for fall?

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. Yes, you need that black dress and that bag! I was looking at those boots at Target but I’m not sure I’d like where they’d hit on my shin. But that’s the good thing about Target – returns are easy!
    Have a great day!


  2. Love that new blouse! I have a few Entero pieces that I wear often. And just look how amazing that black butterfly top makes you look–with that deep v neck. 😉


  3. I just have to say that I am SO PROUD of you and your weight loss journey!!! HOLY COW You’ve lost a ton and you look AMAZING!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!
    love, michelle

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