Friday, October 8, 2021

Happy Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc.

My favorites this week are a bit simple/boring? But, alas, here we go…

I was not 100% this week. Monday was the worst and I had to laugh at my little desk apothecary. Vick’s Vapo Rub under each nostril under your mask is good, y’all! I didn’t end up using everything but I had it at the ready just in case.

I felt better each day and I think it was just allergies or a little cold. I never felt bad enough to stay home. I used my Neti pot which I swear by and my congestion was really short lived.

I also wore my Dad’s Air Force ring on Monday. Whose old hands are those?

A top coat is a must. I found this Orly that is really good at TJ Maxx. Disregard the little mess ups I hadn’t fixed yet. I changed out my color one evening – it keeps me from snacking!

I did this old OPI dark brown. I think it was too old, but it was o.k.

Were you frantic about the events of Monday afternoon?

I didn’t know anything was up until after school and then I didn’t think much of it and I guess social media was back in action around dinner time.

Ernie cracked me up one evening this week. There was a cross country meet on the track behind our house (little elementary school track) and he “watched”.

The moon was really beautiful one morning but my picture of it was not.

Kroger gave me cinnamon roll Premier instead of caramel. It is pretty sweet but I liked it. Anyone tried it?

Erica made bagels out of the skinny pizza dough and made us the most delicious breakfast sandwiches one day this week.

I loved this dinner of ours this week. Tom had requested spaghetti squash and I paired it with salmon, green beans, and potatoes.

Kroger had several things out of stock when I did my pick up, so I filled in with a Target drive up. What a time to be alive! I still love going in stores but when you aren’t feeling great and you are busy, these are amazing.

My roots are getting dark and I like to use a bit of dry shampoo when this happens.

I love the smell of this and have bought it a few times. It also is good for “dirtying” up your hair to help you style freshly washed hair.

What were your favorites this week?

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m sorry you were not feeling well this week. I had fun in Nashville and now it’s back to the grind. Monday was funny with FB and IG both down, I have a love/hate relationship with them so in many ways it was a relief but I know there are many who have businesses who depend on them. I could never do that – way too much anxiety for me!
    Hope you have a great weekend Amy!


  2. You can never be simple and boring! I hope you’re feeling better now!
    I liked your chocolate nails (I’m doing mine in the same color this weekend for sure) and I liked your chocolate lab enjoying himself!
    I use dry shampoo a lot! It’s great to get some volume, and like you said; cover roots. I have a blonde from from Batiste, really good!


  3. I’ve never used the dry shampoo as I have super dry hair and have no problem with oil. I like the idea that it helps style your just washed hair. I love your Ernie…..I would give him a big hug if I was close …….I no longer have a pet and enjoy spending time looking at other families that do. It is so hard to train them in the beginning just one reason I haven’t gotten another. Glad that you’re feeling better.


    1. I actually think I use it that way more often. I don’t like to wait long between washes. Ernie is so sweet, but dog ownership is hard work. The puppy stage was hard. I wasn’t sure I would ever sleep in again. By sleep in, I meant past 5 a.m.!


  4. Bring here at the coast. My youngest daughter closing on her very first home this week! Watching her grow in to this amazing adult in both her career and personal life has been awesome. Getting to hang out with my oldest daughter today and my grand dog! We also saw Saints of Newark at the movies today and really liked it! Happy weekend!


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