Tuesday, October 5, 2021

I get so many good ideas from this link up! Thank you, Tanya, and I hope no one minds if I add my Target.com recent purchases. I just love it so much! Amazon, you better watch out!

Let’s start with Target…

O.k., all I want to wear right now is jeans and dresses. It feels so good to have jeans that fit and are comfortable. This time last year, my jeans size was leggings and I am glad I didn’t buy the next size up. But, I should say that everyone should buy clothes that fit and that make them feel good. I just didn’t feel good. I am not in the size I would like to be in but I know I will be here for awhile.

I feel dumb; I didn’t know these came in short! I am 5’4 on a good day and these are the perfect length. I don’t regret the regular length that I cut and frayed (actually, I think that is a way to make skinny jeans more modern looking) but it’s nice to have a non frayed option for work or other ocassions.

Here they are!

And, I wanted a lighter pair. I think darker is probably more slimming, but I like the on trend look of the lighter.

Now I have 4 pairs of jeans that combined cost under $100. I think the quality is pretty darn good, too! Let me now if you have tried these.

So, I mentioned I want to wear dresses or jeans. Well, one must wear a shirt with the jeans and I love the look of the feminine blouse contrasted with jeans. I chose to try these two and I am pretty happy. I am kind of between shirt sizes so I sized up.

This gives me Little House on the Prairie in blouse form vibes. It is pretty high-necked but I think I like it. It is a rather stiff material but I didn’t find it uncomfortable. I think it might soften up with a few washes. I will say that this blouse and another Target blouse I have seem very short, making it hard to tuck in, but not impossible.

And, this is the most wonderful material! It would be perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s a bit silky and super soft. It has a bit of a cooling feel to it for those menopausal persons out there. Or, just those who run hot like I do.

And, we love a graphic tee to wear with a jean jacket, kimono or cardigan. As a Spanish teacher, I had to get this Frida Kahlo t-shirt and this Selena t-shirt.

I wore the Selena shirt yesterday and got tons of compliments and yes, all of my students know who she is!

So, Target has really been source lately. I love the drive up and the shipping orders are pretty fast, too. They make returns super easy. Target, I will always love you.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon. I love you, too. You have seen most of these things if you are a regular reader, but I will talk about why I think they were good purchases or why I plan to buy them again.

Let’s start with fashion. I love the brand Umgee. It is high quality and it is available on Amazon. It is the boho vibe I like and feels age appropriate. I don’t know if I will wear this without something under it as I have worn leggings under it the two times I have worn it.

And, this dress is everything! My sister in law also bought it and she also sent me a Facebook picture of a friend of a friend wearing it. Oooops, is it too popular?

I will say that I ordered it in another cute print and the fabric was different and it didn’t lay right so I sent it back. I think that happens sometimes with Amazon stuff.

I have been enjoying having a good old fashioned watch and have gotten lots of compliments on this $20 time piece.

And, now to get a bit personal and to my one male reader, Dan – my apologies. I went down a bra size and ordered the same wonderful bra. Pro tip: If you don’t have a preference for color, some are cheaper. I went with rosewater because it was the cheapest.

I am loving this two pack of belts and would buy it again.

I need to order more of my favorite hairspray. It’s the only thing I have ever had on autoship, but during the pandemic I didn’t need much so I took it off.

If you don’t have a shower cap, you need one! And, this is the best one out there. I got this as part of my mom’s birthday gift. This will totally protect your hairstyle when you don’t want to wash your hair. I wash my hair at night – almost every night – can’t help it. In the morning, I just do a quick body shower wearing this.

I love this so much and more than I ever thought I could love a laundry detergent. It is worth every penny because your whole house will smell amazing – unless you live in a really big mansion and the scent doesn’t travel into all of your nooks and crannies. Those of us that live in 2,000 square foot homes are the lucky ones here.

And, I cannot live without this anymore. If you love popcorn, this is for you! I managed to totally avoid the movie theater popcorn when I brought my own with this on it. Yes, I did. My family still bought the real stuff.

And, finally I will buy this again. I only use the noodles as they are a great pasta option for me. You can also buy this at Costco, but sometimes Amazon is more convenient for me.

Ok, I’m tired.

Have you tried any of my picks?

Any recommendations for me? I love a shopping enabler, you know!

Thanks for stopping by,


12 thoughts on “Amazon and Target Lately

  1. I did buy the popcorn spray but have yet to use it! I have a few pairs of jeans from Target but in the distressed style and I really like them.


    1. I have a popcorn problem. I eat it almost every day! I hope you like it! I like distressed, too, but I feel like I can’t wear them to school. I will wear frayed bottoms to school but the distressed seems a bit too casual for teaching. Target’s clothes have really gotten good in my opinion!


    1. Thank you! The laundry scent is soooo good that I am mad for not buying it sooner. It will last a long time with only using a capful in addition to the pod.
      Thanks for providing the fun link up!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I think many people can benefit from the shorter length! Some retailers make their pants soooo long! Love reading all of others’ finds, too! Hope school is going well for you!


  2. I like the jeans! I haven’t worn them out yet, Its still 80-90 degrees here but maybe I will take them to the coast this weekend. Cooler temps are coming our way I hear! I love the popcorn spray! I dont even eat the movie stuff when we go now! I think we are seeing the new Soprano movie on Sunday. Kelsey said it was really good! I just ordered a dress off amazon. I will let you know when I get it how I liked it. of course you know my frother is my FAVORITE amazon purchase lately. Seriously SO GOOD. Do not waste your money on Nespresso one. We buy so much on amazon, but its all things I need often. Nothing stands out. Have a great rest of your day!!


    1. I’m glad! Yes, it has been kinda warm here for jeans, too. But, I think that really warm weather is probably done here.
      I love the popcorn spray so much and I am embarrassed to say I am on my 6th can! I was not a Soprano fan but I have heard that movie was good.
      Yes, let me know about the dress.
      I haven’t pulled the trigger on the frother bc I have really been ordering too much stuff!
      I know – it’s a problem!


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