Friday, September 17, 2021

Happy Friday, all! How was your week?

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. here for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday night Tom and I ate at our closest Mexican restaurant.

I had the fajitas and they were really good!

We also had Spanish Club and some funny kids photo shopped two of our favorite Latino singers in this photo.

Teachers are super picky about their pens. I do not enjoy Flair pens! I know a lot of you all love them. My ideal pen is one without a lid. I love this Sharpie S-Gel and I will buy more!

I am continuing to make an iced coffee to take to school. I use a tbsp. of instant grounds, a bit of water, and half of a Premier Protein. My favorite right now is Caramel with Peanut Butter Chocolate coming in at a close second. The pumpkin is o.k. I think I prefer my pumpkin drinks hot, maybe? But, if you like a pumpkin cold brew, you may like this flavor.

I cannot live without this now that I have found it. It comes in a 3 pack from Amazon and I hear it is also sold at Walmart. I took my air popped popcorn with this on it to the movie theater a couple of weeks ago and was not even tempted by Tom’s poprcorn.

I started this on Prime and it is quite fascinating. I liked hearing how the business was started. I will try to watch the last epidsode this weekend. There are only 4, so not a great commitment.

I need to do some fall recon (window shopping to see what fall styles are out there!) but I did see these metallic booties and I could see those being fun to have in your fall wardrobe.

Love! Get these if you love the smells of fall!

I love this! I try to use this at night and I do think it helps me relax!

And, I love this, too, thanks to Kristen for recommending it! I got these in my order and I love the way they package and securely tape everything. I have had some toiletries not well secured from Amazon.

I still love Olaplex shampoo but I ran out. I do not love the Olaplex conditioner so I was using just whatever I had. I ordered this pair and really like it!

I use this religiously am and pm!

I still love to wash my face with the orange in the am and I love this facial cleanser for pm or anytime, really!

Erica made a ground turkey and kale soup yesterday that was amazing!

What were your faves this week? I would love to hear! Happy weekend!


23 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh that photo from Spanish club is so funny! I use Dr. Teal’s several times a week – I love taking baths and I use it as well as the actual salts. Helps my muscles after working out.
    I love Cerave and Cetaphil – I hate spending $$ on face wash and they do the trick. That soup looks so good! Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I really like this product but I’m not a bather. Maybe when I get a nicer tub installed?
      Love those two brands and love that so many dermatologists recommend them. I hate wasting money on that stuff, too!
      Hoping to post the soup recipe soon!
      You too!


  2. For elementary kids, I model all the worksheets and the writing we do under the document camera so they can see what I’m doing. THAT is what I use flair pens for. They’re perfect for it. I do not like them for other writing at all. I like Pentel gel pens (click, not cap) and I use erasable pens in my plan/grade book.
    I have never liked the sharpie ones.
    Teachers are weird when it comes to pens!


    1. That makes sense! I type almost everything on a copy of their Google docs I make now or I write on the white board.
      Teachers are very particular about their pens. I think this Sharpie pen is a new model. Love it!


  3. I bought some of the popcorn spray but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Will definitely do so next week and I plan to ask Tay if she wants one too. I put myself out there this week and played in my first ever Wednesday organized play ladies golf …I played horrible BUT I had a fun group and I enjoyed myself! My new motto “Say NO without Guilt….Say YES without Fear”……We are heading to Pasadena today (with our travel besties the Bravos) and going to ride Segways tomorrow morning in downtown LA and then watching our Fresno State Bulldogs take on UCLA Bruins in the Rose Bowl tomorrow night! Home Sunday. Nothing much else going on. I did buy that new frother I shared with you and I LOVE IT! Makes the best warm froth and cold froth! Nespresso one’s are NOT GOOD! Way too much over hype and expensive. Ok off to ride my peloton and get my sweat on before we take off to Pasadena! Happy weekend! GO DOGS — Beat the Bruins!


    1. Let me know what you think of the spray!
      I used up 3 bottles very quickly so I may not be doing it right!
      I love your new motto. That is awesome!
      I am not interested in football like you are but I am glad you are doing something that fills your cup.
      Good to know about the frother. I may pull the trigger soon!


  4. I love flair pens so much! But I get that they aren’t for everyone. I want to give that popcorn spray a try. It looks delicious. Movie popcorn is the best. Your midweek dinner out sounds like a great break! Kids are so clever sometimes – that picture made me giggle! Have a great weekend!


    1. I tried to like them! Maybe it’s more an elementary teacher thing?
      I love popcorn so much! I may eat it too much. I think a mid-week break from the grind can be good. Kids are so funny. They really make me smile. I have missed this part of teaching so much!


  5. Spanish club looks so fun! I love that photo. I’ve just heard about the LuLa rich this week. I will have to check it out. My Kroger at the pumpkin protein shake. I hope to try it this weekend. Have a good one!


    1. Thank you! I do love what I have kept of LLR, but it is so interesting to see the back story. Yay! I don’t think cold pumpkin is my jam so I probably won’t buy it again.


    1. Yes! I will post it soon! It was good and I think it was zero points on WW purple. She had a fancy dinner out that night so wanted a really light lunch. The flavors were amazing!


  6. Thank you, oh I love your Friday favorites! I’m so busy right now, and it’s really nice to read your blog whenever I have time!


      1. You are the sweetest! ❤
        No, it won't slow down :-D, but I still need to get into my new schedule; I have one more class than I usually do, so I need to learn how to plan my time… But it's fun!

        Liked by 1 person

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