Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Do you have a love for clogs? I certainly do and so does my friend Beth!

Recently, Melanie Shankle of Big Mama Blog and The Big Boo Cast podcast did an Instagram clog post. Check that out if you are on Instagram. I enjoyed seeing her picks.

Let’s talk about my collection…

I have what I would call “classic clogs” in gold (very, very gold – like Goldmember gold)and red. The gold are Lotta of Stockholm and the red are from an Etsy site. Etsy is a good source of clogs I think.

I am really drawn to metallics lately and I have already worn the gold to school this year a few times. I have only worn the red once or twice.

Below, I have MIA sandal clogs that I have really gotten my money’s worth from. Beth also has these!

Then, I have MIA higher heeled clogs and MIA lower heeled clogs.

I think clogs work with skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, my Matilda Jane ruffle pants, and even denim shorts. So, I like the classic nature (they really don’t go out of style) and I like the versatility. I like a bit of height, but not too much.

Here is what I wore Friday night.

Here they are again with a dress.

These will be packed away when it is too cold for open toed shoes.

Here is my cognac lower heeled clog for work on Friday.

They are all wooden soles so I believe they may take some getting used to, but I find them to be very comfortable.

If you are looking to try some, MIA is a pretty good price point and high quality, in my opinion. Lotta from Stockholm is not bad price-wise and also great quality, and then the Etsy option is a good one, too.

Beth is a big fan of Dansko. I love hers, but there are some that I am not a fan of. For example, the classic Dansko clog with the back on them are extremely uncomfortable on me. I feel like I am walking with bricks underneath my feet.

Beth says these below are her absolute favorites. She wishes now she had bought them in all the colors available. A red pair and a brown pair would have fit well in her wardrobe. These shoes are cute and comfortable and if Beth had a dollar for every time someone complimented them, she would have some serious chump change.

Side view:

These red ones are Clarks sandal clogs. You all know I love a red shoe!

These cognac are both Lottas. They have the traditional wooden sole. They are cute, but inflexible and are not something Beth can walk in all day. They are great for short trips out only. Plus, they make a lot of noise when she walks. I like that aspect, I think! But, Beth loves this color and the lower and higher heeled option.

Two other Dansko favorites of Beth’s are these black ones and the leopard ones.

I really feel like I NEED both of these!

Beth says that if she had an unlimited budget she would buy a pair of No. 6 clogs. They are pricey, but supposed to be awesome.

Here’s the thing – we both added to our collection very gradually and the quality is good and the style is classic so they last for years.

What is your stand on clogs?


P.S. – Thank you, Beth! You are my fashionable friend and I love to see what you wear every time we hang out!

12 thoughts on “Clog Love!

    1. Awww, thank you Kellyann. I am trying to stay steady and consistent while still living life. Thank you; I am having fun fitting into some things more comfortably. Are you opposed to clogs? I guess they are maybe not as needed in Florida because you can do open toe year round?


  1. I also love clogs. It appears I need to go shopping for a few pair. Thanks for modeling and showing what is available. The black and leopard pair are my favorite.


  2. I love Clogs!!!! I have had 3-4 pairs that I love wearing: red, brown, and black. Perfect for fall and winter!!! But I love Beth’s DANSKO!!!!! I’m going to look some up right now!!!


  3. I haven’t worn clogs in a while, but when I was on vacation I fell in love with a pair of Børn clogs! They are a navy blue woven with a southwest blanket motif on the top and they have a hard rubber type of sole. The style is Bandy in navy, that was all the store carried and the website has other colors that it’s a good thing that I didn’t see. Check them out!


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