August 30, 2021

It’s hard to believe we only have two more days left of August! I am linking up today with Heather and many more here.

How was your weekend?

Friday night Tom and I had concert tickets so we left home a bit early to try to find some dinner near the venue. We ended up at a Louisville classic called Come Back Inn.

We split a salad and some bruschetta and a pasta that was not good.

The concert was in a new to us space.

There were no bad seats in the house. We saw Paul Thorn and his fan base was probably 60-75. Tom and I were the youngest ones there, we think!

The lady in the hat was having a really good time. She made at least 10 trips to the bar and was trying to get everyone to dance with her.

We got home around 10 and I was tired!

Saturday morning I did a much needed Costco run.

I also cleaned most of the house and did my September mantle. I just put fake apples in the vases, found red books, and gathered my copper mug and Tom’s copper horseshoe.

Jack and Mason came home to hang out together and to spend the night.

I ran out to Bath and Body to get apple hand soap and

an apple candle. I dedicate September to all things apple!

I also put these burlap apples in a bowl along with a couple of the plastic red ones. I love this matching bowl and tray for fall.

For dinner, we have a Cane’s and a Chick Fil A across the street from each other so I got both. I finally tried a CFA nugget in the Cane’s sauce because I have been saying I was going to try it.

My modified meal: grilled nuggets, my pickles from home, my baked potato.

We watched Kim’s Convenience together and later on Saturday night the boys watched a Gilmore Girls with me.

Sunday morning I did my two meals for lunches this week – egg roll in a bowl and a Mexican mixture not pictured.

Then, I had a college girls brunch at Wild Eggs.

I had a mimosa and the farmer’s market skillet.

The rest of the day I did a bit more meal prep, watched some tv with Jack, and was just lazy. It was really hot this weekend so I didn’t want to be outside much!

We have a five day week and then it will be Labor Day weekend, which is also Jack and Mason’s 19th birthday weekend! Our weather is supposed to get much cooler this week.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We have been noticing that we are the youngest people at many of the venues we go to – ha! My friend pointed it out Friday night. I’m not sure what that says about us but it’s all good. Your brunch looks fun and delicious. I am excited about a long weekend!!


    1. Thank you! It’is very minimal but it was all found in my house! Egg roll is soooo good! I did buy the wrappers once and it was really fun and easy to fry them up!


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