tuesday, july 20, 2021

I thought today I would take you through an entire day of my stomach. That sounds very science class documentary, no? I am going to show you in photos what I ate last Monday. I also will show you a few products I have been buying and enjoy.

I always start my day with two cups of coffee that end up being 1.5 cups because I throw it out when it gets cold. I gave up my beloved Dunkin Donuts Extra Creamy creamer because it was 4 ww points. I only get 16 points on WW Purple, so…nope.

I ditched sugar or any type of sweetener in my coffee several years ago but I am not woman enough to take it black. I wish I could. I discovered these mini moos and really like them. I use one per cup of coffee. If I just have one mini moo it is zero points but if I have two mini moos it is one point. I like saying “mini moo”.

One or two mornings a week I make a veggie mixture. I use olive oil Pam, salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning and combine mushrooms, zucchini, and onion. I don’t really like green, red or yellow peppers but those would be good, too.

Then, for breakfast I have been making a veggie scramble most days. I sometimes will add some potato – I like to chop up a leftover baked potato. I sometimes add a tiny bit of shredded cheese but I don’t really miss it when I don’t add it.
The cheese makes this breakfast one point.

This keeps me full until lunch time.

Around 11 I have a bit of instant coffee powder mixed with water and a half of a Premier Protein. If I don’t have it around this time I will have it for an afternoon snack around 3-4. I like to get in the 15 grams of protein from this shake. It is one point for half.

For lunch I had already cooked grilled chicken from Costco (will not buy it again – no bueno) with buffalo sauce and a homemade ranch I did from non-fat, plain Greek yogurt and some ranch seasoning. This was one point.

And, here is where I splurged with my homemade skinny biz pizza dough pizza. This was 6 points.

Dinner was a baked potato with spray butter, asparagus, corn, and a turkey dog wrapped in an egg wrap. This was four points.

My after dinner snack was this popcorn for two points, a light string cheese for one point, and a dum dum for one point. I went over by a bit, but I used some of my weekly extra points this way and I walked and got 3 activity points.

You will notice that I didn’t have any fruit on this day! I love my veggies but find it harder to make myself eat fruit. I know many might be the opposite!

Any suggestions? What meal would be your favorite?


24 thoughts on “food diary

  1. I think I do a pretty equal balance of fruit and veggies. My go to breakfast is a giant bowl of fruit– strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, and grapes (usually a mix of red and green) topped with nonfat Greek yogurt and just 1/4 cup of low fat granola. That keeps me full until lunch which is almost always a large garden salad with either tuna fish or grilled chicken breast on top with some skinny girl or low fat balsamic dressing. Then my mid-afternoon snack is either hard boiled eggs (2) or a slice of deli meat wrapped around a low fat cheese stick with some assorted fruits and veggies (usually carrot sticks, tomato or cucumber and an apple or peach). Then we have two servings of veggies at dinner (sometimes three!) and a lean protein with some sort of rice, potato, or pasta. Your veggies look so yummy; I love zucchini and mushrooms and could easily eat them every day!

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    1. That’s a lot of fruit! I used fruit as my dessert yesterday with a squirt of fat free Redi Whip and it was delicious. I just love eggs in the morning! You are also getting tons of veggies. That is basically a perfect day! What about sweets? Lol! I have a major sweet tooth!


  2. I’ve never heard of Mini moos! I will have to check those out. I never would have thought of Turkey dog in a wrap! That’s a great alternative to a bun. Your egg scramble looks sooo good! I love posts like these 🙂


    1. I hadn’t either! They are not refrigerated and found in coffee aisle. My Kroger is out of them often or they only have one box! Ugh! Look for the pb chocolate Premier at Kroger, too! So yummy!
      Thank you! I love posts like this, too. I am a big copy cat!


  3. Thank you for sharing your food diary. I need to get back on track and this gives me the motivation I need. I like to eat frozen blueberries in the evening when I’m craving ice cream. It seems to do the trick and they are really sweet and readily available this time of year. I’m going to look for mini moos too.

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  4. Now this is a sustainable, healthy way to eat! About 11 years ago I lost 30 lbs using the myfitnesspal app. I did it similar to how you are; incorporating my favorite foods, finding ways to make certain foods healthier, portion control and exercise. I have to allow for something sweet every single day or I’ll start to feel deprived and end up bingeing, anyway! Lol

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  5. Do you like fireballs? They seem to curb my sweet tooth desire. During the week I limit myself on high calorie/fat desserts. The fireballs are low in calories and either low fat or no fat.


    1. I do like them but haven’t had in a long, long time! At first I thought you meant the liquor Fireball! I do like that, too! Ha! I will have to look for them. I know that after my mouth gets that hot I won’t want anything sweet. Good tip!


  6. i am really interested in your veggie scramble! do you have just one egg with the veggies? i think i could totally get on board with that type of breakfast and the prep seems pretty easy. do you follow tomimishousewego on instagram? she frequently cooks with a fellow instagrammer and she does alot of ww recipes. she uses her air fryer and instapot alot. what’s really great about this type of eating is my husband can eat it too and be satisfied. i hope you do more of these posts!

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  7. Keto cuts so much sugar, but allows, sour cream, cheese. It is a different way to eat. I had a friend, 48, have emergency triple bypass surgery last week and went home today. She ignored symptoms for months. So glad she is ok. She needs to make some big diet and exercise changes. I hope she will. I made zucchini from our garden with onion, olive oil, Greek seasoning for lunch today with our leftover Costco rotisserie chicken. So good!! Condiments are so hard as too much sugar.

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    1. I know people lose that way but I kinda think a happy medium between not so much cheese and fatty stuff. I love the Mediterranean approach having lived in Spain. My sister did Keto and lost a ton but gained it all and more back. That lunch sounds delish! I am using a bit of mustard and just adapting to not as many condiments. If she asks let her know about WW – it’s a whole new system now.
      Hope she can do a fresh start!


  8. I don’t eat much fruit either. I used to eat an apple a day when I was working years ago, but fruit doesn’t fill you up, I go for carbs and protein during the day.

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    1. I do a banana at school
      But don’t usually do that in summer. I did have a small
      Bowl of strawberries last night for dessert and I love the Cuties clementines in winter!


  9. I love my fruit. I eat a serving with each meal and usually cut up an apple for mid day with dannon greek vanilla yogurt (1 point worth) and PB fit powdered PB ( 0 point worth) …..You know my favorite meal is the Skinny Pizza Dough. Which reminds me that I need to make a batch when I get done reading my blogs! You are killing it with your new lifestyle! WAY TO GO , friend! PS….I never count my Sugar free creamer each day. Again, that is why I wont ever be a WW leader HAHAHA!

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    1. I had a nice bowl of strawberries last night for dessert so I need to add a fruit at the end of each meal! Working on it. I’m not saying that day was perfect. But, it was a day and this is a journey.
      Thank you for your support! No loss 2 weeks ago and .2 last week so I’m hoping for something this Friday and if not I am going to up the exercise and weights and cut some of the higher carb points.


      1. Sounds like you have a good plan of action! Remember I wanted to lose between 5-7 before vacay……didnt happen. You know what Tay told me? ” Mama, you will lose any weight you gain on vacay…will u remember you lost 5 lb? No but you will remember all the memories you made on Vacay” that Tay is a smart girl!

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