Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To finish out the school year teaching in person, I have approximately 28 more days to get dressed! I decided to start wearing “fit for the public outfits” with a couple of easy formulas.

It is funny to think these clothes really haven’t seen any action since the spring of 2019. In March of 2020-May of 2020, leggings were my best friends. Then, I wore shorts at home and didn’t go many places outside of my house!

For lack of a better term, I will call these palazzo pants. They are elastic and loose and flowy. They are good for the “Quarantine15” if you know what I mean. One pair is from Loft, one pair is from Versona, and I honestly think the rest are from either TJ Maxx or Steinmart. Our Steinmart has gone out of business which saddens me. Even though I felt old when I shopped there, I always found lots of nice things. The palazzo pants I found there came in petite length for me! You can still shop Steinmart.com so I might just do that.

I try to find fun patterns with black in them because I know I have some elevated t-shirts in black.

So, those are great for teaching! They are comfortable but still look professional. I wore this look for one of our teacher only days at the end of March.

And, my second outfit formula is my basic swing dress collection with printed kimono look. Again, the knit swing dress is forgiving and comfortable. Throw on a kimono and a long necklace and you have a put together and professional look, in my opinion.

I have a few more, but these are just some. Most of my swing dresses came from a little boutique called “Darling State of Mind” but if you aren’t local, Old Navy is a great resource for these!

Here is a snapshot of most of my kimonos:

And, here is my “staging area” for outfits. I will add more when I cycle through these.

I am trying to document each outfit and wear something different each day!

Do you have outfit formulas? Do you wear palazzo pants and swing dresses?

If you come back tomorrow, you will see what I have worn so far; I use one of these formulas for most of my outfits!

Thanks for reading,


8 thoughts on “Back to Work Wear – Outfit Formulas

  1. I love palazzo pants. I wore a pair the other day and my oldest asked if it was pajama day. Sigh… I decided to give him a full lesson on fashion and types of pants. He’ll never ask again. 😂I love that you aren’t repeating outfits for the remainder of the in person school year. I might try it too.


  2. You have such a colorful and beautiful wardrobe! I’m so boring… isn’t it strange that I only wear happy colors in Florida!? Red, yellow, fuchsia… colors I never wear here!
    My only outfit formula right now is long sleeves… I tried sleeveless in school yesterday and I was literally shaking with cold (!) until I put on my cardigan…

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  3. I love swing / A line dresses. I wear those a lot in the fall and spring with a cardigan. I just got a new pair of Matilda Jane pants and I can’t wait to wear them. I’ve only had one pair of black ruffle pants that i got three years ago. These are army green and smaller ruffle

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    1. Yes! They look so cute in the fall like that!
      Matilda Jane pants are the best!
      I have green from a consignment with a unique ruffle. I want to see what yours look like. They are really good quality and so comfy.

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