Monday, February 22, 2021

How was your weekend? Mine was good! Linking up today with Tanya, Heather and many more here!

This is what my deck looked like Friday!

Ernie wanting to go back out in the snow. He was born in January and we have always said he is a winter dog!

He has been eating a lot of snow!

I have found a great way to do my nails. I take my supplies to my desk and do the different coats when I take breaks in between classes.

I thought the ice in my rain chain looked pretty Friday late afternoon.

I made enchiladas for dinner Friday night. I did have to go in the grocery store after class on Friday! I only left the house twice last week – once Wednesday and then on Friday.

I think I fell asleep around 9:00.

Saturday was hair day! I always take the first Saturday appointment at 9:00 and have the whole salon to myself for most of the appointment.

Then, I went to Target. It wasn’t very crowded at all because our roads were still pretty bad. I strolled through most aisles and just browsed and it was so nice. I started getting a few Easter basket things. Jack seems to really be into white shirts lately. I got him a long sleeve white pocket tee for Valentine’s Day. So, I thought I would get him this short sleeve with buttons. Mason wants more color and regrets dressing so drab in high school. Lol! So, I got him this light pink that was sale for $4. I love these pull on sweatpant style shorts for them. The Goodfellow brand has been great for us. It seemed a little early to do Easter but I don’t know how much I will be out and thought it was smart. We have always disguised things they need as gifts. We always did swim trunks, swim shirts, goggles for Easter. We often did new toothbrushes for Easter baskets. The other thing is that items and sizes go quickly in the stores.

The Easter stuff is out in full force, but I didn’t get anything else.

I couldn’t even get my cart in the cart corral!

Jack came home around lunch time! He had some homework and he watched a show with me. Then, he went with to pick up Shiraz Mediterranean Grill.

We basically split two meals and had leftovers.

Tom’s plate: chicken with tzatziki, mahi mahi, roasted vegetables, rice, and brussels sprouts.

Jack’s plate: boring – sidewinder fries with spicy mayo, chicken with tzatziki, and rice.

My plate: mahi mahi, roasted vegetables, rice, brussels sprouts.

I decided to use our wedding china. We went with something not too fancy. I love it.

Sunday morning I noticed how naturally tan my legs looked, in my opinion. I think the key is to start doing the tanner a few days in advance and then after a few showers it comes our really nice.

Sunday morning Mason came home at 9:00! He wanted coffee and an omelet and he chatted with Tom and I while Jack was still asleep. We put bacon, feta, mozzarella and cheddar in his omelet.

I also made the cinnamon roll biscuit bake from Bev Cooks and Jen! It is basically my cinnamon roll monkey bread from Christmastime.

It felt like a special Sunday brunch so I made a mimosa! I bought myself champagne flutes finally! I got them on Valentine’s Day when Tom and I went to Homegoods. We stopped in at Meijer for a couple of things and I saw a set of 4 very substantial flutes for only $7.99.

Ernie and I took a slushy walk.

I ran into our little market to get just a couple of specialty items. I love this little store.

I made dinner and all four of us were together.

I saw this on Instagram; we have a city park with a really big sledding hill. These were broken sleds that people didn’t bother taking with them. I later saw that a community group cleaned them all up. Come on people!

This little chart I saw on Facebook this weekend made me happy!

And, that’s a wrap on this weekend. What was the highlight for you?

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I cannot believe all those broken sleds! What a shame!
    Anyway, love the dinners you got at the Mediterranean place, we love that kind of food. I think you’re smart to grab Easter stuff when you see it for the boys and to give them what they really need. We liked to do that too – now who knows what we’ll do for them. They won’t be home for Easter so I’ll send them a little something.
    Have a great week Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pitiful, right?
      Mediterranean is so good! We are so lucky to have such a good place close by.
      That’s what I thought about the Easter stuff. It’s so fun to get something in the mail. You too!


  2. Slushy – that’s the word I’ve been looking for!
    Lately we have been lazy when it comes to cooking… I mostly make every dinner from scratch, but now there are so many nice alternatives… We just found very nice frozen Asian food in my supermarket, and we eat it all the time. So easy to just heat it up… I have to get a grip on myself!
    Highlights are good books and tv, since it’s winter… right!? But the snow is melting now and on tv they said that spring is one month early! Halleluja! (I know, climate… but I can’t help to be happy about it).
    I’m picking up Say you still love me by K A Tucker today, since that Alaska one isn’t available yet… Have you read it?
    btw – try goodreads, it’s great! And your fans (!) can share what you’re reading!


  3. I can’t believe all those broken sleds left behind! That’s crazy. What a yummy looking weekend. I haven’t though at all about Easter yet though we almost always use it for swimsuits, sunscreen, googles, etc. too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t believe how careless people are! We had some good food. I am snacking less which is great! Yes, it’s fun to use Easter for those things . Most years Easter fell at the beginning or end of spring break too. Some years we did Easter at a hotel on vacation.


  4. I do the same with Easter gifts…things the kids need but will be excited about…swim suits, etc. They always get a toothbrush in their stockings and Easter basket 😂 I’m glad you enjoyed the cinnamon biscuit bake. My kids ended up busting up a couple sleds, but they brought them home with them! What’s wrong with some people?! Ugh! I hope you have a great week.


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