Friday, January 15, 2021

January is simply flying! How was your week? I am happy to link up here today for the most fun post of the week!

I have learned so much about how to work from home. One of those things is that meal prep is still important. The tendency to grab whatever and do more snacking could be the case with WFH (Work From Home). I am an egg in the morning person. I love my low carb egg casserole recipe. It should have green chilies but there is still a shortage, apparently. I have it with sauteed zucchini. I added back my turkey sausage this week because I need more protein. I had not had the turkey sausage since last spring.

I seriously love this breakfast. It is 4 WW points if you follow WW. The serving size is 3 links but two is fine for me. I put this on a plate and microwave it and this week I have been taking it down to my desk to enjoy as I start my day. I know it is not good to eat at your desk, but it is working for me right now.

I also purchased these again. I only eat one at a time (they come in a pack of 2 within this package); they taste so much like the cereal Sugar Smacks that you may have enjoyed as a child. Anyone tried these?

I did not buy a single article of clothing over winter break. Normally I would be out in the stores looking at the deals and scooping some up. I also did not buy anything the first week of January. But, I am now in two different Facebook groups that sell clothing. They are like a small business, women owned, and I think it is kind of a great way to shop. I ordered this teddy bear soft hooded vest with a cream tunic. Both pieces together were $40. I liked it with black and wore it this week with my jeans for the jeans day of my wardrobe challenge.

I was so cozy! I wore it again on Wednesday with the cream tunic it came with. It was scarf day so I also added a scarf.

Remember I went to The Dollar Tree last weekend? Why would you? These glasses are super cute if you are in the market.

And, they had their St. Patrick’s Day stuff out. I decorate for Valentine’s Day, then St. Paddy’s, then Easter, then spring in general, then Derby, then summer, then 4th of July. Mainly my mantel gets the decor. I think it’s fun and I like changing stuff up almost monthly.

This spider plant is doing really well. I think she likes this corner of my bedroom and I open a blind for her every day.

I have loved, loved, loved my set of 9 leather earrings like the ones in the last row below. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I thought this set looked promising. It is $16 and could easily be split up for gifts. They even work ok with my masks.

I love this furniture polish! It smells so good!

My tub has arrived. No, it is not supposed to be on the driveway in a box, covered with snow.

It had been a long time since I had socialized, but I am back, baby!

Look at this patio! We had it all to ourselves. What a cool thing to get to be on a patio in January, right? The beginning of this week was super cold but we got up to 50 yesterday.

I got to meet my school neighbor Elizabeth to eat mediterranean food.

What? I am on a patio in January?

I got this vegetable plate; it is like a thick stew.

Elizabeth got a chicken schwarma wrap.

The next day I did my January snowman decor (that I had neglected this year) on my patio because I had not one, but two, social engagements. At 11:00 which is my lunch a former colleague came over and brought Cuban coffee. I forgot to get a photo, sadly!

I picked these up at Kroger a couple of weeks ago.

And, after school at 3:00, another former co-worker came over for a chat, a giant cookie I made and a bourbon dark hot chocolate I made. I also gave each gal a bag of my homemade Chex Mix.

My boys move back to campus and I par-tay! Right?

I am trying to eat better (disregard giant cookie, bourbon dark hot chocolate, Chex Mix, …) and one thing that I love is popcorn. Katie from Preppy Empty Nester first told me about this popcorn and it was on a special deal on Amazon this time. I got this box for $10! It is so good. Do you like Boom Chick a Pop? Do you like Skinny Pop? This is way better, at least in my opinion.

I also bought a shoe horn! How old am I? Well, I have some boots that are very hard to put on (my duck boots, my short Hunters, my Sanita clog booties) and it keeps me from wearing them. How does this work? I don’t know but it seems like some sort of dark shoe magic. Getcha a shoe horn!

I pulled out my Valentine’s decor. I did this minimal tiered tray.

This hall table decor with the fairy lights,

I put fairy lights and cookie cutters in a glass vase,

and I did my mantel. Look at those babies!

I only spent $5 to do this year’s decor and it was two of these glass vases, two white pillar candles, and conversations hearts from The Dollar Tree. My friend Kara did this several years ago. I need more to fill it up higher, I think. How cute and simple, right?

So, my new Valentine’s decor is making me happy. I can’t believe today is less than a calendar month from Valentine’s Day!

I have a three day weekend as we are observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday. My boys also have no classes on Monday so I will get to have them home this weekend for at least part of the weekend!

We have plans to watch Mason’s play! Jack is my actor son, but Mason enrolled in a theatre requirement first semester and then proceeded to try out for this play and another and made it for both! This had to be recorded and streamed, unfortunately.

How was your week? Any weekend plans?

Thanks for reading! Today is the final day of my wardrobe challenge and we are doing plaid. I will show you my outfits next week. It was fun and it made getting dressed easier.

Happy Friday,


22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. What a great week – and you must share the bourbon hot chocolate recipe! I love that you got to see some friends and get out, how fun. I met a friend for coffee yesterday and we sat outside of Panera, it was great! I am planning to get all my V-Day decor done next week after we return from Nashville.
    Have a super weekend!


    1. Oh my gosh! I didn’t even think to share the recipe because it was just the packet of hot chocolate – dark and I add 3/4 shot bourbon in addition to the water. I don’t add quite as much water as I normally would. Let me know if you try it! And, add whipped cream!

      Thank you! It was so good to get out again and it just affirmed for me that I need it. Panera sounds nice, too! It is really a challenge to be outside here in January but we are making it work. Lots of sun yesterday and almost 50 made it so great! Yes, you will love having your house to yourself and all of your V day decor out!


  2. Love your mantle chocolate sign! Your decor is adorable!

    Please share the online shopping groups you talked about- gracias!


  3. You’re so sweet and creative!
    I just started teaching, we’re doing half classes and I am told to buy a visor during the weekend… Sweden was late to understand the gravity of it all, but here we are… We have a lot of snow and it’s actually quite wonderful!
    I finally did my hair today, I feel super fresh!
    I have a new mini series on Netflix to recommend: Lupin. It’s about a master thief… It’s in French, maybe American Netflix doesn’t have it?
    Friday! Have a nice one!


    1. Thank you! I hope teaching is going well. The small class sizes are wonderful I bet. I don’t think any of us understood this. Go get you a cute visor! Those are not advised here and not many people wear them. Great to have a hair day. I will look for that on netflix.


    1. Oh my gosh! I didn’t even think to share the recipe because it was just the packet of hot chocolate – dark and I add 3/4 shot bourbon in addition to the water. I don’t add quite as much water as I normally would. Let me know if you try it! And, add whipped cream!


  4. Your WW breakfast looks so good! I just made a crust-less quiche yesterday that I’ve been eating for breakfast with a side of fruit it’s only 1 point!! I am going to have to look for those turkey sausages to go with it.


    1. Thank you! 6 eggs, one small single serving of cottage cheese, green chiles small can, a bit of shredded cheese, salt and pepper. Cook for 40 min. on 350. I love the sausages! Wow – one point is amazing! I would love to hear your go-to WW meals!


  5. I agree – meal prep while working at home is a total game changer. It is still so necessary! I did enjoy being able to eat whatever I felt like instead of whatever I packed. I love the conversation hearts with the candle! It so fun and easy! Have a great weekend!

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  6. No weekend plans except to watch football! I am making balsamic short ribs tomorrow night. Haven’t made it in forever so Tony is very excited. Heading to the coast next week on Thursday. So I have that to look forward to. Not much else! Your wardrobe challenge was fun. I forgot about plaid today but I honestly have 1 plaid top. Its Athleta. HAHA I know you’re not shocked. Its a cute black and red buffalo check. Sorry I missed wearing it. Dang! Have great weekend with the boys and a nice day off. Our business isn’t closed. Pest control never stops HA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I liked watching football! I just like eating football snacks!
      Yum! What determines when you go to coast? I failed on the plaid because I wanted to wear my new sweater. Athleta makes Buffalo plaid? Thanks! I didn’t know you were in the pest business!


      1. There’s no rhyme or reason to when we go to the coast. We have a couple of appointments set up with our new project on Friday. So we are leaving Thursday morning. Nothing else planned for while we are there. We love football. I especially love college football but it’s done for now. Athleta had a Buffalo plaid shirt a couple of years back. I waited and happened to grab it on a huge sale. It’s sooooo soft. I’ll take a pic and send it to you. Yes- Tony and his brother have a pest control business. They have 48 employees. Started with just the 2 of them in his parents garage 35 years ago. He’s built a very successful business and i couldn’t be more proud!

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      2. Oh ok! I would love to see pic! I love success stories like Tony and his brother’s’. I am the teacher telling my students that the American dream is still alive. We have our problems in the US but in what other country can you come here with $5 and the shirt on your back and become a millionaire?


  7. I couldn’t agree more! Tony and Mark grew up dirt poor. His mom put cardboard in his shoes when he had holes in them. His dad worked 3 jobs to put them all (he has twin sisters) in private catholic school. It’s quite a success story. He has his GED and that’s it. He truly is a success story. He’s been Man of the Year. Large business of the year (for our town) Can you tell I’m proud? He is seriously the most amazing, kind, generous. Loving, goofy man I’ve ever known!

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