Monday, August 10, 2020

As you are reading this I am getting ready to “go back to work”! I have a bit of a nervous stomach because I have really enjoyed no work/school responsibilities for the last two months. Last year was stressful when you combine my boys being seniors and my school year and then of course what happened in March… My nerves also have to do with this being the last week of my boys at home. Move in day is Friday. I would appreciate your good vibes that I can keep it together and help them to not feel anxious. Thank you in advance – you all are the best!

I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya (Good luck to you, Tanya! I feel a kinship because she is also sending her girl to college!), and many more.

The wonderful weather continued into the weekend and Friday morning Ernie and I had a nice walk and I just spent my “last week day” (I am really milking this, aren’t I?) at home all day long.

I sadly finished this book. I didn’t like the sequel as much but I did like it. The relationship between Jonah and Calla started bugging me in the sequel. Anyone else? I won’t get into details but there were some thing that started making me mad!

I did a new nail color. I have a post coming this week on how to do a good at home manicure. I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned some tricks.

Tom came home from work a bit early and the boys wanted to stay home and eat Cane’s for dinner. We got on the boat around 5:30 to head to Captain’s Quarters because we knew it would get busy. They were bringing back live music outside and we like the group. They tried live music in June but someone messed it up for all by not following the rules! We always say that we don’t go out at night nearly enough.

We got a prime parking spot and ordered some spinach queso. This is one of my favorite things on their menu.

And, then our friends met us there. We stayed about 6 feet apart – don’t worry!

And, this gives you an idea of how many boats started arriving!

They are allowed 100% capacity outside but only 25% inside. By staying on the boat we get faster service and have our own table and are able to socially distance better.

We took our friends on a cruise after eating dinner – forgot to take photos of the other food.

And, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

I am kind of mad at myself for not going to the farmer’s market more this summer. They have moved it back to their normal space but masks are still required. Some places won’t take cash for safety reasons. They are also counting the number of people that come in and out so that it doesn’t get too crowded. I avoided any tents that had long lines or too many people around. Some people were not giving me my space so I walked away!

I ended up with jam, a candle, bread, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, an onion, a green pepper, and fresh mozzarella.

I worked a bit on our college piles. We had more Amazon supplies come in.

Then, Tom, Ernie and I went swimming for a bit.

We passed the riverboat The Belle of Louisville. I think they have resumed some of their lunch and sightseeing cruises. It is a tradition for seniors at our high school to get to take a senior cruise one evening in May and that got cancelled. We have been on the boat a few times for various things, though.

I picked up Jimmy John’s for our lunch.

We left around 3 and it was getting so crowded in the cove area!

We got Mexican with our boys for dinner but I forgot photos. And, we watched two episodes of Scrubs together.

I had taped this show from Friday night. Anyone watch it? Martha Stewart shares her farm and teaches us about tree care, pet care, etc. It looked interesting. She is really knowledgeable but her tone comes off as very condescending.

Then, finally, Mason and I watched the first episode of Big Brother which I had taped from Wednesday! We started this tradition a few years ago. I am not sure how we will watch it after this week, but I will probably save it to watch with him sometime.

I started this. It seems very much like Eleanor Oliphant so far.

And, Sunday afternoon we took the boat out again. I don’t know if we’ve ever done three days in a row before. The weather was just too good and I think we know these days are fleeting!

I wanted to show you our river gas station. Boats can pull up on either side. The attendant throws you a rope and helps tie you up.

They will pump for you usually but it was busy.

They also sell ice, drinks, and snacks.

Ernie was happy to be with us.

And, we were happy to have our friends tie up with us. We chatted for a few hours and it was so nice!

So, we had a very full weekend and I’m grateful for some fun!

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading,


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You have all my good vibes – I’ll send a bunch of positive energy! Plan in some nice dinners with your boys and think about all the wonderful holidays! I know you Americans are crazy about fall, so, go ahead with all the apples and pumpkins!
    I start on Wednesday with colleagues and students show up next Thursday. I’m absolutely ok with it, there is still a lot of summer left. I LOVE summer and sun! I hope your first day of “school” will be good!
    I loved my weekend! It looked a lot like yours! 😀 Sun, boating and good food!
    Let’s do this – onwards!


  2. All that time on the boat sounds wonderful! Thanks for sending lots of good vibes my way. Our drop off is Thursday, and yours is Friday. Enjoy these last few days, and thanks for linking up!

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  3. I hope your first day back went well and sending lots of positive vibes your way for Friday. I just love that dockside eating! If we had places like that on our lake I might have reconsidered selling our boat.

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  4. I love your posts! They always show so much lief where you are. The food looked amazing, adn so does your boating lifestyle in general! Ernie is living the dream. V impressive to see people even wearing masks at the outdoor markets – that is dedication! Are both of your boys off to uni? I would love to see the Martha show – just to SEE her being condescending haha!

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    1. Thank you! That is so sweet! I feel the same about yours! I really missed yours during your hiatus!
      On paper my area would seem boring but there is a lot to do – even during a pandemic. We have to wear masks everywhere and people are doing really well. My boys are both living in a dorm at a university about 30 minutes from home. They are in two different dorms. I miss them terribly but as you know – it’s part of the “American college experience”. The Martha show is kinda boring and she is just not nice! Haha!


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