Thursday, April 30, 2020

It is the last day of April! Good riddance, I say! What a weird month. In some respects it went by quickly and it other respects it lasted 724, 000 days.

I thought I would document my day this past Monday.

I am still an early bird. I get up around 6 and start my day with coffee, a devotional, and my favorite blogs!

At the end of my blog reading, I pouf the pillows, open all the blinds, and do a bit of straightening in the family room.

I head into the kitchen and deal with any dishes from the night before that need to be put away. I turn on the news while I am doing this.

Hub leaves for work around 7:30 after walking Ernie. Yay – I can turn on Bravo and eat bon bons without anyone judging. Just kidding! Yes, my boys are here, but they work second shift, as I am calling it.

I do a bit of list making/calendar perusing upstairs in the kitchen while I watch some news and eat breakfast.

Mondays are the busiest days of distance teaching. My Google Classroom tells me that all of my assignments for the week have been released. After this happens, I send a message to each class about what I expect for the week and when our live classes will happen.

A mom of a student gave me a jar of jam that I did not open until Quarantine. It is low sugar mixed berry and it is delicious.

Around 9, after I did some emails and school things I went to fix the hair.

My hair is getting really long. Notice the white Amazon top from my post yesterday?

I went to my basement desk and worked for an hour grading the work from last week and entering it in our grade system and then came outside to enjoy an iced coffee and read.

During the break, I texted with a lady I wanted to buy cloth masks from and I made a plan to go pick them up later.

I went back down to work some more and then I drove about 10 minutes to get the masks from the porch of the lady who makes them.

The boys were up a couple of hours before I left (remember they work second shift) and I offered to get Chick Fil A as a treat. Mason was bummed about the workload he was facing this week and felt a bit discouraged. He has 5 AP classes. This was the first time I had been through a drive through since Quarantine, can you believe that? I got very emotional seeing all the workers in masks and gloves in the hot sun. It is such a weird feeling. I felt kind of normal driving to do my errand but then I realized my errand of retrieving masks was not normal. Then, a drive through would be normal, but it was anything but normal. I miss normal.

I brought the food home and they were happy. I went back to work and talked on the phone to two of my department members. Then, all of a sudden it was like 4:00! This particular day went by so fast. I took Ernie on a walk, then sat outside for a bit more.

My Dinnerly box arrived but I had already decided to do BLTs for dinner. The Dinnerly box comes on Mondays any time between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. This is the latest it has ever arrived because usually I have it by noon. This is everything from the box.

Tom came home and walked Ernie. Ernie gets at least 3 walks a day now.

We ate dinner as a family and watched two episodes of Community. Jack and Tom are playing guitar together a bit and they messed around with those for awhile. Mason did the dishes by himself because of this but he did not complain.

Tom went out to mow while I piddled around straightening some things and then I sat outside.

I started this even though my last book is not complete. This is cute and I am going through it too quickly!

Then I checked school emails and did a little more work and settled in to watch Below Deck Sailing Yacht by myself. Some nights Tom and I watch a show but he is not interested in my Bravo shows! I went to bed around 10.

If you are still here, thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “A Day in the Quarantine Life

  1. Thank you for sharing a day in your life! Normal but not normal, right? But I must say your day seemed very nice! And talking about nice; I love your home! Are you almost done with renovation?
    I have a three day weekend coming up (tomorrow is Laborers’ Day, we are semi social democrats over here you know :-)) and me and husband are planning to leave for the cabin this afternoon. Unfortunately it’s cold for the season, but as long as the sun is out it’s quite nice.
    Soon I’m taking my blue moped to work for three classes; English, Swedish and English. Enjoy your day!

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    1. You’re welcome! Thank you! No, we have come to a stop because we can’t have workers in our home. We have two bathrooms to do and kitchen and hardwood floors in main level. I might do a house tour but it is not pretty.


  2. Sounds like a good day! I was in Kroger the other day and saw a cute mask on a lady and thought of saying to her, “I like your mask.” And then thought what in the world is going on when I’m complimenting someone’s mask outside of a hospital!! I pray this ends soon! My husband works at chick fil a and they are busier than ever! Have a great day Amy 😊

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  3. I miss normal too. Your day sounded nice and familiar here too. The masks make me a little emotional too. I have gone to the store once, then only grocery pickup because I came home so anxious. I know this too shall pass. I pray for a cure/vaccine every day. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love the blog so much and would love to see the beautiful reno some day too.

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    1. I know! I get teary eyed at least once a day over something. I am anxious, too. You are too kind, Jenny. I May do a full house tour and talk about our remaining plans. It’s just that the unrenovated parts are bad!


  4. I have thought of documenting a day like this, I think it will be nice to look back a year from now and see what life was like! Lucky Ernie – 3 walks a day! I swear the pets are all living their best lives right now with all the family time!

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  5. Love the balance you have attained between tasks and down time!
    Dave said the other day he wished we had journaled during this time to be able to look back at how life took such a bizarre turn. Maybe I’ll start journaling some- you’ve inspired me! Talk to you soon!

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    1. Thank you, but believe me that not every day is a good balance! It’s hard! I think some sort of reflection would be therapeutic and a good reminder? Hope you had a good week!


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