Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I always appreciate it when a blogger follows up on a product recommendation so today I thought I would share my honest thoughts on my Rothys flats that I purchased exactly a year ago – well, February 2019.  First, a disclaimer.  Everyone has different feet.  Everyone has different opinions.  I can only speak about the rounded toe flat as that is the only one I have purchased and worn.

I thought I would model for you on my mudroom tile.  I bought the mink color which I would call a purplish brown hue.  I found this color to really work with so much of my clothing.  You can see a little foot powder inside.  

I love the flattering v shape inside the shoe.  I love the material.  It is really a cool weave – made from recycled water bottles. 

I love the little blue stripe on the back of the shoe. 

They are the most comfortable flats I have ever put on my feet.  I also have Tieks and Tory Burchs and I have also worn a lot of flats over the years as a teacher.  

I think they are in great shape a year later and I have put them in the washer once.  

The only negatives for me are that I think they shrunk very slightly in the washer – I should have only washed the inner liners – and that they make my feet stink and sweat a bit.  I have not tried to find many solutions to this and really it is not a big deterrant for me. 

So, final thoughts – yes, it is a heck of a lot of money to spend but if you love flats and wear them often I think they are more than worth the money.  Maybe it would be a good use of Christmas or birthday money or you could request these if someone asks you for an idea. 

They have new styles and prints that are to die for.  I cannot justify another pair right now but I wish I could!  

Thoughts?  Anyone else own them?  


6 thoughts on “Rothy’s – A Year Later

    1. I am lucky I can wear flats! Thank you! I think everyone’s foot is different as far as arches go, padding, etc. I have been standing on cement floors for 26 years so I hope I don’t have foot problems in the future!


    1. My friend just got those and plans to take them to Europe. It’s a lot of money and I’m sure there are some lower price brands that are equally as comfortable.


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