Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Students come back to school today after a 4 day weekend!  Teachers had yesterday off so this short little week will feel weird, I think!  

This week we have some hits and misses and I am finally closer to a haircut and color coming up this Saturday, thank goodness!  

This school outfit is boring but easy and comfortable.  I got this mustard with black cardigan at Steinmart a few weeks ago and have already worn it several times.  

I learned something from wearing the outfit below.  I am over my LulaRoe leggings and they get quite hot for school as the day goes on.  And, I cannot wear tall riding boots all day at school because they get hot.  I changed shoes halfway through the day.  I still like my swing dress, but the way I am styling it here seems outdated to me.  

Airport outfit.  I love my leopard duster, my leggings are fine, and my booties are fine.  But, my shirt is not long enough and I am trying to find a good swing long sleeve tee. I have this one on order from Amazon.  I had a great one last year that has stains on it from Chico’s but it is no longer available.  

I have talked before about needed new going out clothes.  I bought the Wild Fable from Target liquid leggings and they are great!  I wore a new Marshall’s $16 blouse and my consignment burgundy poncho/shawl and my last year’s birthday Kendra Scott necklace.  I need to pick out this year’s piece!  Remember you get half off of any piece in the store during your birth month.  

Here it is under bright lights.  Try these under $20 leggings. I also have the green camo Wild Fable leggings.  Seriously, they are great for the price.  

What have you been wearing lately?  Do you feel like you have the clothes you need for every situation?  My frugal side is arguing with my more fashionable side about donating clothes that I don’t see as up to date for this season.  Do you struggle with that, too?  

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8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I bet you’re going to love that long sleeve swing tee from Amazon – Lisa does! She has both colors. I love the outfit you wore out – you look so pretty! Have a great short week, they are the best!

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    1. I don’t love it! It’s thick like a sweatshirt and the neck hole is too high and constricting. Haha! You just never know with some online items!
      Thank you for the nice compliment!


    1. I would suggest keeping some post it notes in your closet when getting dressed and write down what you felt you lacked. Then you can transfer those notes to your phone and be intentional. If you want to take it one step further, write down all of the occasions you dress for and what you would like to wear.
      Date night – jeans, black fancy blouse, high heeled booties, fun earrings
      I found this helpful!
      You are shrinking so you are totally rebuilding!


    1. I want the black camo but they seem to be out of stock online! The quality is great! I’m very picky about the feel of fabric, too. Thank you – the duster was only $26!


  2. Nice outfits! I love all the leggings combos, it’s chic and comfortable. Right now I’m taking a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, stuff like “15 November outfits”, so nice to not have to think by myself! 😀 Well, I’m a hoarder when it comes to clothes, so I’m the wrong person to talk to when it comes to getting rid of clothes… It’s good that we built new wardrobes last year, I was forced to get rid of a lot of clothes!

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    1. Thank you! I love getting ideas from Pinterest! It helps when you can’t decide what to wear. I am not a hoarder. I like to go through clothes once a month or so. I cannot wait for my new closet! I think it will make organization so much easier.


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