Tuesday, November 5, 2019

It’s Election Day!  We are out of school today – I think it’s a Kentucky state law that we must be out because they use many schools for polling places.  Hopefully by the time you are reading this I have already voted!  

My thoughtful sister sent me a Myra bag on the left.  I have one that is a bit taller and slimmer and with mostly brown that I have talked about a few times.  This one is gorgeous with some light green and cowhide and I love it.  They are available at local boutiques and on Amazon.  They are very budget friendly and made of all recycled materials.  My sister said this was made from an old tent.  I can speak to the quality.  Check them out here!  

My friend and sister- in- law Jessica gave me something I have wanted since summer but hesitated to buy – the Brumate slim can koozie on the right in rose gold(which I love!) – I think I thought it was too expensive for a drink holder.  I had even already ordered a monogram for it from Heather!  Check out Oh My Glitter designs for your monograms.  Monogram it all, I say!  


With some of the money I got, I finally got the Charlotte Tillbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Bette.  This is like eye shadow for dummies because it shades it for you, in my opinion. I love that it is not a powder and is a creamy formula.  

My sweet friend and faithful blog reader Jessica gave me these awesome Tanologist tanning drops.  She said to put a drop in my moisturizer.  I put 4 drops and was glowing the next day – in a good way.  I had really wanted to try these and thought it was such a thoughtful gift and I don’t think I told her I wanted to try them.  

My college bestie Heather gave me these cool earrings from Versona and…

This necklace with my boys’ birthdate in Roman numerals.  I love it so much!  

I told my husband not to get me anything but dinner out because of our renovation.  My son in Europe is adding to my Starbuck’s city mugs collection and my musical theatre son learned a song in Spanish and sang it for me.  I also received some money from my mom and in-laws and I am excited to add a few new fall pieces.

I feel utterly spoiled and blessed this year.  

If you are starting your shopping list for the holidays, I think the necklace, the tanning drops, or the Myra bag would all make great gifts.  I personally love receiving Yeti cups, Tervis Tumblers, and the like.  Don’t forget about Etsy; they have such great stuff and you are helping a small business!  

I am sure I will talk gift ideas several more times!

Thanks for reading,


11 thoughts on “My Birthday Gifts & Gift Ideas for You!

  1. I hope your birthday was great! The gift ideas are awesome and cover various price ranges so much appreciated for those.
    Do the bags have a separate bottom piece? I’m wondering if I can fit my laptop in one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, J! I hope to quiz my high schoolers and give some teen ideas, too!
      No separate bottom piece, but maybe you could get an insert. These bags are seriously like something from Anthropologie. I am in love!


    1. Definitely! I was touched because he isn’t very sentimental or demonstrative. My other son made me blog graphics last Christmas. Those are the gifts that I treasure. I should have recorded him singing but not sure he would’ve allowed it!


  2. Happy birthday sweet Amy! I wish you the best year ever!!!
    Starbucks city mugs? Cool! I saw that they have a gingerbread latte in a red mug, I have to try that!
    So fun that your son is on this side of the ocean! I hope the old world treats him well!
    (Sorry for not commenting more, life is craaazzy right now.)


    1. I’ve wondered about you and was getting ready to email! I have a Starbucks mug from Munich and France in general – not a city. I’m not sure they still make them. I will put them on the blog soon!
      Hope life gets less crazy soon!


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