Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!  It does not mean much to me anymore now that my kids are teens and it falls on a school night.  It is business as usual around here, but we will put the boys in charge of handing out candy and I will make chili and mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough).  Ha!  It looks like the weather will be cold and make it a perfect chili night.  

When my boys were in elementary school I got my first pair of tall Target rain boots.  I loved them.  They lasted for a year or so and I bought another pair.  I was surprised by how much I wore them.  I wore them to walk the boys to and from school and to walk the dog.  I wore them when it was not even raining due to the wet dew on the grass or because it had rained the day before.  I wore the heck out of both pairs of $20ish boots!  

After the second pair of cheap boots bit the dust, I decided to splurge on the black matte Hunter boots I coveted.  I have them 7 years later and they still look great!  

Tip:  I bought mine at Von Maur and they are the wide calf version.  I never usuaally buy wide calf boots but the sales lady told me they were slightly shorter for shorter people or people with shorter legs.  They hit me at the perfect place.  

Tip:  Costco currently has navy and green for $89.99!  

I won a $500 Nordstrom gift card from Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To last December and decided to get the shorter in a fun color with part of my winnings.  

I wear them in the light snow, too.  I wear them in all 4 seasons!  


They came in super handy for the wet Derby party last year!  img_6673-1

So, buy the boots!  There are plenty of good brands besides Hunter, but I can definitely speak to the quality of Hunter.  You will be surprised by how much wear you get out of them and then the price per wear makes them super affordable!  

My perspective on rain most definitely changed after I had my first pair.  I was no longer upset when it rained and I almost looked forward to the rain so I could wear them.  I loved to style them with my outfits.  

I almost think this can be a metaphor for life.  If you are prepared or if you look for the silver lining, most things are not so bad.  It is all about perspective.  

Whoa – getting deep! You thought this was merely a post about rain boots!  

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Rain Boots

  1. Yes, rain boots are great! I even wear them in snow with socks!
    Thank you for your insights, I couldn’t agree more. I survive winter by planning and having things to look forward to. Count-downs also work great for me.
    And here’s a quote from me: “The world changes when we change our perspective.”
    Happy Halloween!

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    1. Me too! Great quote! My husband has taught me to have the right gear for every weather situation. I try to enjoy each season and look at the good. I loved when I learned about hygge! I like the slower pace of winter!


      1. I also really enjoy the slower pace, and I love the dark with candles, holiday lights, fika… But… it’s really hard for me to handle the cold. I mean, really! My fingers literally turn white (!) when I go outside wintertime. So I prefer summertime in many ways, in spite of the need to DO stuff all the time!

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  2. I LIVED IN boots of all kinds in Alaska so I came to appreciate them. I wore sandals maybe 3 times a year to work.
    In Colorado, my rain boots from Alaska (which were about $30) became my dog-walking boots and I wore holes in them and finally had to throw them away.
    I’m going to check out Costco!

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  3. I think you definitely need the better boots in your climate! Sometimes it just makes sense to spend more for something of great quality that doesn’t have to be replaced every year. When it rains here it’s usually also hot and one time I wore rain boots at school in car line I was sweating to death, I seriously had to go back inside and take them off before we were even done because I was so hot!
    I love seeing all the cute Hunter boot outfits though – wish I had need for them!

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  4. I’m making mummy dogs tonight too. This will be the first year of no Halloween celebrations around here, except for passing out candy. It will be very chilly for Texas, and I bet we won’t get many kids coming around. Happy Halloween!

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