Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tuesday morning was my school’s traditional “Senior Walk”.  This is an event where the senior class dresses up and walks every hall to say good-bye to the underclassmen, teachers, and administrators.  Many hand out hugs, flowers, candy, cards, and a few give meaningful gifts.  I teach about 50 seniors each year and I really love teaching them until “senioritis” kicks in!  

I let the cat out of the bag about my blog to many of my senior girls this year!  So, I want to dedicate this post to my students!  

I cherish the handwritten notes and cards and that’s really all that a teacher wants; anything else is just icing on the cake.  

My loot: 


A sweet girl embroidered the name of my blog!  I was blown away!  I didn’t even know she could sew and this was such a touching gift that I will always treasure. 

Another sweet girl and loyal blog reader gave me these awesome earrings!  I am excited to wear these and I will always think of her when I do!  

Three more girls gifted me essential oils because I bought a classroom diffuser this year and often talk about oils and trying them out.   And, this bookmark was given to me because I talk about how much I enjoy reading!  

This girl works at our local salt cave and I have talked non-stop about going there this year!  I was stunned, though, that she gifted me a session and I hope she didn’t feel that she had to!  I can’t wait to try out the benefits of halotherapy – new term to me for salt therapy!  

Cards and notes that made me cry!  img_7165

And, this sweet girl printed our class photo for me to have – super thoughtful!  

After I got to sit down and open my gifts and read my cards my overwhelming thought was that these kids know me really well and that made me feel so special – maybe more than I deserve to feel.  I don’t show you this to brag and I hope it doesn’t seem like that.  I’m definitely not the most popular teacher and I definitely don’t always get through to every student.  But, when a person in your life – student, friend, family member, significant other gives you a gift that is so perfect for you it makes you feel seen.  They see you for who you are and they know what brings you joy and what makes you tick.  They aren’t trying to change you by giving you an aspirational gift of the person they would like you to be.  

Thanks for reading today and I hope that I can be as good of a gift giver as these sweet kids.  And, if you are worried about the next generation, I hope these gestures make you feel more hopeful.  These kids are on the right track and I feel lucky that I got to spend the last year with them!


14 thoughts on “Senior Walk

  1. How sweet! You got some great gifts and they were all so thoughtful! Very few professionals make such an impact on a life like a teacher does.
    Our school has the seniors walk the halls of the elementary schools (my idea) in their caps and gowns. It serves two purposes: one it’s nostalgic for the seniors but two it inspires our elementary students to stay in school and aim to complete high school and beyond!


    1. I love the idea of elementary halls but our kids come from so many schools – maybe 20? It’s got to be a great motivator!
      Teaching is such a rewarding profession – albeit exhausting!


  2. What thoughtful cards and gifts! Now that there are so many ways to communicate, a card or note is especially nice and you are right about the younger generations, I see kids at the foodbank where I volunteer come in for school credits or with parents and grandparents. Once they are there, they really pitch in and get so much feedback on helping and working with all ages. Some of them come in every year!


    1. I can save a note or card and I do – I have 25 years worth! I’m going to make a book this summer! Kids today really care about causes in my opinion and volunteering is so good for them.


  3. That was a great post! It’s wonderful that your students make you feel appreciated, I think that is a proof of them feeling your commitment. I agree that students’ gifts are the best, and I cherish them forever! These kids see us in good and bad, and of course they really get to know you. I must confess that I am more “goofy” in the classroom than anywhere else… I think it’s important that kids meet grown ups that show feelings and tell them that life isn’t that dull and grave all the time… (and sometimes I teach them thing too, lol)


    1. The tradition is really special. I am goofy, too. We have to be an entertainer almost to get them hooked! I try to make them laugh and they make me laugh every day. Ok, it’s my last day (with student). Woohoo!


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