Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy last day of 2018!  Here is a quick recap from the weekend!  

Friday I got to wear my new short yellow Hunters (part of the $500 Nordstrom gift card I won – post coming soon now that almost all of it is accounted for).  I ran a few errands and even got to sit on my patio for a bit because it was so mild out.  


Then, hub and I went to a 12:45 showing of this.  I fell asleep a couple of times but I did have a few laughs.  Verdict:  Save your money.


After the movie our boys friend came over and stayed til after dinner and my husband got me new tires for my car so that was good to check that off of our list.  

Saturday our boys went to a friend’s house and we watched the UK vs. U of L game at our friends house with Ale 8 bourbon slushies, KFC, and Domino’s pizza.  After the game we did Costco and picked up our boys and one boy went bowling.  

Game outfit

Our friends’ adorable golden retriever during the game

My Fab Fit Fun box came – will report on the winter box contents soon and if I think it’s worth it.

Sunday was travel to in laws for Christmas celebration – outfit below

I made a red velvet bundt cake and let’s just say that there was an incident involving the dog destroying part of it.  

I also made potato casserole and let’s just say the dog also stepped on part of it.  

Cute college niece

We had a busy but fun weekend seeing lots of great people!  

Happy New Year’s Eve tonight!  I will be back tomorrow to tell you what I did!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

    1. It was really our fault! The dog jumped out the back of the car and stepped on them instead of waiting for us to fold the seat down to let him out. He wouldn’t try to eat people food without being invited! Haha! It was fine though because we are all dog people and the food was covered well. It just didn’t look too pretty!


  1. Oh no about the cake! I hope the dog is feeling ok and hopefully didn’t eat too much! I ca’t wait for your Nordstrom post. Those boots are the cutest and I love that color! Thanks for the movie review. I had really high hopes for the movie and now I’ll just wait until it comes out on Redbox. Happy New Year!


    1. He didn’t eat any – he just stepped on it! Lol! Yes I was disappointed in the movie but maybe my mindset was the problem?
      Nordstrom post coming this week!


  2. We have not been to the movies in ages! Really thought we’d go but we’ve barely made it out of the house these last few days. I haven’t even been to the grocery!
    Your yellow Hunters are so pretty and fun – enjoy them my friend!
    Happy New Year!


    1. I know – we hadn’t been since October? It’s good to have time at home. Love the Hunters and we are getting lots of rain. It will be time for me to go back to grocery soon. My body needs vegetables!


  3. Happy New Year dear Amy! I look forward to continue reading your blog 2019! We just booked our tickets for Florida this summer, can’t wait. So please keep on bringing that American spirit, gotta love it! 😀


    1. To you, too, Tin Tin! Are you ready to be the hottest you’ve ever been in Florida’s heat? I hope I can bring good content in 2019! Loved “meeting” you this year!


  4. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, it’s perfect! And Happy New Year to the rest of you readers that write comments, you seem to be a lovely group of people!


  5. I hope you all have a very happy New Year! I also laughed about the dogs. Ah! Thanks for the heads up on the movie! I will save my money. Also, love those boots and I cannot wait to see what all you bought!


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