Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hello! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Unless you are a blogger or a blog reader, you cannot understand how supportive people in the blog community are.  Your messages this week have truly lifted my spirits.  My Dad is still in the hospital but he started his first round of chemo last night. 

Our Thanksgiving tradition is usually Thursday with my husband’s family here in town.  His sister lives here and she hosts our meal around 3 p.m.  We spend the morning trying to get some exercise, cooking, watching the parade, and usually cleaning and doing laundry. 

We are lucky to have off on Wednesday, too.  Last year I tried something different.  I went ahead and decorated for Christmas on Wednesday. 

On Friday, we usually travel just an hour to my parents’ house with my side of the family and we do it all again.  When I come home, my house is ready for Christmas.  That’s kind of how I am.  I am a Thanksgiving purist but as soon as it’s over, bring on Christmas! 

What are your traditions?  How do you feel about early Christmas decorations?  

So, let’s talk about Thanksgiving outfits.  I like to have two cute and comfortable outfits for my two days.  I also usually spend Saturday in my hometown starting my shopping for small business Saturday.  I love shopping locally in my city and in my hometown.  It’s a great way to buy your gifts, in my opinion.  

This year, I am planning my outfits mostly around my most comfy pair of jeans.  I don’t really like many of my pants now for fall.  I think I’m in desperate need for something other than  leggings.  

I like to wear what I call Thanksgiving colors.  We are pretty casual on both sides of the family.  

Here are my favorite Nordstrom Vigoss jeans, my clogs, and a cute cornflower blue peasant shirt that I bought at consignment. img_4442.jpg

Here is a leggings option.  I have this cocoa brown lace bottomed tunic and brown leggings.  img_4443.jpg

I think camo is a good option for Thanksgiving.  


I think I like the second pair of booties better for the camo. img_4438.jpg

I think camo would look good with burgundy. img_4439.jpg

This mustard yellow velvet top might be a contender.  

If it warms up I may wear this poncho thing.  I always get hot if I’m in the kitchen!img_4437.jpg

What do you plan to wear?  I look through my closet and pull out all the colors I like and then go from there!

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day Outfits

  1. Yay for your dad! One down and 5 to go!!!
    I like to decorate before Thanksgiving too when I’m not hosting so we’ll be Christmas ready and can enjoy the long weekend.
    Love the outfits you’ve chosen, they look cozy, comfy, and most of all cute! You wanna look your best in the photos!
    Have a great day Amy and I pray your dad has very little side effects from the chemo and he is home soon!


  2. I really like the mustard option. I too am all about early Christmas decorating. In fact I may break out the tree today 🙂 Praying your dad continues to do well and has minimal side effects from the chemo.


  3. I like dresses on Thanksgiving and Christmas if I’m going to family gatherings. I just think they’re more comfortable!


    1. You know, I have worn dresses the past couple of years. I don’t really love any fall dresses right now. Good call! Comfy and looks better!


  4. Hi Amy, I’m glad that there’s a plan in place for your Dad, it’s good to be able to focus on something.
    Last year was the first time I decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and it was a total win in my book. This year we’ll be out of town a Tuesday through Saturday so I may even do a little this weekend, at least put together the tree!


    1. Thank you Nancy! Yes, there are benefits to early decorating. I have also scaled back a little to Only the decor I really love. Safe travels!


  5. I find myself decorating for Winter over Christmas. Its all in red,white and natural woods so it kinda goes with the holiday season. Science says people who decorate early are happier, so I’m all for that! Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Yes! I agree! I decorate for Christmas but it is more rustic winter now that my kids are older. In January I do blue and white and snowmen! It’s so fun! I just started this a couple of years ago. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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