Thursday, September 20, 2018

No, silly, this isn’t a financial blog, nor is this a post about investing!  It’s about vests and how I love them so!  I definitely think you should in”vest” this season if you haven’t already!

In my part of the country, we can get by with a lightweight jacket for quite awhile before we have to dig out our serious winter coats.  And, I think it’s all about the layers.  You will rarely see me without 3 articles of clothing come fall and into winter.  The vest makes the perfect third piece.  

I think the official mom uniform in fall and early winter has got to be jeans, shirt and a quilted vest.  I have been rocking this look for many years now.  It is the perfect weight for running errands – driving in your car and going in and out of buildings. You don’t want a heavy coat while you are in a store and it’s not that cold yet, so the vest is the perfect solution.  

Also, I can’t wear anything too heavy to teach in because in the winter they crank the heat.  A vest is perfect because I can always take it off if I need to.  And, the pockets are handy, too.

I also wear them a lot on the weekends.  I just don’t know what I would do without my vest collection.  

I have been collecting mostly the lightweight Old Navy quilted vests for several years.  It is a great dupe for the J.Crew Factory light quilted vest.  Now, full price at Old Navy could be around $30 which is approaching J.Crew Factory prices.  So, wait for a sale or put some Old Navy cash toward your purchase.  

I have hot pink, cream, navy, and black.  I would like to add olive green to my collection this year if they have it. I thought about a Christmasy plaid last year but never pulled the trigger.  

In addition to my ON vests, I have a faux fur vest and a nubbie black vest.  The faux fur vest can be put over a black dress and looks really chic for an event.  I wore this to my husband’s work dinner a few years ago.  I also have some puffier vests – one in camo, one in red, and one in a light silver/white.  Now, remember, I didn’t go out and buy these all at the same time.  I have had all of them but one for at least three seasons.  They really last and I don’t think they go out of style.  

Old Navy has a very light blush this year and a grey. Don’t forget to look online for better selection.

This is a picture of me on the weekend last winter.  Skinny jeggings, booties, Amazon lace bottom top, and vest.  This vest is maybe 8 years old from Old Navy.  This color has really served me well – it is a grey/white/silver color.  


This is a picture of me the day after Thanksgiving and I kept my cute sister in the picture and a bit of my Dad.  I wore my black light quilted vest because it was pretty mild weather.  


Don’t overlook a light vest option.  I find most of mine at TJ Maxx.  It is a great third piece and you can really wear these in all 4 seasons.  

This is a J.Jill consignment find.  I like to wear this faux fur vest over a black dress with a long necklace and black opaque tights and booties.  

This nubbie black vest is years old from Kohl’s.  

This is a really warm Old Navy camo vest that I got last year.  I wear this on the weekends in the fall and sometimes in the winter.  I feel like camo has more of a fall vibe – maybe because it’s hunting season!  Ha – bad joke!  I am not a hunter!

Here is a better picture of the light quilted Old Navy vests that look like J.Crew.  I have worn this cream colored vest so much.  They wash pretty well – just line dry.  The lighter colors do show dirt more easily, of course.  These look great over a long sleeve swing dress with a cute scarf or long necklace and booties.  

How do you feel about vests?  

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – In”vest” for Fall

  1. You do have quite the vest collection! I think you’re right they do provide just the right amount of warmth. Old Navy has some terrific options for sure and I also love a light weight knit or lacy vest – sometimes they are all I need in this climate.


    1. I know! You may be surprised but sometimes I don’t need a coat until January here in Ky! I don’t like any of my jackets that much either. But, I love my vests! Have a great day!


  2. I love all of your vests. I think vests are great this time of year. It gets pretty cold here, but vests are also great to layer too, under big snow coats. I am NOT ready for the snow gear! Hahaha!


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