Friday, August 17, 2018

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Momfessionals today for Friday Favorites. 

Number One:  My boys started their junior year.  How is that possible?  They were born 10 weeks early weighing 2.9 and 2.14 pounds, by the way.  That’s a story for another time, but now they are pushing 6 feet tall.  So, the fact that they are getting so old isn’t a favorite, but the young men they are becoming is a favorite.  

Number Two:  Sunday meal prep for breakfast, at least.  I have not prepped for my lunches, but it sure helps to have my breakfast done.  The boys eat cereal, but I like this low carb mixture that I started eating over a year ago.  I took a break from it this summer and really missed it.  Low carb egg casserole, turkey sausage, zuchinni, mushroom is the mixture I eat.  

Number Three:  I’m almost done with this book below and I recommend it.  It is a fun, quick read and I can’t believe I read so much this week considering school started.  The night before school started I couldn’t fall asleep, so that was when I knocked several pages out.  

Number Four:  I’m hoping to see the movie below this weekend.  The trailer looks good!

Number Five:  I bought this circular leather keychain at a local boutique, but I’m sure you can find them on Amazon or Etsy.  My SIL had one first and I liked hers.  I love it for school because you can wear it on your wrist.  I’m not a lanyard wearing teacher and we aren’t required to wear one at our school.  Plus, a lanyard would mess with my necklace game! 

Number Five:  I found my fake apples to add to my mantel decor.  img_3446-1

Number Six:  Are you a fan of Rae Dunn?  Today is her release at Kirkland’s.  I don’t own anything of hers yet, but I like it, and would like to.  I can’t get there until Saturday so I debated telling you about this.  Just kidding! I plan to check it out when I run some errands, but I’m worried the fall decor will start calling my name!


What are your favorites from the week?  

Any fun plans this weekend?  We have to buy some school supplies that were requested on the boys’ syllabi, clean, do laundry, food shop, meal prep, and do some school work.  I hope to do the movie I talked about and eat at a restaurant.  We might do a boat ride but it usually takes up the better part of a day.  We shall see!

Have a good one and thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Hmmm I’ve never heard of Rae Dunn, I’ll have to check it out. Your boys are so handsome! Junior year, holy cow, it sure goes fast. My boys are so tall too and if I’m not wearing heels I feel like a dwarf! You sure are lucky you don’t have to wear a lanyard, we always had to have our id on and the lanyard was the easiest way but it waaaaaaay interfered with my necklace game.
    I hope you have a great weekend, I’m irritated with MoviePass – the last few movies we’ve seen we’ve had to use tickets from Costco!


    1. I’ve heard movie pass is in trouble. Necklace game very important! Rae Dunn is a real simple font on serving ware, coffee mugs, etc. It’s kind of country.


  2. Yummy your breakfast looks delish! I haven’t heard of Rae Dunn specifically but have seen many products like hers! Can’t wait to see what you find!! I’m supposed to see Christopher Robin this weekend and celebrate my grandma’s birthday! Have a great weekend Amy!


    1. Thanks! I heard Christopher was great! I love this breakfast! Rae Dunn has a real simple style of serving ware, coffee mugs with a simple font.


  3. Laundry here…cleaning my car…big weekend plans here. Girl, I love that dang key ring. I want to go see that movie as well – my stepdad is Asian and I think I could probably giggle at some of it from a first hand experience point of view! I wish you a super happy weekend. Cheers!


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