Monday, July 16, 2018

Don’t forget Amazon Prime Day starts at 3pm ET today! I am more excited about this than the Nordstrom sale, but I don’t know why.  I don’t really need anything right now, but I guess I’m excited to see the deals.  I’m not organized or motivated enough to shop for Christmas presents yet, but I admire those who are!  

I’m going to start my weekend recap with Wednesday, actually!  I talked about what we did at the beginning of the week in my Friday Favorites here.  We took the boat out on a weekday and had the river to ourselves.  We swam a bit and enjoyed the weather.  Pia (German cousin) discovered Arizona Arnold Palmer half tea and half lemonade and loved it.  

We did a little tubing, too.img_2972.jpg

Wednesday night we all went out to dinner for a special treat for Pia which was my SIL’s and BIL’s idea.  My boys are on the left, Pia is in the middle, and my nieces are on the right.  If you are local, we really enjoyed The Levee (next to The River House) and we took this picture on the balcony after dinner.  I think they make a nice little group of teenagers!

Thursday night was our goodbye party for Pia.  She wasn’t leaving until Saturday but had a ticket to Forecastle music festival from 2-11 the next day so we had to do it on Thursday.  She planned and cooked the menu.  

She made meatballs, potatoes with onion, bread with chive butter, green beans, deviled eggs, and hot dogs and a German marble cake.  We enjoyed it immensely!img_2990.jpg

Here she is with the Goodbye cookie cake I surprised her with!

Friday morning (and Wednesday and Thursday mornings) she started her day with my hub paddleboarding on the river.  She was hooked and wanted to do it every morning!

Friday afternoon after we dropped her off for the music festival, hub and I got a chance to try out our friends’ new boat.  Then we went home and had some family time with our boys and ate ALL the leftovers from the German feast and the Mexican feast I made for Pia’s lunch before the festival!img_3005.jpg

Saturday morning we had to say goodbye, but it was a great two weeks!


img_3017-1.jpgI wore my new consignment Tieks to the airport to test the comfort level.  I would say they are, in fact, pretty comfortable.  I did hear a tip to put a semi circle of moleskin in the toe box to protect them from wearing out and to not show the big toe so much.  For the original price of these bad boys I say Tieks needs to include that in the design!


Saturday night we went out to dinner on the same friends’ new boat with a group of 9 people.  We parked in Jeffersonville, IN which is directly across from downtown Louisville and enjoyed our food at O’Shea’s Pub.  After we parked, we walked about 3 blocks.  It was pretty hot from 5-7, but on the walk back to the boat and on the boat ride back to the marina, the weather couldn’t have felt better.  

Sunday was a slow morning but I did go to Whole Foods to check out the Amazon deals – I wasn’t impressed.  The prices are just so high.  I followed that up with my regular Trader Joe’s run.  

I finished this book below. If anyone else has read it, I’d like to hear your thoughts. I didn’t like the main character much and it was a bit painful to read about her modern dating life using I did see it through until the end but I’m not sure I recommend it. Sorry!

We tried to see this movie but it was sold out. Bummer!

I had coupons for Bath and Body and really only needed some wallflowers. I love Mahogany Teakwood and ended up with room spray and a candle and the two wallflowers, some $6 Beach body spray and some free hand cream. Their coupons make you spend more! Oops!

Sunday was kind of a blah and bummer day with intermittent rain. I didn’t accomplish much, the movie didn’t pan out, and I was kind of in a funk about the summer racing toward the end and not doing enough. Just keeping it real. I also probably looked at too many social media posts about what other people were doing. Comparison is the thief of joy or something like that, right?

Here’s hoping you have a great Monday!


4 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. LOt so f good stuff here – Mahogany Teakwood is my favorite too! I love that Pia wore her cowboy boots to dinner with y’all – she looks so proud! I heard once a long time ago that everyone in Europe thinks all Americans are cowboys, hahaha!!!


    1. Isn’t Mahogany Teakwood divine? It kinda reminds me of Polo which is what my first real boyfriend wore! Yes, I think many Europeans think that! Have a great Monday!


  2. Haha – we in England definitely don’t think Y’ALL are all cowboys -we (and the Europeans I have lived with and known) are pretty well versed in the subtleties, geographies and sub-cultures of America – hey when I lived in Texas people asked if we spoke ENGLISH in England, and several thought we were connected to the continental European landmass haha!! I love Texans though – there WERE really cowboys there – YAY. I bet you are missing Pia Amy – I bet you could have adopted her – she looked so at home with your family. Love the ‘back of the boat’ photo – it is frameable! Joanne xx


    1. That’s good to know! I’m always embarrassed when Americans don’t take time to learn about other countries. Yes we miss Pia already and now my husband is back at work and other son is in an acting camp. We start back August 15 here.

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