Thursday, May 17, 2018

Do you still use Pinterest? I am a big fan! I don’t use it as much as I did when it first came on the scene, but I still have all of my “boards”and I’ve gotten amazing ideas for food, fashion, travel, school, holidays, decor, and more.

Today, I want to talk about Pinterest for fashion. If I have an event to go to, I will type the name of the event in the search bar. Examples of searches I’ve done:

Girls’ Night Out

Summer Wedding

Teacher Outfit

Summer Work Outfit

One of my first fashion pins. I wouldn’t have put coral and black together on my own!
Summer girls night out or date

Obviously, I can’t run to the store or hop online and order exact replicas, but it gives me an idea of how to work my own closet. It has shown me color combos I wouldn’t have come up with on my own like cognac and grey, navy and orange, camo and pink.

I never would have put camo and pink together but it looks so cute!

Another way I use Pinterest is to search a specific clothing item that I want to wear. Let’s say I want to wear white jeans out to dinner but I’m stumped about what top to wear with them. I will type “white jeans” in the search bar and get some ideas.

Some other searches I have done are:

Birkenstock outfit

Black skirt outfit

Distressed jeans outfit

Graphic tee outfit

Kimono outfit

Denim shorts outfit

Easy outfit but it looks great!
I happen to have this exact necklace – Kendra Scott Rayne. I also have it in white and have worn the heck out of them. I love this look!
I don’t think I would have put white with white but it looks great with a jean jacket! Most people have these staples.

When I told a friend about this she responded that she didn’t have a Pinterest-worthy closet so this wouldn’t work for her. I don’t have a Pinterest-worthy closet either, trust me. I would argue that this method actually stretches your closet by giving you fresh ideas. I must give credit to one of the first blogs I read, Sheaffer Told Me To, which started out as Pinterest Told Me To. Her original blog premise was to take Pinterest outfits and copy or put her own spin on them.

Have you used Pinterest this way?

Try it and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “How I Get Dressed with Pinterest

  1. I love this idea- I haven’t thought of it this way. I usually try to type in things that are so vague and feel like I have to spend my life savings on outfits. Your method seems much more efficient!!


    1. Thank you for saying that, Shannon! After I wrote this I had second thoughts wondering if it was post-worthy! I enjoyed your day in the life post. You are busy!


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